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  1. urgent mooring wanted in or around stockport marple or high lane any help or guidance much appreciated
  2. it was both the sender and the gauge, both were knackered all sorted now, clothing glasses and face now free of oil. thank you all.
  3. Very interested in this topic I believe I may have bought one of your boats Barry, but I will leave it to you to confirm as it was advertised as a Barry Jenkins. I love it. It is Meredith Rose. I will put a picture up when I work out how to do so. When I bought it Dec 2020 it has a lister lpw3 in it. Oddly enough however I asked a vintage engine specialist who is on my marina to have a quick look at it. As he got on the boat he said I used to service the engine on this boat many years ago when it was moored near Beeston Castle, which is the locale I bought it from, he continued to say it used to have a Russel Newbury engine on it and that the engine had near enough split in part nut was even then still running. Just found that interesting. Anyway Barry Jenkins if you did build it Just o say a big Thank You. It is a great rock solid boat, would love to know more about it however. Hence my research on here. Still lots of work to do. Any pics of Barrys boats would be much appreciated.
  4. Is there an easy and simple way I can check if oil pump is working without removing it. Just bought the boat oil pressure gauge either not working or no pressure. Wasn't connected up, I have found and checked the wiring but still nothing. Keel cooled by the way
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