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  1. I use a "fire warning" aerosol horn and I don't think anyone would miss hearing that. They are cheaply available from B&Q, Screwfix etc and mine is attached to the rail by a jubilee clip. As I am on the Trent and there is a large pleasure boat near me it does come in quite useful, as well as when am I emerging from the Marina or meeting lots of rowers and canoes on the river.
  2. Unfortunately at the moment that is my usual method of mooring 🙂
  3. I am still new to this boating lark and have pretty much read all the manuals and done a helmsman course. Being in a marina on the River Trent we have river in either direction and most people are really good and friendly but the main problem seems to be the big GRP cruisers who power up and down the river without considering what the wash does to our little boat. It almost feels like speed bumps on the river when we hit their wash (if only).
  4. In my humble opinion, those who choose to rant on a "public" site are usually looking for sympathy. It sometimes comes as a shock when they find that actually not everyone does have sympathy with them. Another example is those people who post on Facebook about the nasty speed camera vans persecuting motorists and then are surprised when many of the respondents come back with replies they don't expect like "don't speed and you won't get caught". Now I have to admit I am very much a stick to the rules guy and always have been. That doesn't mean I haven't got it wrong at times and paid the consequences. But I once rode on the Athens Metro and didn't pay the fare because my Greek friend said don't worry nobody does. I didn't get caught but I felt so guilty I would have paid the fare twice. I do get annoyed by people parking on double yellow lines whilst they get their chips, and going through red traffic lights, and not paying their vehicle tax etc etc because I think it is anti-social. Likewise I have paid all my due fees, licences, BSS etc etc etc and don't see why everyone else shouldn't do the same - those are the rules. I am sure that if I wasn't a stick to the rules guy I would probably be happier and might not have grey hair but I don't think anything is going to change at my age 🙂
  5. Thanks for the responses. I know that I will get better with practice, but when surrounded by GRP cruisers, my aim is to avoid bumping in to as many as possible :-). A bow thruster would make life easier but not practical or affordable on our boat. I think for the price it might be worth trying.
  6. We have a 23 foot narrowboat with an outboard engine and when we try to moor in the Marina, especially if there is the slightest wind or movement in the water it becomes a pain in the a**e. I have been looking at the adverts for Rudder Safe and wondered if anyone had any personal experience of it? Thanks.
  7. We have just bought a small narrowboat after years of wanting one but never being able to afford the time or money. We were going to get a Viking but SWMBO couldn't get over the side safely and the narrowboat has proved ideal. Even in my younger days my ambition for DIY often exceeded my skill level. Trying to get a gas engineer to do a simple job has proved impossible so far, and trying to get any tradesman to work on a boat usually starts with a sharp intake of breath followed by a refusal. Anyone who has a little black book of recommended tradespeople could probably sell it for a fortune. I am H&S minded so much of the minor alterations I need doing I would want someone experienced on boats.
  8. I have used the Worx model and we fed it from a water container with fresh water, topped up occasionally. It is certainly better than putting your finger over the end of a hosepipe (especially with the water pressure where we are) but will never match the power of a mains one.
  9. I love the way one of the guys ducked his head as if that would make any difference if the crane fell on his head.
  10. One advantage is that they are smaller and lighter overall. The Worx one comes with two batteries and a charger so has a reasonable working time.
  11. We have a Workx one because we don't have 240v on our mooring. Of course it is a lot less powerful than mains, but it has really helped us to clear goose crap and old much from our boat. We didn't want to use water from the marina as it would have contained algae so we used large water containers for clean water instead. Definitley better than a hose, especially when the water pressure is not brilliant. "muck"
  12. Thanks Tracy. I have got 3 Marinas nearby but would always prefer to have a personal recommendation if possible.
  13. Has anyone got personal experience of a good marine gas engineer in the Nottingham area please? Removal of old gas fire and capping of pipe. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for all the comments - it doesn't help being a natural pessimist 🙂 . Nottingham now is no better or worse than any large city, and most people know the areas to avoid. Unfortunately I also know Newark quite well (but not from a boating point of view) and one of their areas is right next to the river where presumably some of the visitor moorings are?
  15. We have a 23 foot narrowboat from Jordan Marine, Nottingham and it has a substantial inbuilt petrol tank supplying the outboard engine. I put 10 litres in the other day and it hardly registered on the dipstick.
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