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  1. Thanks crewcut some good advice. I’m reasonably practical, having installed a couple of kitchens and a bathroom. I really need to get my head around the electrics; obviously crucial to understand how to deal with winter CCing. I’m planning on lots of research then some practical experience before taking the plunge. Does anyone have any thought on whether it’s better to start in Winter when it’s quieter or summer when it’s busier, but a little more help with things like solar?
  2. Thanks for all the advice everyone. There clearly a huge amount I need to consider, and whether its some kind of hiring/helmsman course or volounteering at a lock (not something I'd thought of) I think I need to get some experience. This forum has a wealth of info, which actually has made things perhaps more daunting, but it's good to know what you're letting yourself into!
  3. I’m in Kent, not ideally located for cruising!
  4. Yeah I'm looking into the finances of that, it would be a question of whether I'd have the capital to do that, and get the boat I want ( with an emergency fund!).
  5. Thanks Tony, much appreciated. Yes the return to land living if things don't work out is something I definitely need to consider. I would hope I'll be able to retain funds to at least ease back onto land living if needed, although the longer afloat the less that would be!
  6. It's not the cold in the boat that would concern me, more the hours cruising in cold wet conditions, and doing lock/swing bridges solo in those conditions! I know people do it though. Where was the diesel engine course, that's definitely something I consider?
  7. Early days with regards to those sort of decisions! I'm assuming the longer the boat the harder to navigate, and find mooring, and more expensive? I was thinking probably 55-60ft, just so I could have a separate berth, and maybe a dinette space to work along side the salon.
  8. Hello all My 1st of hopefully many contributions to this forum. I'm starting my research into becoming a continuous cruiser. My situation is that I have a property with a lot of equity, and I'm thinking of buying a narrowboat to live on as a continuous cruiser, and then to live off the remaining equity/investments, plus some work from home. The finances are something I think I can work out; there's a lot of info out there thankfully. However this is obviously a big jump, and I'd like some general advice on how I would go about getting some experience beforehand. Now I'd be going it alone, so hiring seems very difficult as a newbie particularly. Also most of the finances are tried up in the property. I'm thinking a helmsman course, plus maybe some other relevant courses? I've spent time travelling alone, and had a number of sailing holidays, but no narrowboat experience as yet. So any advice much appreciated, even if it's to tell me you're mad, don't do it! By the way my reason for the change isn't financial, it a lifestyle thing, fed up of earning money just to buy stuff and pay for a house. I am also aware it's not a walk in the park, particularly over winter!
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