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  1. Thanks for that, I do find iPlayer a bit of a faff compared to using an aerial.
  2. Can I get BBC or Two One streamed apart from using Iplayer?
  3. It is wise to ignore one's birthdays and celebrate non-birthdays instead.
  4. Perhaps if they hacked down the vegetation restricting our canals we could see how clean they are.
  5. I fear domestic inflation will exceed 10% early next year. Price increases now seem to be acceptable so suppliers are taking full advantage.
  6. Is it your intention to provide full central heating whilst living aboard, or just frost protection while absent?
  7. Very true, hence the importance observing the date of the information, and providing feedback on your supplier.
  8. Thanks for providing such a useful database.
  9. I haven't found that to be the case, mine falls firmly into the decoration category. Hence my interest in this thread.
  10. Does this mean a reduction in the reed beds that are restricting the usable width of so much of our canals?
  11. If the signal is strong enough it will work, otherwise it is just decoration.
  12. Thank you, I feel that my education is now complete.
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