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  1. I slap whatever blackish paint is to hand. I know it's only going to stay on as far as the next lock or mooring, so don't worry too much.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Presumably rather overloaded with 3 crews.
  4. I find our bow T-stud the very devil to get at, mainly because of the design of our cratch cover which covers the gunnel. I do plan to fit another further back from the bow on each side, when I can buy some, so that one can be more easily reached from the bank. I certainly don't want a centre cleats on the gunnel, they would be a real trip hazard. We already have a T-stud either side at the rear of the boat which are easy to reach from the bank-side. I too use the illustrated hitch to secure my mooring lines.
  5. We find that using pothole stuffers overnight removes the condensation problem from that area. Just leaves the double glazed window frames to wipe each morning in cold weather.
  6. When was you boat last treated with proxy blacking. Given the reputed longevity of that coating it may be in good order.
  7. Don't forget to feed your horse.
  8. That's why the sensible among us have bow thrusters!
  9. I got a "thick ear" in '56 when I gave that answer because my teacher thought I was asleep and guessed the answer to his question.
  10. I'm with the bow thruster idea, wether it be pole or propeller.
  11. I use Wordpress of which there are two forms, Wordpress.org and Wordpress.com. I suggest that this latter offering will be better for your purpose as it is much easier and quicker to set up, taking a matter of minutes. I use the the former, which whilst being much cheaper as the software is free requires one to set-up one's own domain and is a little more involved to operate.
  12. Quite a good day then. 😄
  13. True enough, but using anything other than distilled water can result in corrosion of the heat exchanger.
  14. As can having the wrong type of water apparently.
  15. Why should it cause any problems, that's how central heating system are designed to work and the reason we have modulating systems.
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  17. The moral of this tale seems to be that you should find a new heater at least 15 years old and only run it flat out in short bursts.
  18. All that demonstrates to me is that the Webasto build quality was much better 15 years ago.
  19. Our Webasto has now been in use for a year. In that time it has required a new fan unit, combustion chamber, and latterly a new heat exchanger. The fan unit was replaced under guarantee, the other items are apparently "consumables". I shall leave you to decide if I can recommend this make of diesel heater!
  20. What makes you think that they don't originate in China?
  21. It seems to me to be something like country villages where everyone demand that you slow down when driving through their village.
  22. Perhaps she only thinks he is!
  23. I've used a taxi for hospital visits that needed anaesthetic as they told me it was illegal to drive within 48 hrs of having one. It cost made me quite ill at £60 each way. However given the infrequency of needing t use a car, and given its running costs, I may well sell it soon and get used to using taxies as I doubt that car hire companies will be interested in hiring to an oldy like me.
  24. Does a Poo cruise count? We cruise around to the pump out point every 3 weeks and that does involve 200 yards on the cut each way.
  25. Unlike Calor bottles Safefill are designed to be refilled by the user. We used one with our caravan when a 6Kg refill cost £8, may be a bit more know. I regret selling it with the caravan even though ours was only a 6Kg bottle.
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