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  1. antifreeze for central heating system

    Whatever you choose make sure it is diluted as attempting to mix pure antifreeze into the tank will likely lead to having to flush out the whole system. It's a pain doimg this. ( Don't ask how I know ) Paul
  2. Blakes lock closing for 5 months

    Just a reminder that Blakes Lock will be closed for major refurbishment for almost 5 months from 30 October to 23 March. This means there will be no access between the Thames and the Kennet during this period.
  3. kremmen

  4. Monthly paypal payment " bounced"

    My paypal is still working elsewhere. I will check new link and cancel old one if needed.
  5. It appears that my monthly payments have been unsuccessful this month. Has anything changed?
  6. Kennet and avon

    Notice Alert Kennet & Avon Canal Starts At: Lock 14, Bradford On Avon Lock Ends At: Lock 14, Bradford On Avon Lock Up Stream Winding Hole: Above Lock Down Stream Winding Hole: West of Meadows bridge 173 Saturday 19 August 2017 07:00 until further notice Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Water resources Original message: Due to low water levels above lock 14 and very low levels above Semington Locks (15 &16) Bradford on Avon Lock will be closed to boat traffic until levels are recovered sufficiently to allow safe navigation and moored craft are floating You can view this notice and its map online here: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/11395/bradford-on-avon-lock You can find all notices at the url below: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices
  7. Thames visiting licence

    Some people have unpowered butties which qualify. Paul
  8. Narrowboat in peril?

    UPDATE The weedhatch has gone. Hopefully taken by original owner.
  9. Narrowboat in peril?

    Ea .... yes. C&RT no as " there is no operator available. "
  10. Narrowboat in peril?

    Someone has left their weedhatch behind at Sonning on the Thames. It's been here for at least 24 hours. It looks new. Please get the message out.

    So behind the times. Pre muddied jeans are the latest.. http://www.skynews.com.au/culture/offbeat/2017/04/30/-muddy--men-s-jeans-on-sale-at-nordstrom.html
  12. Thames licence.....no one to take my money!!

    If alone I tend to use centre rope and keep an eye on the water whilst holding on to the rope. I wouldn't try this at bottom filling locks like Hambleden where the water pushes up around the side of the boat. If there os a lock keeper I see what is ok for them . Usually reasonably flexible off season but more wary as the shiny brigade wake up. If asked to use two ropes on an emptying lock I tend to use centre and rear ropes On a filling lock I tie my bow rope and hold the center or rear rope . If that isn't suitable then I ask for help.
  13. Thames

    Watch out for the moorings above Days lock. The landowner has gone mad with barbed wire fences. http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/15033921.Villagers_fighting_for_freedom_after_former_UKIP_treasurer_began_fencing_off_countryside/ Paul
  14. I have seen it mentioned but thought I would set up a note that Blakes lock is chained and locked shut due to an environmental issue. Apparently yesterday some helpful boater moved one of the booms to approach the lock and attempt passage. Received from EA: Please see attached Environment Agency Harbourmaster's Notice for an emergency river closure. When: Friday 10 March 2017 until further notice Where: Blake’s Lock on the River Kennet What’s happening: Pollution incident on the River Kennet. The River Kennet is closed at Blake’s Lock until further notice. The lock is chained and padlocked shut. We have deployed booms immediately downstream of Blake’s Lock to contain the pollution. Paul
  15. Thames

    IIRC the cost of a weekly is £70.50 for a 60 foot narrowboat. I think it would be difficult to do everything you want in one week but you can buy more than one weekly license. Don't forget that the National Trust will want a wedge for you popping in to their waters. If you are doing a pub crawl in Oxford could I suggest that you stay on the canal and after you have finished sampling the delights then move in to the Thames to save money. Enjoy. Paul