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  1. Cheers. That seems to be the same link I used but it's ok now. Probably a glitch. Paul
  2. I can't seem to access this . Is it me or has the site gone? Paul
  3. If you Facebook can I suggest the Kennett and Avon boaters society group. Loads of helpful and a few not so people there. Paul
  4. I returned my EA licence before the end of March as it is now on the Wey on brokerage and asuumimg it all goes well I will qualify for a 6 month refund.
  5. Yes . That's the tail layby. The lock gates were in a bad condition as were the walls. Paul
  6. Boats are on the move through Blakes today. Watch out for Red boards that are still displayed in some areas.
  7. I wonder if they will manage to get it open for Easter . Hire boats from Aldermarston will want to visit. Paul
  8. I think the portage point is on the left above the lock as you come downstream. If they had to portage past the lock there might be a problem as it is effectively a building site.
  9. Lots of kayaks already down on the Thames practicing. I will ask the next one I see how they are getting round.
  10. Whatever you choose make sure it is diluted as attempting to mix pure antifreeze into the tank will likely lead to having to flush out the whole system. It's a pain doimg this. ( Don't ask how I know ) Paul
  11. Just a reminder that Blakes Lock will be closed for major refurbishment for almost 5 months from 30 October to 23 March. This means there will be no access between the Thames and the Kennet during this period.
  12. kremmen


  13. My paypal is still working elsewhere. I will check new link and cancel old one if needed.
  14. It appears that my monthly payments have been unsuccessful this month. Has anything changed?
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