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  1. Hi, it’s well above the water line. I’ve managed to un seize both pots, refitting cylinder heads tomorrow
  2. The exhaust outlet is high up on the stern. No visible tide marks. Strange one this
  3. Worse than that Richard, pumped engine oil out, unfortunately not oil but a bucket full of water. The boat hasn’t sunk, I can only guess this was deliberate.
  4. Looking at freeing off a lister ST2. Was running fine 6 months ago but previous owner hasn’t run it since. I’m going to try and turn the crank shaft with cylinders decompressed , if no joy, remove injectors and squirt diesel in and leave for 24hours. Any thoughts?
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. Phone me next Alan, as long as you have me a brew ready, I won’t miss anything, very thorough, your safety, my signature on the certificate ?
  7. I was going to have a rant about people who criticise the boat Safety Scheme, but f*@k it, I can’t be arsed. If your not happy with the way your inspection went, and at the end of the day it’s your safety, then phone the Bss office. Had a phone call from a boater last night asking about ventilation on a friends boat, and how his friend had removed battery from CO alarm because it keeps going off. Im now at my expense driving up to this boat to find out wtf is going on before somebody dies.
  8. Have the restrictions been lifted? According to Crt stoppages page, the restrictions are still in force, but when was that last updated ?
  9. Anymore info or a link please
  10. So I’ve had the email, can you donate.... well yes I will as long as you ditch the 2m your going to waist re branding CRT
  11. That’s it then, artic gear on, let’s do some boating ! I’m on NB Lunas, dark blue 57’ heading north from Braunston, feel free to flag me down and supply bacon butty and coffee, us boat delivery skippers have a tough life :-)
  12. Good news, I have a 57 footer sat at Braunston waiting to go north, just need Arlewas to dump a load of water before I get there!
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