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  1. Only in the past few days I've posted my plans a couple of times but seems fitting to mention them again here... Booked the time off work (albeit I've got to go in for 4 shifts in the middle) to spend 3 weeks in September to go through Perry Barr to Walsall via the Tame, before going around the Curly Wyrley with a weekend at Chasewater up the Anglesey and finally heading back through Perry Barr to the Birmingham and Fazeley. I grew up in the area so I've no real worry about the locals, I must admit I'm getting more nervous about the condition of the cut I might encounter. Fully prepared to dive into the weed hatch, not quite so prepared to get fully grounded (although I have got a brand spanking new barge pole on order)!
  2. I would have thought the certificating body has given out guidelines as to how tests should take place, probably written up with "government advice" and probably include the line that no other person should be aboard the boat upon testing. Of course it's up to the examiner how close he follows the guidelines but as we've discovered during this whole pandemic is that some people follow rules more strictly than others!
  3. Cheers for the advice. I intend to take a couple of weeks around it so a few dives into the weed hatch shouldn't inconvenience me to badly!
  4. I've just seen this after posting about Walsall Town Wharf in the mooring section. I'm planning on traveling from Bodymoor Heath to Walsall, then onto Pelsall before heading on the Anglesey to Chasewater, and finally to Longwood before the blast back through Perry Barr to Bodymoor Heath. However I plan to spread that over two or three weeks as I'll be having to work two days a week and the whole idea for me is to catch up with friends (having grown up in Pelsall/Walsall). So there should be at least 2 of us on the Curly Wyrley this September! Bizarrely, my first (tax paying) job was as a Barman at the Manor Arms...the pub with no bar!
  5. I'm good at the moment but will bare you I mind as it'll be mid September if all goes to plan. When you say on the way to Longwood, I'm going (the longer?) Pelsall/Brownhills, with a weekend at Chasewater, route in order to catch up with as many old friends as possible. Are you still on the way to...or does that make you on the way out (out being along the Rushall Canal towards the Birmingham and Fazeley)?
  6. Thanks. I'm guessing I won't really be bothered if I overstay by a night to as it's rarely used anyway!
  7. I mean 48 hour or 7 day? I planned to stay at Longwood Junction for several nights but stopped by (in the car) to find it has a 48 hour restriction on it. It's harder to stop by Walsall Town Wharf without parking up and walking in to check so relying on this (so far) ever helpful forum!
  8. Does anyone know if there's a restriction at Walsall Town Wharf? Looking at spending a couple of nights there before leaving it for a night and then moving on in September. I'm fully aware of the desirable and less desirable aspects of Walsall as I grew up there, which is the reason to be stopping off and hopefully having a few visitors on board!
  9. I find the attitude of the OP quite odd (borderline aggressive) to but for the record, I was after similar info and went on the C&RT and tbh I came away non the wiser myself. If the OP is still lurking bag a EA rod license and plead ignorance on regards to Canal permits...as stated above by someone, don't fish in obvious private/competition areas! P.s. and if someone gives you info you don't want, just thank them and hope someone else comes along later with the info your after!
  10. Thanks Jen, Yes I'm all registered on the C&RT website, currently stating the old certificate. There was 2 or 3 small issues in order to issue the BSC however when speaking after lockdown the surveyor said he was happy with photos of the completed jobs. I'm not massively concerned as I'm sure he's going to stay to his word, I'm just trying to make sure I'm fully informed before chasing him up. Thanks again!
  11. Hi all When I had my survey done we agreed he would put a new safety certificate on the boat once purchased. Unfortunately when I took ownership the system had been put on hold because of lockdown. When the system went back on line I contacted the surveyor and he said we were still good for the BSC. Last week I received the reminder off C&RT so I dropped the surveyor an email as a gentle reminder, to no reply. I will obviously call him to get a definite answer however is there a website to check a current BSC status? Does the C&RT website automatically update or does the boat owner need to update the BSC? Thanks
  12. Thanks all for the responses. I've currently only moored in fairly rural areas and very few visitor moorings, so have no experience of mooring restrictions. By the sounds of it you can stretch the rules if it's not busy and taking the Mickey. Once again thanks!
  13. Relative ignoramus myself but I've recently added a 100w solar panel to my newly purchased boat. 100w with the current weather and long days is kicking out more than enough power for several hours telly/DVDs, radio on almost all day and the lights/water pumps/etc. Winter will obviously be a different story altogether! Inverters, if not already installed, can be a pricey outlay so (as stated above) a 12v car charger is the cheapest and convenient solution. 100w panel plus a decent solar controller should be in the region of £175-£250. If your looking at kits, ensure the controller is of some quality (you will find lots for under £200 but the controller may be poor). You want to read what your solar panel is producing, what the battery is holding and if you wire it up right what load the boats using (not essential but helpful). A controller that displays red/amber/green LEDs makes for a guessing game as to what state your batteries are in. Edit* Of course if you can afford and have room 200w or more is better. I've just shared my experience of 100w to give you guide on usage and price.
  14. Thanks all, looks like I have little need to worry. Searching the CRT/canalplan website these don't seem to prominent. Thanks again.
  15. That'd be perfect, will look it up as it's not an area I know off the top of my head. Thanks!
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