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  1. If your buying off a genuine private seller they are just as nervous as you. My recently sold boat went to the first to view, I could tell they'd fell in love with it as I had when I first viewed it. I received no payment until the week before I delivered it, I trusted they wanted it and I liked them (see another post about 20+ enquiries and me choosing who I liked best). If I'd of asked they no doubt would have payed a holding deposit...and if I didn't trust them I would have. The rest was paid on handover after I'd had a very enjoyable weeks cruise (which they paid an extra £500 for my time and expenses). Someone has to give a little, it's up to you to read the situation!
  2. So is the price of boats directly linked to the R number?
  3. Sold my boat this month. 20+ enquiries by the end of the first week, first to view bought at the asking price. I didn't price it high but made enough to probably cover my previous 12 months mooring fees and license (I had the boat around 15 months). I chose who I wanted to view it first as I knew it could be turned over for another profit and wanted someone to enjoy it rather than cash in. I had personal reasons for the sale of the boat, cashflow not being a big reason, so just wanted a fair price and walk away feeling I've helped others try the boating life...if it'd been feasible I'd have kept it on!
  4. I'm pretty confident it will sell it's self when it comes to it, especially if it's advertised a few grand cheaper than at a broker (I'll save a few quid on broker fees and the buyer will save a bit on the boat). Of course if I'm wrong and either no one turns up or wants it...I'll turn to a broker's services! Cheers anyhow. ?
  5. I've got a boat that will be going on the market in the Spring (still occasionally think about keeping it on, but pretty sure it's going). Quite simply can't be bothered with sitting around and then showing people round in the cold and rain!
  6. Indeed Fazeley Mill quoted me somewhere round the £1800 figure earlier this year...diesel, elsan, pump out, electric gates, etc. Kings Orchard in Lichfield was under £2000 (which seemed nice and quiet with showers and services). I chose a CRT linear with rubbish disposal, water and car parking (and considerably better views) for £1600.
  7. At least with the boat I don't need to worry about the line... "If you do not keep up repayments you risk repossession of your home" Which I can't say about the house I'm about to take on!
  8. Thanks both for the opinions. I never bought to profit out of the boat but obviously money does have an influence. I sadistically want to see what a winter is like onboard so my heart is on keeping it and if I do get the usage there's a possibility I can hold on to it indefinitely. However my hands been slightly forced into bricks and mortar and I'm not sure I've enough time for home life, boat life and a work life. I understand like every investment no one can predict the future, but I'd be interested in others opinions!
  9. If anyone has followed any of my posts they'll know I'm a relatively new boater. It's become apparent that this new found pleasure is going to be short lived due to changes in my personal circumstances. Now I don't urgently need to sell up and ideally I'd keep using it as a second home near to my work (I live aboard 4-5 days a week) before having a final cruise in the spring and putting it on the market. My question is...is their a traditional sales boom in the spring/summer? With the current high demand in boats would I be a fool to sit on it and miss out on a premium sale?
  10. I've seen this said a fair bit on this forum (I'm not picking you out specifically Alan) and either you've been out of the flat/house rental/buying game for do long you've lost track of costs...but it is significantly cheaper living on a boat. Cheapest bedsit (inc council tax/elec/etc) is in my area £350p/m, my mooring/gas/pump out comes to £200p/m. Flats or houses with council tax would easily take me over 100% costs of boat living, obviously taking into account I'm registered somewhere else. There's the odd cost of blacking and bsc every 4 years or so...but it is still cheaper. Don't get me wrong, it's very different to regular living. You must be happy with elec restrictions and put up with the cold for an hour till your stove has got going, but it's cheaper without a doubt!
  11. manicpb


    If you have to ask, then you're probably stepping in a bit deep with a refit project. You can get a fully functional galley and bathroom though, and have an empty living space (although bit of carpet would be nice) which you can fill with freestanding furniture. That was pretty much what I bought. To which I replaced the ripped lino in the kitchen with a more solid laminate, filled the living area with a sofa, moveable table, chest of drawers, etc and planned to reconfigure the bedroom (which I've still not got around to). I think that's a little more what you may have been trying to say. So yes it's possible, but make sure the basic essentials are there and fully functional!
  12. Thread description has proper thrown me! I clicked expecting to pass on my local towpath mooring spots, that I stop off at when picking up gas or after a pump out, and it seems to be about thefts on a specific spot and a towpath closure. *I've not had any problems on the Coventry Canal in the short time I've been cruising!
  13. manicpb


    Only been aboard my first boat and livingaboard for 6 months (so still have my first winter to come) but will happily pass on any advice I can...ask away!
  14. It's not that rare to have both capabilities but not the normal, I'll give you that. What is rare, is to only have Freesat. It's usually Freeview or both! It's often only a £20-£30 upgrade for both so if I was upgrading I'd probably go with it! I do need to upgrade on my 16" square thing from the 90's but it's all about priorities!!! ?‍♂️
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