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  1. I wondered about the old Maybush at Newbridge though I believe it's closed now
  2. My problem is I feed bread to the fish ( I'm not a fisherman. I just enjoy the company of fish) but the ducks come and nick it.Am I to be condemned to a lonely, carpless life because of the greed of ducks who wouldn't know a pea from a slice of Mother's Pride?
  3. That's all we need to keep our Spirits up-moorings full of Deadaboards
  4. I am working on a plan to have a separate tank into which I will put white diesel for propulsion. This tank will feed into the main tank which will contain red diesel required for my Refleks. My separate tank is called Jerrycan.
  5. Craft Beer or Beer Craft? Discuss.
  6. I think I read somewhere way back that there was a connection between Dorman (which I have LB3) and Ricardo.?
  7. Remembering Lance Corporal Albert Ernest PICKTHORN, ‘B’ Company, 28th Battalion, Australian Infantry, Died 3rd November 1916 On 2nd March 1915 Albert Pickthorn enlisted in the Australian Army in Western Australia. Albert was born 27 years earlier at Cow Roast Lock, where his father was the lockkeeper. In 1911, looking for new challenges and sense of adventure, Albert decided to leave Cow Roast and start a new life abroad. That April he left Liverpool bound for Western Australia.. After completed his army training in Australia, Albert was sent first to Egypt and then to Gallipoli, as part of the ANZAC troops to fight the Turks. Here he experienced the full horrors of the warfare on the peninsula. After the Gallipoli evacuation at the end of 1915, Albert’s battalion was transferred to the Western Front, fighting for the first time in July 1916 during the initial stages of the Battle of the Somme. After a short period resting near Ypres, Albert’s battalion returned to the Somme in the early autumn taking part in a major attack on the German lines south of Bapaume at the beginning of November. Initially posted as ‘missing in action’ following the attack, it was not until June 1917 that Albert was finally declared ‘killed in action’. Albert’s name now appears on the Australian Memorial at Villers-Bretonneux.
  8. No need to be frightened. Aardvark never killed anybody
  9. Place a duck in a parrot cage and stand cage on stove. If duck stops dancing fire's gone out.
  10. Having returned to Cow Roast and noticed that the casualty's boat has gone does anyone know how he is? I'm afraid I failed to clock the name of the boat but think the chap was called Dave.
  11. I haven't seen this mentioned elsewhere so apologies if it's already been covered. Passing the moorings at Gt Linford, M. Keynes last week I noticed these popular parkside moorings with room for approx. 2 boats have signs (not very official looking) that w.e.f. 1st October they will be "private" presumably for the Winter period. Is this some arrangement by the local landowners-presumably the park authorities-or a CRT initiative or even a con? Either way it will be a shame to lose these very popular moorings.
  12. Good to see you too David. Heading home now to Cow Roast where the pub is shut!
  13. The rescue was executed by the Skipper and crew of NB Moorhen as we were en route to the fleshpots of Northamptonshire. We hope that Dave is soon restored to health and wish to express our appreciation of the care and professionalism of the paramedics . As to the dog one of the paramedics-beyond the call of duty- assured the patient that he would return that night and feed the dog. I am sure he will have made any necessary arrangements but just in case some local boaters have been advised of the situation. We remain alert and available for any other missions of International Rescue during pub closing hours
  14. Blimey. First the pub now the chandlery. I wonder what they'll use the space for? I think it was a franchise arrangement so someone else might have a go.
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