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  1. beardshave

    Thank You Whoever You Are

    Having returned to Cow Roast and noticed that the casualty's boat has gone does anyone know how he is? I'm afraid I failed to clock the name of the boat but think the chap was called Dave.
  2. beardshave

    Moorings at Gt Linford Park

    I haven't seen this mentioned elsewhere so apologies if it's already been covered. Passing the moorings at Gt Linford, M. Keynes last week I noticed these popular parkside moorings with room for approx. 2 boats have signs (not very official looking) that w.e.f. 1st October they will be "private" presumably for the Winter period. Is this some arrangement by the local landowners-presumably the park authorities-or a CRT initiative or even a con? Either way it will be a shame to lose these very popular moorings.
  3. beardshave

    Thank You Whoever You Are

    Good to see you too David. Heading home now to Cow Roast where the pub is shut!
  4. beardshave

    Thank You Whoever You Are

    The rescue was executed by the Skipper and crew of NB Moorhen as we were en route to the fleshpots of Northamptonshire. We hope that Dave is soon restored to health and wish to express our appreciation of the care and professionalism of the paramedics . As to the dog one of the paramedics-beyond the call of duty- assured the patient that he would return that night and feed the dog. I am sure he will have made any necessary arrangements but just in case some local boaters have been advised of the situation. We remain alert and available for any other missions of International Rescue during pub closing hours
  5. beardshave

    Cowroast chandlery to close

    Blimey. First the pub now the chandlery. I wonder what they'll use the space for? I think it was a franchise arrangement so someone else might have a go.
  6. beardshave

    Ting ting...

    On the canal through Berkhamsted the locals are far too polite to ring their bell-assuming they have one-usually a spoken "ding ding" is substituted. Quaint.
  7. beardshave

    Fantastic drydocking service

  8. beardshave

    Cow Roast Inn

    Nope. It's complicated but the pub is rented by the people who ran it a while back before sub-letting it to the people you are talking about. The latter have gone and a couple of others are doing a few running repairs and redecs and re-opening without food, for the time being. At least it is reopening-I feared the worst.
  9. beardshave

    Cow Roast Inn

    Cow Roast Inn reopens on Saturday.
  10. beardshave

    Cow Roast Inn

    Only to be helpful to people passing through. That's the Cow Roast way.
  11. beardshave

    Cow Roast Inn

    Hang on this was meant to stimulate opprobrium against Punch Taverns not about killing a rat at will (ratatouille?geddit) in another pub.
  12. beardshave

    Cow Roast Inn

    The Cow Roast Inn closed last night (Fri 7th) whether forever or temporarily nobody knows. Nearest pubs ? going south George and Dragon Northchurch/north Grand Junction Bulbourne. Well done Punch Taverns-another fine mess.
  13. beardshave

    Berkhamsted stoppage

    Anybody know what the problem is at Gas Locks in Berkhamsted? Queue building either side.
  14. beardshave

    Ice on GU/Oxford?

    I could not walk across the ice because I am very heavy...as opposed to heavy...but last night was a -8 here so nothing has moved and last I heard the coal boat was frozen in at Pitstone (may well have moved yesterday as we had quite a thaw during the day) I'm always fascinated with the old pictures I've seen of icebreakers on the cut and the crews all dressed in ordinary clothing and footwear. Some must have met a chilly end.
  15. beardshave

    Ice on GU/Oxford?

    Whatever happened to icebreakers? The last time I saw one was at a CRT gathering when he kept introducing me to complete strangers. What am I paying my fees for that's what I want to know. Disgusted of Cow Roast Where it is very frozen

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