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  1. The Shroppie Fly has apparently re-opened. Not doing food as yet. I can't help feel that December is not the best time to re-open a canalside pub.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. We've had no problems with it in the Optimus.
  4. Been using it for years.... seems pretty good.
  5. We just got a whole new tube shaft and coupling on Mintball as the previous one had worn out - it had lasted about 30 years. Stern Tube Boss 1 1/2" £19.99 Centre Tube 1.5 Long £134.50 Stern Stuffing Box 11/2" £208.99 Prop shaft £185.00 Split coupling £104.99 Plus dry docking and labour.
  6. We turn off the tank, disconnect the water pump and run it to get the water out, then open the hot and cold taps having put a container under the pipe tail at the water pump to catch any escaping water.. We also isolate the calorifier and drain it. We leave the main water tank at what ever level it's at.
  7. there are 25 companies registered at 6 Marsh Parade - which is Hardings Chartered Accountants.
  8. My brother and I independently re-discovered the lost Haigh Canal - we were walking round the plantations and found it and worked it all out.
  9. They are usually bolted to the cylinder. Ours is wired in parallel with the Alde room thermostat.
  10. if the Alde routes through the calorifier then its probably a tank thermostat to turn the Alde pump on and off.
  11. How big is the calorifier? Are you talking about bringing it up from cold? On our BMC where the calorifier is in the main cooling loop it take quite a while on the first day to get it up to temperature.
  12. We don't archive - we keep all the names on the same Id and note them as other names.
  13. Its not so much the solar (though the cost of 0 per hour for generation does need a serious outlay in the first place) , its the top end batteries, expensive chargers/controllers - compared to cheaper batteries / chargers.
  14. And I've always wondered what the ROI on a set up like that is ...
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