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  1. StephenA

    Leeds and Liverpool breached at Maghull

    Parbold is one of those places that most people just cruise through without stopping and looking around. Station is handy too, so you can always use it as a short term base and visit places by train.
  2. They already did.....
  3. Bristol gets water pumped from the G&S which is pumped out of the Severn at Gloucester.... so I assume part of the plan would be to increase extraction at Gloucester and pump it out at Saul.
  4. Depends on how much water you want to pump through - the LLangollen carries quite a volume per day (12 million gallons) and that's narrow....
  5. That's basically what was said, and the GMB had to apologise.
  6. They suggested using the Cotswold Canals to get the water to the Thames.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-44411744
  7. StephenA

    New Moorings in Wigan

    87 wasn't locked the other year when we went through but we stopped above it as we knew we couldn't get through Paigefield and the moorings below Dock Yard are pretty hard to get on and off from (even if you avoid "Evil Tom").
  8. StephenA

    To Paint or not to paint.

    Thats why I suggested stripping rather than sanding....
  9. StephenA

    To Paint or not to paint.

    I assume its been varnished several times which is why its now dark? Have you tried stripping the varnish in a small spot and seeing if that would be a good alternative.
  10. Strangely enough the caption I gave the photo at the time was "Lunch" I believe it's an American Crayfish
  11. Top lock of the Aylesbury Arm July 1999
  12. Oven ready chicken in the Soar in Leicester.... actually several of them...
  13. We've got an oil leak round the side cover gaskets on our BMC 1.5. They were last changed over 10 years ago as far as we know. Looking for replacements we've found 4mm Cork , or 6.5mm Rubber but not sure which ones we should use. I suspect we have cork ones on. Is this down to bolt lengths or do the rubber ones squish more?
  14. and an ASDA even closer to the canal.

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