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  1. We did a lot of checking when it was first put in over 20 years ago. Just feels sensible to get the engine up to running temperature quickly rather than having to heat everything up, especially in winter.
  2. Even when running on tidal rivers for hours the engine never gets above the very very low 90s - which is what it did before the calorifier circuit was fitted.. On normal canal usage it sits at round about 85 once it gets up to temperature. Whole system is plumbed using 22mm or equivalent piping.
  3. Whereas "I got it from Agnes" is a totally different sort of Love song!
  4. Are you sure? On our BMC the calorifier is on the cooling circuit - so we get the engine up full running temperature, rather than trying to bring the engine and 20+ gallons of water up to full running temperature.
  5. I'd missed that the collar is the reverse in that its fixed to the gate and slips round a ring on the lock side. But I still can't see how the outer edge of the paddle gear has been smashed - as the missing section seems to be significantly above the balance beam (even if the gate was upright) which is I assume now leaning against the ground paddle. Or maybe its just the angles of the photos. We did Bunbury last year but it was such a farce that I've blanked it from my memory.
  6. So they mean the bottom lock was full when they tried to open the gate I assume. What on earth would cause a gate to jump up like that, shear its collar, swing the wrong way, or fall backwards, so it hits the ground paddle and then bounce back to the position it's currently in - for the balance beam to whack the ground paddle it would have to be swung pretty much the wrong way, or it would have fallen back and hit the paddle and just stopped there.
  7. I can see how a boat strike could lift the gate and take the collar out but I can't see any way in which the gate could take out the paddle gear and end up in that position given the other gate is still in situ
  8. The harbour itself seems to be in a state of disrepair too
  9. I'm with @Tony Brooks - it's Newbridge on the River Thames.
  10. Fluorescent tubes strike at a very low current - you can get one to strike off 12v at less than an amp for a 12 inch tube if you push the frequency up.
  11. Is that really a glass fuel filter housing?
  12. Not really the same thing - they don't go into use them, just to look at them.
  13. And if you're walking between the two Cathedrals then a quick visit to The Philharmonic has to be on the cards.
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