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  1. Yes - I struggled to get any data from C&RT. I have it now but the real world has kept me from rebuilding the database.
  2. Ours does that sometimes when its not been used for a while and its cold.....
  3. Its the GeoData drop down in the left hand menu, immediately under the Sunset time
  4. The C&RT system isn't that complicated. Once your account is set up put money onto it via the website. At the mooring find the control tower nearest to your pontoon Enter your Account No and your PIN Enter the ID of the power outlet you are plugged in to. Balance is shown and power is turned on. If you unplug the cable from the power outlet it turns the power off.... and sends you an email. You can leave the power on and keep an eye on power usage and top it up from the website. You can turn the power off from the website (and they claim you can turn it back on too). If you move mooring you just need the new socket number. As there is no card then my brother and I can both use the power without having to keep passing a card between us.
  5. "This is not a discussion. It is a diatribe".... sounds like a track by Fall Out Boy
  6. Given what's in the loo tank I don't think you need to add anything....
  7. There's a small nest of them on the T&M north of Middlewich
  8. Not 6 years at all - C&RT were unable to give us data for over a year. We only mark a record as updated if something has changed and for a couple of years all cart could give us was new additions - not changes to existing records I have the latest data from C&RT and that shows 507322 HOME AT LAST EVANS & SON
  9. I hate to think what this has done to their hull. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-asia-49470836/pacific-pumice-raft-left-no-water-visible
  10. What I actually said was: We got an agreement from them that we could cache their data for a limited time rather than having to call their API for each and every page load. We refresh all the canalplan caches in the background and set it up accordingly. We added W3W because we had several people asking us if we could add it for various reasons. We then talked to W3W directly about their API and call rates and caching and came to the agreement we currently have with them. If things change with them then we will simply pull the plugin and purge the data but leave the rest of the Geo location data in there. When Google started charging us for map usage we dropped Googlemaps and implemented open maps. When Google got unreasonable with their demands for their SSO we dropped that from our list of SSO providers. If things change with W3W or Facebook or any other external service we use which means it no longer works for us then we will drop them.
  11. Of course if they'd made IPV6 geolocation specific then you would have had several of them per square metre.
  12. W3W seems to create english word set for locations in Paris - not sure what it would present to a frenchman.
  13. We just put all of them in on Canalplan - so as long as you allow Canalplan access to your location and your browser gives good values to Canalplan, your options are almost endless! However getting an agreement from W3W was a bit messy as we cache "static" data and they don't like people doing that... which seems odd as surely a place can't change its W3W code....
  14. I tried to get clarification from C&RT about what part of the whole thing was Black Sabbath bridge - was it just the bridge for Broadstreet or the whole thing. But they didn't really seem to know so we decided that it meant just the north bridge which supports the footpath and seating area
  15. There you go again. They don't provide me with diesel - but I can go to a boat yard and keep my 250 litre tank filled up - if I don't then fill up for 2 weeks as I do a couple of hundred miles then that's my choice. There is, at the moment, no equivalent of the same situation for electric canal boats. As no-one can even work out how to keep a nation of EV's fuelled up without investing billions in infrastructure the chances of anyone working out how to keep a few thousand canal boats on the move are just about zero.
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