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  1. StephenA

    Food storage area under the gunnel

    We have spice racks under the gunwale in the galley in Mintball
  2. StephenA

    ebay win

    Canalplan would know about it from when it was first registered on BW/C&RT waters. Still waiting for the latest set of registration details from C&RT
  3. Obviously designed for learner drivers.....
  4. StephenA

    Digidome aerial revelation

    I wonder what components are in the metal box - apart from a LED and a couple of resistors?
  5. StephenA

    Canal closures

    That's a problem with loading multiple tabs - when you go to the map tab it sits at the min zoom - you can just reload the page or use https://canalplan.org.uk/utilities/stoppages.php?tab=997 Which starts it at the proper map level
  6. StephenA

    Keeping Sanitary Stations Open

    I remember being told "Don't put anything apart from bog roll in the toilet unless you've eaten it first" I can't say I blame C&RT - the number of closures of elsan points / self pump outs due to the, and I being blunt here, the total stupidity of a small number of boaters. Sometimes you see the same place getting closed repeatedly for the same problem - which suggests the idiot is a local moorer. C&RT are just flushing their money down the toilet when it comes to this sort of thing.
  7. StephenA

    Orion Narrowboats

    The list is never going to be 100% accurate - firstly getting a complete list from C&RT seems rather hard nowadays and secondly things like builder are not mandatory and contains a lot of "bad" data
  8. StephenA

    Canal closures

    Fixed now - and no-one (apart from Nick) noticed that the stoppages sub tabs were out by one canal
  9. StephenA

    Canal closures

    Found that myself - menu needs editing - I've flagged it up to nick But the direct URL I gave works
  10. StephenA

    Canal closures

    If you go to the planning menu it appears
  11. StephenA

    Canal closures

    Canalplan now breaks stoppages down by canal https://canalplan.org.uk/utilities/stoppages.php See the Stoppages by Canal Tab It might even grow a map over the next few days
  12. https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/lifestyle/idyllic-life-on-canal-boat-actually-massive-pain-in-the-arse-20180615174262
  13. StephenA

    LED headlights.

    There used to be specific rules for headlights - I seem to remember they said that they shouldn't have a beam (i,e, should be unfocussed).
  14. StephenA


    I clicked Submit reply and it sat there and did nothing - so I clicked it again....
  15. StephenA


    Blobs of it were appearing at Market Drayton today. Lay in bed this morning listening to gas bubbling up under the boat, and there was quite a bit of gas in the boat but I blame that on the curry and some beer.

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