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  1. Canalplan has implemented it along with some other geotagging systems
  2. Norbury are quite happy to hire out to single handers, and take pets too.
  3. Canalplan has the Rhine in it - but not sure how much detail there is. https://canalplan.org.uk/waterway/o179 If you do go ahead then we'd be really grateful if you could add details and photos on your return.
  4. It was strangely quiet when we moored there - This was quite a few years ago so not sure if there were any night flights from Conington. As for trains - lived for years quite close to a major line carrying passenger trains and heavy freight and never found it to be really intrusive.
  5. It goes along with licence plates propped up in windows.....
  6. We made it to Holme, at the end of The New Dyke - was a bit narrow getting there but plenty of space at the end and a very quiet mooring.
  7. Slippery https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/815082
  8. I don't think I'd want to use the ladders in the Northgate Staircase.
  9. Hollanders Bridge on the Birmingham Canal Navigations (Daw End Branch) - before it was rebuilt.....
  10. So that's through Brum via Knowle and Hatton.....
  11. I'd have through the easiest way was via the Cov, T&M, S&W and Shroppie. Still leaves Atherstone and Audlem but ....... This is a trip of 255 miles, 2¼ furlongs and 151 locks from Peterborough - Ely Railway Bridge to Llangollen Basin. This will take 126 hours and 52 minutes which is 18 days, 52 minutes at 7 hours per day. So 13 miles further but 12 locks less...
  12. Don't forget the insurance - from memory ours basically states that one of us has to be on the boat - so we can take it out with friends but they cannot take it out without one of us being on it.
  13. Yes but do we actually know why? Is it a lock defect? Is it something wrong with the boat (i.e. is it actually too big) or was it something like fenders or something under the water like a submerged log?
  14. So we've got into an indepth argument/discussion over lock dimensions but do we actually know what happened at the lock?
  15. Holme - at the end of New Dyke is probably one of the most isolated overnight stops we've ever done. Winding the boat wasn't a problem but getting there was quite an experience.
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