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  1. StephenA


    Google kept maps free until a lot of people had built entire solutions on them and then changed it with a couple of months notice - Canalplan got a £200 bill for one month of maps rendering - we were not alone and our bill was not large.
  2. StephenA

    Electric boats - the future???

    I'd forgotten that the trip boats at Wigan Pier were electric - they were widebeams and not doing a great distance each day and although I know they charged up over night I don't know if they were topped up during the day,
  3. StephenA

    Electric boats - the future???

    Ken who used to be the engineer at Wayfarer Narrowboats and then went on to own Edgerton Boats had an all electric narrow boat back in the 1980s - used a lot of milk float traction batteries and he kept it charged up from a land line...
  4. StephenA

    Electric boats - the future???

    We've had diesel electric trains for decades. I suspect the obvious way forward is an engine running at an optimal speed for charging with a battery pack to provide surge current and also power when not moving.
  5. StephenA

    100GB data for £20

    Actually I highlighted that the 100GB had a 30GB tethering restriction on it....
  6. StephenA

    100GB data for £20

    which is exactly what I'd highlighted about the original post.
  7. StephenA

    Please use headphones

    So you're worried about your engine so you cover up the noise with music?
  8. StephenA

    Please use headphones

    Oddly enough I find steering with just the engine noise, watching the world go by, an almost cathartic experience.
  9. StephenA

    100GB data for £20

    My main reason for highlighting that is that if your primary use of the phone on board is to use it as portable hotspot then 70GB of your 100GB can't be used that way.
  10. StephenA

    100GB data for £20

    My highlighting: All of this for £20 per month: 100GB Data Unlimited mins/texts 30GB personal hotspot, 71 countries to roam Unlimited data use for Snapchat, Netflix and Apple Music
  11. StephenA

    Anti vandal keys

    It's always worth keeping a couple on board just in case.... they seem to crop up in a few odd places.
  12. StephenA

    Anti vandal keys

    A couple of the locks in Burton upon Trent used to have them but I can't remember if they are still needed,
  13. StephenA


    And given that a lot of boats don't comply with 7.1 then why bother with the rest....
  14. StephenA

    What is this and where can I buy a replacement?

    Ours is bubbling round the electrical connection... we need to replace it. What is the thread on the BMC 1.5 for the oil sender?
  15. StephenA


    Because we don't want to be hit by a bicycle?

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