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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p01rwfkm/nairn-across-britain-2-transpennine-canal Fascinating footage. Lots has changed but bits of the Leigh Branch and some of the stuff round Wigan is almost the same.
  2. Seems odd when there are official moorings at Pendleford by Bridge 4
  3. The man monkey is High Bridge in Grub street. https://cryptidarchives.fandom.com/wiki/Man-monkey\ as featured in Fortean Times
  4. Hmm - only a PDF available. They never issue emails for these and I really don't feel like manually hacking all of those across into canalplan.
  5. maybe its in the CRT regulations, I could have sworn it was there somewhere, along with details of headlights and horns.
  6. with no swim I suspect it also would fail in several of the propulsion parts - isn't one that you must have an efficient way of stopping the boat?
  7. This is what we got from them in an email :
  8. There was a stoppage - on 5/10. They padlocked the top and bottom locks. Notice says that an update would be issued on the 6th. No update was issued and the notice has quietly vanished.
  9. Bosley Railway Bridge Winding Hole looks pretty big to me.
  10. I hadn't noticed that the toilet was apparently designed by thomas telford.
  11. But built as something quite quite different.....
  12. So someone got two identical signs made with the intention of blanking out either Right or Left once they were in place but someone forgot to tell the people who installed it.
  13. all the B205 or B235 engines suffered from it to a greater or lesser extent. I do know on the diesel that a issue with oil levels due to the engine angle was fixed by changing the length of the dipstick tube so it sat lower in the sump than it should have done so it read higher than it actually was.
  14. It was a combination of a lot of things including having the CAT near the sump so it could get a bit too warm which could cook the oil a bit. My 95 had had all the official mods done on it but I suspect that the sump drop and clean when the first turbo blew wasn't as good as it should have been. Look out for a reedy whistle on start up from cold - lasts a second or so.... if you hear that then get the sump dropped and everything scrubbed clean ASAP.
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