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  1. Many years ago in UKRW I sort of made this point. On our BMC 1.5 running the engine and putting a 40-50A charge back into the batteries has a noticeable effect on the engine, and when we're out and about if someone powers up something like the sandwich toaster its very obvious to the person at the helm. I suggested that surely this implied that I was putting a heavier load on the engine than running it in gear and I was basically told to STFU.
  2. There is a photo in Canalplan of the moorings for the Plough Inn https://canalplan.org.uk/place/7hol Which says "Turning around at the next corner is best, as it opens out, and is quite deep"
  3. On the moorings in Market Drayton it pushes it back into the channel, where it came from in the first place. Moorings were dredged only a couple of years ago and the empty pontoons are now basically silted up.
  4. The stoppages in Canalplan should not be taken as authoritative which is why it allows you to plan round them. I'm currently working on a new code block which basically goes over all the open stoppages, goes back to the C&RT website and rechecks the dates.
  5. It's C&RT not having a standardised way of sending emails - Emergency closures often come in as UFN so it got set to a year long closure. Then subsequent updates never put an open date where our code expected to find one ( and I'm not writing something that tries to parse every single variant of C&RT emails) so it missed that on 21/2 they did an update saying it opened on the 14th
  6. Or you could go for this https://www.primelocation.com/for-sale/details/50012835#HkGCpaQcAcwEBY0T.99 Offers in region of £389,950 (£300/sq. ft)
  7. I was trying to work that out too - unless the top of the loo swivels?
  8. As someone else pointed out : The problem with well creek is that it is only a summit when the tide is out at Salters Lode... So its the lowest summit when the tide is out.
  9. certainly must be as you lock up into the tidal river.
  10. On Google satellite it looks like the canal might be wider at Airedale Wharf / Airedale Quay which is a couple of hundred yards beyond the bridge.
  11. Really - I suspect if you turned up at Turners at Wheaton Aston with that sort of idea they'd just stare at you. Do RCR get commission from these recommendations? Quick start is Evil and is the method of last resort. Given that our very old BMC 1.5 (it has a lot of 0s in the serial number) which was rebuilt in 2006 still starts after 20 seconds of heaters when it has been standing for over 2 months in the middle of winter I can't imagine that you needed it, and if you really did then I'd be looking at getting that fixed rather than getting my tank cleaned and the fuel polish. We use biocide in the tank every so often, change the filters and use a hand pump to check for gunk below the level of the fuel extractor pipe and pump it until we're pulling clear diesel through.
  12. We've lost things off the roof at various times over the 30+ years, including the plank and poles when we were mooring in Upton Marina. We've also moored in many places that people would say were "dangerous" and had no problems, and also had problems in places that people have said were "safe".
  13. We're still waiting for an updated list from C&RT We don't exclude any boat from our listing - we show everything that we've got. We even retain old details so you can actually look up a scrapped plate or find out the history of a plate. Oh really?
  14. Ah yes but modern oil is horribly expensive. - the stuff for my car is £15.00 a litre
  15. The L&L west of Wigan, including the Rufford Branch, can be remarkably quiet even in September.
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