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  1. The old canister type was a right pain. We swapped over to an adaptor kit sometime back in the early 90's. Just make sure that the filter you get isn't so deep that it can't be slipped in and out over the top of the starter motor.
  2. The pipe is a pressure tube - so its mechanical oil pressure gauge Oil in KG per what? Also you need to make sure that the oil sender is the right thread for the BMC or comes with an adaptor.
  3. If it has flexi mounts at one end then it would have them all round - we just went for the very old fashioned solid bearers when we had the boat built.
  4. Our bell housing is alloy - its bolted directly to the Mahogany bearers. Why would you expect to see signs of corrosion?
  5. I was thinking exactly the same
  6. Just don't hang round the exhaust as nitrile gloves are usually acrylonitrile which when it burns produces CN
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. It relies on the ionisation in the flame to stop the spark.
  9. wrap them in foil and put them in the embers I think
  10. I wonder how much better the water management would be if the canal was actually dredged rather than being a silted up ditch?
  11. No but if you know about it you can always put it in your plan. Like stopping at Wheelock and heading into Sandbach to visit the pubs there. assuming you ever get past The Cheshire Cheese/
  12. The lock closed in 1924 as its walls were bulging out of shape...
  13. CRT assets show the following - running from Hurleston Junction - so bottom lock is lock 4 on the flight but lock 1 on the canal and top lock is Lock 1 on the flight but lock 4 on the canal So Canalplan shows
  14. Did you learn to ignore it? I used to work on a site with a criticality alarm that ticked once every second - after about 3 months you didn't notice it... unless it stopped
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