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  1. Can't see anything on their website.
  2. I managed to get it up to 5.2mph!!!!
  3. You can even pretend to be a drunken hireboater!!! 😀
  4. The boat seems to be missing using FireFox
  5. So I've now found out - so I guess this can now be closed. I wonder if Admin could change the title?
  6. The problem is that some parts of the BSS are actually sensible - CO monitors, fire extinguishers etc. Those things can save lives. But then there is a lot of stuff in there that seems to be in there for no good reason and there seems to be no explanation of why they were included. We know how many people have died from CO poisoning, we have figures on how many boat fires there have been (but no indication of how many fatalities have been avoided by the presence of fire extinguishers). How many fires have been avoided by the insistence of non plastic bleed lines, by the enforcement of fireproof fuel lines?
  7. From Facebook: URGENT MESSAGE - We urgently need to contact the occupants who are currently aboard our hire boat PHANTASY (pictured below). Has anyone seen this boat or if they do can they please ask the occupants to contact us immediately using the mobile telephone number listed in the boat manual. If you have any information please email me using [email protected] Many thanks, David Ray.
  8. I like the "If you do get stopped, let us know". Right - so they want me to take all the risk, accept the fine and then tell them that they were wrong?
  9. Given that just about everyone outside of the boating community has no idea about the BSS I somehow doubt that the average policeman will understand and to be honest I think I'd have a problem understanding how a 200 mile (or more ) round trip can be seen as essential in any form whatsoever. I do know that my employer is issuing letters to all members of staff who have to travel into work (We have government contracts) so if they get stopped they have proof.
  10. I think someone in C&RT is going to regret this.
  11. We were booked in at Norbury because it's convenient and if any work needs doing then they do it and get things sorted for us. Norbury are currently closed for business.
  12. C&RT not budging at all.. So you have to travel to your boat and possibly move it.
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