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  1. So I wonder what the outcome was?
  2. You wont see a mist from inlet union on the injector. There won't be a huge amount of fuel being delivered to the injector.
  3. Did you really remove an injector or did you just undo the feed to it?
  4. According to their FB page they are closed on Thursdays
  5. And probably came back out after you'd passed him
  6. wont running the radiators with pipes coming in from the top just mean the top of the radiator gets warm but the rest stays cools as the hot will just run along the top?
  7. As I'm sure your neighbour will tell you - you may well need to have an alternative method for cooking in the summer.
  8. and possibly fit a maganclean style system We had a new boiler fitted onto a 15 year old system last year - no flushing, just an empty, a fill with flushing chemicals and water, 4 hours of running with an external twin bottle magnetic cleaner via the fitting for the new inline system, and some use of a rubber mallet on the radiators. One year later at the service only a small amount of crud in the magnetic trap.
  9. Are those breakers at 240V? most of them seem to be connected to relays with titles that suggest they are only 12V
  10. As does canalplan https://canalplan.org.uk/place/73r4
  11. When we were last in there the landlord indicated that they were going to be moving on.
  12. You could always try all three and then let everyone know. They had Titanic Plum Porter at the Fly last week apparently.
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