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  1. StephenA

    Northwich town bridge over the Weaver

  2. StephenA

    Big Bumble Bees

    I think you may find that the black flies in Earthquake Park in Anchorage are worse....
  3. StephenA

    Viewing this week

    I think I managed to edit out the quote part of the post ;-)
  4. StephenA

    Viewing this week

    I was talking about Abels Ark not Emma Louise.
  5. StephenA

    Viewing this week

    It looks like its really configured as a day boat (or a weekend boat) - very little storage in the kitchen, no obvious storage in the bedroom (no wardrobe etc). Probably fine for a long weekend but not for weeks or more away.
  6. StephenA

    What can a flood lock be used for?

    Not the best of wordings I'll agree. But saying : "River levels are up but the navigation is still open and you can pass through Ledgard lock, but you will need to operate it rather than just going through the open gates" is a bit wordy.... As flood locks are often used to protect a stretch of canalised river then sometimes the flood locks will not be available to use at all.......
  7. StephenA

    Before the internet...

    Our first boating holiday was from Anderton. Planned to to go Llangollen.... got to Hurleston and found the canal was closed. Decided to do the Cheshire ring.... got to the top of Bosley and found that the canal was closed.. You just adapted and made things up as you went along. Also no TV on the boat... only a car radio...
  8. StephenA

    Out again

    We have a standard pin that was bent by a boat going past us on the Oxford once... we weren't on board at the time and didn't realise until we came to pull it out of the rather elongated slot it was sitting in.....
  9. Maybe if we all post to Grayling's Facebook account asking why he's allowing a bypass to destroy a community asset he'll react...though he probably wont... I suspect offers of directorships etc have swayed his decision.
  10. Well it does seem a rather odd, and expensive, thing to do - steal a boat and then lift it and leave it on the bank with apparently no other steps taken to disguise it. Not many places on the Shroppie that have lifting and hard standing....
  11. So that suggests that the data export from BW was incomplete... I will try to ensure I get a complete list from C&RT this year rather than just changes....
  12. All the numbers in the register starting 51039 are all 1 digit longer.... we have 51036 and 51040 but nothing between. Not even got anything with that number in the name (some boats for some reason have name and plate number in the name)
  13. OK so its never been on the register - which is odd if its an old number....(We don't delete stuff, we just update it).
  14. Index number is too short - I think it needs another number at the end of it Not managed to get an update from C&RT for the boat listing - will be chasing them soon.
  15. StephenA

    New Marina at North Kilworth

    Some of those moorings seem to be a long way from anything.... there seems to be no car parking by the mooring pontoons so I guess you drive your car there, unload, drive back to the car park (wherever that might be) and then have a long walk back to your mooring.