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  1. and craned back in where?
  2. When our school got a large pile of "soil" from the sewage works it rapidly grew a very health crop of tomato plants.
  3. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices/22354-rushall-junction-to-salford-junction-tame-valley-canal Something seriously wrong Closest waterway: Rushall Canal Starts at: Rushall Junction Bridge Ends at: Rushall Junction Bridge AND Closest waterway: Tame Valley Canal Starts at: Access Point Ends at: Salford Bridge (Lichfield Road) AND Closest waterway: Birmingham & Fazeley Canal Starts at: M6 Viaduct, Salford Junction Ends at: M6 Viaduct, Salford Junction
  4. If you manually operate the fuel pump does it pump fuel?
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. There is something about Leicester and Poultry. We went through many years ago and saw several oven ready chickens and turkeys floating in the river.
  7. Unless it's a lock where the overflow goes over the top ground paddles in which case closing the bottom gates could mean that the next boat coming down doesn't have to fill a totally empty lock.
  8. I was waiting to hear that pathetic excuse
  9. So hole in the hull or a leaking stern tube / weedhatch which just took the back down until water topped the rear bulkhead (or got through holes in it)?
  10. Oddly enough Celebrity Summit length 964.5 beam 105 draft 26.25 scales out to length 72.5188 beam 7.894737 draft 1.973684 So basically a slightly fat tall narrowboat. However it is ugly - the best place to view it from is one of the rear balcony cabins (I speak from experience).
  11. yes it replaced Harvington lock which was turned into a dry dock
  12. Yes - I think if I had a boat that wouldn't go through Napton I'd be looking at a permanent mooring that wasn't above Napton.
  13. They said that to get to their new mooring they'll have to be craned out and transported.... or they could just go the long way round......
  14. Yes Kegworth New was built along side the old one. The same as Ratcliffe. https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/6180760
  15. Poolstock locks replaced the two at Dover and the one at Plank Lane. But they were added in the early 20th C
  16. Several of the locks on the River Avon (Warwickshire), but not all of them.
  17. Prince's Dock Lock and Mann Island Lock No 6 on the Liverpool Link
  18. Livejournal (if you don't mind it being owned by Russians) Dreamwidth ( Clone of LJ) Wordpress
  19. We got our "regular" housing rewelded by Talbot Wharf... ours cracked because the engine was rocking because the bolts on one of the front engine legs had come loose.
  20. But deliver what? What have the IWA actually delivered in the past 20 years?
  21. I have a phone that can sit on my coffee table and record 50km of travel in a week .... very handy if you want to play Pokemon Go. Yesterday it thought I was in Cropthorne and not Cheltenham.
  22. About time too to be honest - they basically became a toothless lapdog to BWB/CRT when the National Rally became a "festival" run in conjunction with BWB/CRT
  23. Says it comes with an LPG kit but it electricity wise it might be problematical.
  24. The Mira units are good - and you can take the valve unit out of the housing to clean it (which they say you should do). Replacement valve units are over £130 so you need to make sure that they are drained totally (or remove it from the housing) if your bathroom might freeze
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