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  1. That sounds a bit worrying - how did it get kinked in the first place?
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. The vacuum driven driveshaft clutches on the front wheels were a brilliant idea but just badly implemented. The rear leaf springs split a bit too often, the rear open section rusted through in a few places and the brakes seem to be a continual source of pain and there's been quite a few problems with the exhaust manifolds He also had quite a few electrical gremlins - like parts of the dashboard failing. Despite that he still likes it.
  5. My stepson has an F150 - it's a crock. Unless they've really turned their game around the electric version is going to be a money pit.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. ahh, the vapourware truck... Tesla has a backlog of over 1.2 million Cybertruck reservations worth over $80 billion, but there’s still no production in sight. Was supposed to be released late 2021 (which is sort of now) but is now slated for late 2022
  8. But that's just you. With 6 to 10 cars per lamp post with those cars owned by different people how is it going to work - If it's not my turn to be on the charger but I've had to do a long run today and am going to have to do a long one tomorrow I could be without anywhere to charge.
  9. It doesn't show winter stoppages because converting CRT regular stoppages is complex and involves manual intervention, and winter stoppages are worse, and as Canalplan is not our day jobs then some stuff has to fall by the wayside. It shows most of the regular stoppages, but not tree falls and flood conditions.
  10. Why would I do that - we've had no problems on our BMC relating to seals on the HP pump. I'm quite sure if I went to Turners, or Norbury, or any of the fuel boats we use and accused them of selling us the "wrong" fuel they'd basically tell us where to go. You seem to be obsessing over an issue that has affected a small number of BMC owners and turning it into a major issue. Actually I've worked out what you're doing with this and all your other BMC threads - you're hoping we're all going to say "Our BMCs are utter rubbish, I'll take it out, put a new engine in and give the old one to you" I will no longer give any of your posts the time of day - you're a wind up merchant.
  11. This is just getting silly ..... what "wrong type" of diesel fuel? How do I know I'm being sold the wrong type of diesel fuel?
  12. But in reality this is completely impractical - I turn up at a boat yard (be it Norbury, Turner Brothers, Nantwich etc.) and want to buy fuel. I can't get fuel tests done and I can't imagine any of them taking kindly to me basically accusing them of selling crap fuel. I don't know who provides their fuel (Turners will be same as their road fuel) and even if I did I wouldn't have a clue if that provider is a poor supplier. Define premature. We've had our BMC since 1986 ( bought from Mick Seivewright at Barbridge ), two rebuilds (Calcutt and Upton) and we've never had a problem and don't have a problem. Last rebuild would have been round about 2005
  13. I'll check our S/N when I'm up this coming weekend winterising the boat I have to say I can't say I've noticed if ours does or not - I can't imagine it doesn't but I've never looked at the crank pulley that closely.
  14. Quite right - brain cramp on my part.
  15. It's odd isn't it - we were told by someone who looked after BMC 1.5 in narrowboats to undo the return union on the top of the engine mounted Fuel filter and manually prime until fuel comes from that. Then close that and crack open all 4 injector fuel connectors (the fuel return banjos). Crank the engine on the starter until fuel starts to ooze from the injectors and close off one at a time. I guess he didn't like touching the injector pump, and I have to say that in the 35 years we've had the boat we've only had to bleed it three or four times and the method we were told has worked fine each time.
  16. Our BMC 1.5 regularly does this and, as Tony says, the longer between starts then the more there is. It's the colour and volume of smoke at other times that are more important.
  17. I was shouted at by a fisherman on the Bridgewater who reminded me that "the speed limit is 4 miles per hour" "Yes, so it is " I said, and opened up the throttle.
  18. Yes but in summer it's a sun filled 10 foot long patio....
  19. Whereas on ours the coolant just goes round the engine until the thermostat opens at 82C and then goes via the calorifier to the skin tank. So engine gets up to operating temperature significantly faster than it would if the calorifier was always in the loop, and then we dump all the heat we possibly can into the calorifier....
  20. Silly question - if they are so good then why isn't anyone making them any more? Surely someone would have sold the design on... I know I would have. Oddly enough we bought an alloy windlass from the hut on Curdworth back in the mid to late 80s - it was a "prototype"..... We still have it and its going strong and gets a lot of use
  21. So how is he going to fill up his water tank, or empty his toilet? At least a log cabin could have a well and a cesspit.
  22. But of course if you don't tell Canalplan you are 14 feet wide....
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