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  1. I wouldn't need shoreline 240v while out the marina as I will be cruising everyday so alternator would do the changing
  2. 45w 12v TV ,12v shoreline fridge 5hrs TV worst case scenario (winter). Full sun with no obstructions. Flat panels. I have a Victron blue smart charger that I have on while in marina but was just wondering if I actually need to have it on permanently due to having the solar set up at this time of yr ?
  3. I've 700w of solar, and a bank of four leoch 12v 130ah battery's. Would this be enough power to run fridge ,a couple of led lights and 12v tv
  4. Will a standard toilet seat fit a dometic toilet ?
  5. Just had 20 ltrs dropped of by fuel boat but I'm not back on boat till w/end so haven't seen invoice for it yet, just hoping it's not the same price as the marina I've just been enquiring at that gave me the £1.95 ltr😭
  6. I think buying white from a petrol stations going to be a cheaper option, even at £1.69 a ltr
  7. At this rate I could charter a plane to go up north and bring it back and it probably be cheaper lol
  8. Just been quoted £1.95 ltr for 60/40 from a marina. I know it's been a few wks since I filled up but I think this is just astronomical . Any thoughts !!!!!!!
  9. Is it ok to use 12v socket while ac charger is charging batteries ,also would it be ok if engine alternator was charging at same time as ac charger.
  10. 95mm cable i refer to is cross sectional not length ( roughly 16/17 mm in dia ). i should of said 95mm2 lol
  11. If I use 95mm cables to connect my domestic batteries together , what size cable should I use from domestic batteries to fuse panel.
  12. Could i use Mig welder cable for battery cables
  13. Can anybody recomend a good narrow boat electrician to change my domestic batteries and a starting issue i have . im moored in leicestershire
  14. Brill , i"ll give them a look
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