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  1. Wrinkley

    Change my prop size

    No, not from the leak off pipes the over fill pipe from the top of the secondary fuel filter. This, apparently, is to ensure adequate fuel available to the injector pump.
  2. Wrinkley

    Change my prop size

    Oooo that's a good idea. But then I'm not on mains at the moment. Could measure the hz of my mastervolt.
  3. Wrinkley

    Change my prop size

    Thanks for the link. For a tenner it's got to be worth it. Just as an aside, how do you know the new one is accurate and your original one faulty? 😇
  4. Wrinkley

    Change my prop size

    Both belts run from the engine pulley to the alternator pulley, they run in parallel. The cycle rev counter sensor is mounted on the inside of the engine pulley. The frequency counter is used on the one phase of the alternator stator winding. The engine to alternator pulley ratio is 3:1.
  5. Wrinkley

    Change my prop size

    Apologies Boater Sam for not replying earlier. I don't think that belt slip is a big issue with my set up. I have two 13.5mm belts on the alternator. The readings from both ways I have of measuring rpm do not differ significantly from each other whether the output from the alternator is 20 or 120amps. I would have thought that if belt slip was occurring the difference between the 'rev counters' as the load on the alternator increased would change. I am reasonable sure that most of the claimed 28 horses in 1953 for my engine are still at home and available.
  6. Wrinkley

    Change my prop size

    Understand what you are suggesting but if two separate systems to measure revs that I'm using are roughly in line why would a third be different?
  7. Wrinkley

    Change my prop size

    Thanks for you comments, I'll try and go through them. Exhaust is just about clear on full throttle, had a bmc 1800 before and that gave black smoke on full wack. I have no way to measure fuel usage other than the average use between tank refills is constant over the eight years from "new". On full throttle there is still fuel running back to the tank indicating, to me, plenty of fuel available to the pump. Rev counter is a cycle speedo fitted to the engine belt pulley which matches the alternator hz output. Sounds a bit rubbish but it works well. Tick over 400rmp, flat out just over 1200, the plate on the injector pump says max 1300. The prop I have is bent and needs repairing just trying to work out what to have it set to. My thinking is 22 x 21. The 22 x 22 is fine on the canals I would just like a bit more power/revs on the occasional river and tidal bits we use.
  8. Wrinkley

    Change my prop size

    Well tried that "the fuel rack "slider bar" is moving fully to the right and is up against the fuel limiting trigger at full load. I.e with the engine at full load, try and pull the the fuel rack outwards, to your right. " so still thinking the load is too much for the power produced. More power or reduced load. As the prop needs attention got to try and have adjusted to less than the 22 x 22 it's supposed to be. Any body got a 22 x 20 1.5 laying about I could have a go with?
  9. Wrinkley

    Change my prop size

    Agreed old goat but when the tide turns on the upper Trent and you struggle to make forward progress a few more revs would ease the situation.
  10. Wrinkley

    Change my prop size

    Oh yes, no problem with that. Revs to max out of gear. Exhaust clean as a whistle.
  11. Wrinkley

    Change my prop size

    Yes, I have just inputed the info and it comes out as you say. But it's definitely over propped. Well it won't rev out. Its been like this from walshes. Runs fine, no smoke, starts first turn from cold. The injector pump was serviced and recalibrated 4 or five years ago with no change to the max revs achieved in gear. I have got to try a different prop ratio just don't know what to try.
  12. Wrinkley

    Change my prop size

    2 to 1.
  13. Hi, I have a 60ft Norton canes with a 2lw. The prop size is 22 x 22 and I think it is over propped. I have had the boat from new and it has never revved over 950. This is even on deep rivers. As I have once again bent the prop so its maybe time to try a different size, may be 22 x 20 if there is such an animal. Any body else gone this route. Will the change be to drastic? Any help will be great fully received.
  14. Wrinkley

    Squirrel back boiler condensation

    Hi all Has anyone had experience of condensation inside their fire? Stupidly I closed the fire vents when I cleaned it and stuck the cap on the top of the flue. I think I have done the same in previous years to stop any smell. Today I noticed small drops of water inside the fire and more on the back boiler. Now this is either condensation, which it looks like, or the boiler sprung a small leak. Header tank still has water in. Any thoughts?
  15. Wrinkley

    Mastervolt Ultra 12/3000-150

    Yes, I've had a look now and can see that it is easy to adjust voltages from the easy view screen once the configuration has been enabled. On my easy view 5 this is accessed by entering a pre set Pin code. Saves connecting the laptop to it. Thanks for the help. I am sure I'll need some further assistance as time goes on. Shame they can't write a manual that I can understand.

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