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  1. steamraiser2

    Lister CE

    CE marine cranks are different to the industrial ones and not interchangeable. Maintain your engine properly and you are unlikely to have a problem. It should not put you off having one in a boat, they are great little engines, different and one of the best sounding twins around. CEs are around so it is always worth keeping your eye out for one as a spares source.
  2. steamraiser2

    Lister CE

    The Lister CE is a less common engine in narrow boats as it was generally overlooked in favour of its larger cousin the JP. We have a couple of them here in the queue for restoration. A lot of internal similarities with the JP although few transferable parts. Both wet and dry sump marine versions were available. Like the JP range they don't take kindly to be over revved, especially when bearings are becoming worn and will, like a JP, break the very angular crankshaft. Some have reciprocating water pumps which are prone to leak . They are a smaller engine than the JP but very capable and very reliable if well maintained. Pretty too. Sound good as well It should be fine in a well propped 60' boat.
  3. steamraiser2

    Value of 2LW + PRM

    Samofas are Dutch and very proud of them they are too. The company was a joint project thing from several manufacturers set up after WW2 to fill a gap in the war torn domestic market. They poached the best ideas of what they were familiar with; Gardner, Lister , MWM , Deutz etc and came up with a simple but robust range of single cylinder and twin cylinder engines. They were used a lot on drainage pumps and soon evolved into marine diesels. Not only did they copy British and German ideas but bought in components and fitted them. Eventually they were taken over by Mitsubushi and closed down. Still quite a few around in Holland and Belgium. Very heavy and pretty bombproof. Out lasted generally by the Lister JPs they were meant to replace but held with great affection over there. Marmite engines though. You either love them or hate them. A clapped out one is a thing of pity for sure.
  4. steamraiser2

    Value of 2LW + PRM

    Vintage engines for narrowboats are subject to market forces and fashion the same as any other commodity. The engines that are generally "on trend" most of the time are Gardner 2LWs closely followed by the Gardner 3LW. We sell more 3LWs than 2s partly because there are a few more 3s than 2s ( not that there are many of either now) but there is little cost difference in the buy in cost of stock engines or the retail value of a restored item. You pays your money and makes your choice. Due to the exhaustion of stocks of engines for restoration ( we have pretty much cleared South Africa, Australia and Hong Kong and I'm getting too old for sneaking onto to unattended sampans with a bag of spanners ) The other engine type that consistently features is the Lister JP2 and variants of. These are of similar value to the Gardner engines but tend to be the second choice vintage engine. An engine snobbery thing? Both marques are great engines with pretty good spares availability for both types. After market parts supply for JP type Listers is well established and we can supply virtually everything for them. Not everything is available off the shelf overnight but parts supply is generally pretty good if you know where to go. Beware of poor quality knock off parts though, there is a lot of them out there. Gardners have been fortunate in that the bus trade made spare parts commonplace. As that has pretty much stopped the available parts are showing signs of drying up. We are investing heavily in some of the harder to find stuff and expect that to be a larger part of the business in future years. So in essence I don't think that either the Gardners LWs or Lister JP/JS/JKs will fade away and will continue to be sought after for many years yet. Adding value to your boat? Maybe a little but no where near what people think. Market forces will continue to dictate that a properly restored JP2 , depending on the spec, will be in the region of £12-14k ex works while a 2LW will currently set you back £14 -18k. The £25k 2LW is not that far away believe me. Demand and the rising price of core engines are the drivers for this. Kelvins and the like are pretty stable in value as they are a niche thing and not everyone wants one. If you covet one you will pay a price, if you don't you won't. A lot of our business is with the Netherlands. Their sought after engines are the Kromhout built Gardners and the LS / GS / TS variants. The Lister JP/JK/JS variants but generally the 3 cylinder ones and the Samofa twins. They have no interest at all in Gardner 2LWs. When it comes to vintage engines in boats the Dutch are the boys. Large numbers of boats have vintage engines compared to the UK . Long may it continue! Taking MtB's point it is a simple fact that there are a lot of "restored" , "good condition", and "well maintained" second hand engines out there. If you don't know the engine in question well don't pay a premium for it and keep your expectations low. We currently have an engine in the workshops sent in by an experienced boater who bought a "reconditioned" engine on the open market. On checking it over we have found, so far, two odd and mis-machined pistons, the big ends worn so badly that they are running on the backers, odd con rods, fuel gear fuel of rusty water, and the wrong pinion on the starter motor, but my did it look pretty! You have a vintage engine because you want one, it's a man cave thing. It won't add value unless the prospective buyer of your boat is in the man cave market too. Five years from now... Still Gardners and Lister JPs..... new kids on the block? Samofa 2S-108s, why... they have lots of Gardner parts inside
  5. steamraiser2

    PRM 500

    It is really a matter of personal preference. If you are using conventional controls it is probably fine as it is. If the intent is to use Morse controls I would go for the soft shift conversion. Either way the PRM500 is a really good gearbox. Overkill for a 2LW though unless the output ratio was not available in the PRM260 range
  6. steamraiser2

    2LW on Ebay

    Lo and behold but the suspicious 2LW is back on eBay again complete with the dodgy purchase arrangements ! People bidding too. One born every minute.
  7. steamraiser2

    Places with a bad reputation that don't deserve it

    Slightly off topic but Banbury , Castle Quay. A while back I was coming down the town lock by the service point when I noticed a brand new floating gin palace tied up at the water point. A VERY angry elderly gentleman was ranting about the new boat as the owners had conveniently ignored the fact that the old chap was waiting to fill with water etc and had gone into Castle Quays. He was in a fury. He appeared from his own boat with a couple of full toilet cassettes which he emptied all over the moored offender much to the astonishment of various onlookers. He then returned to his boat and took the lock as I came out still with steam coming out of his ears! Just as well that they hadn't left any windows open.
  8. steamraiser2

    Pelapone Ricardo

    There is no reason why the Pelapone could not be marinised and installed in a narrow boat. Expect to spend around £3k on the gearbox and adaptors and a further £1k on mounting steels, temperature control, alternator and water pump stuff. No different than any of the ex truck / bus / crane / locomotive engines we convert as our daily business. Maintaining it in the longer term is not impossible but tracking down another as a donor would be prudent. No different to owning a Glennifer
  9. steamraiser2

    2LW on Ebay

    Nope, says removed item no longer available
  10. steamraiser2

    2LW on Ebay

    That's interesting. Less than 25 minutes after spotting the 2LW and posting here the engine is no longer available. The scroat follows this site me thinks !
  11. steamraiser2

    2LW on Ebay

    I see that the same 2LW is back on eBay again. Claims to be in Wales this time rather than Aberdeen. No doubt people will fall for the apparent scam again. The "vendor" has even used the same photograph!
  12. steamraiser2

    Anyone know...can an oil fired range run on Red Diesel?

    I had a Dickinson Pacific oil fired ships stove in my boat. Although it ran quite happily on red diesel it could not reach the same high temperatures achieved when running on kerosene. To come close on diesel it had to be turned right up which usually resulted in black smoke at the chimney. Servicing intervals were also reduced, when running on diesel, due to rapid soot build up. It never performed anywhere near as well as the distributor suggested it would even though it was installed exactly as the manufacturer laid down. All in all a disappointment compared to a solid fuel stove. I wouldn't want to down play how unpleasantly hot it can be in the boat during the summer months and how slow to warm up for cooking it could be. For me a Squirrel stove and a gas cooker wins hands down.
  13. My money is on they are from the Alang and Bangladeshi ship breaking yards. We get emails from the yards every now and then trying to sell us a container full of ex-lifeboat engines. cheap enough if you buy 20 tons of them.
  14. steamraiser2

    Jp3 fuel pump

    It is not unusual to find a little diesel in the injector pump sump. Just draw it out with a syringe and top up with engine oil. Keep an eye on it though. If the level rises noticeably in a short time it could indicate that the injector pump elements are passing. If they are you should get your pump overhauled. Don't ignore it as the pump cams will quickly wear if not properly lubricated and BPE pump camshafts are very hard to find these days.
  15. steamraiser2

    A tale of two JP3s

    Electrolytic action between two dissimilar metals will cause the softer material, in this case the whitemetal, to erode away. It causes pits in the bearing face which fail rapidly when loaded. It seems to be a common thing with Lister and Gardner engines (and many others) that have been laying around for a while. It seems to be worse in older engines with lower quality whitemetal than is commonly used nowadays. The magnetic influence of the planet also has a hand in this and it's pretty common to round up these effects under the term "brindling" The higher quality white metal in use today is far less prone to it but rest assured that even now engines can fizz away if the conditions are right.