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  1. We have had a few new ones mostly ex MOD ones. Some, made as air cleaners, had some fine mesh inside. The empty ones were exhausts. As an air cleaner they are pretty useless. If you have room, fitting a 90 degree elbow and and AC Delco type oil bath filter is both functional and technically accurate being a factory option anyway. Not that oil baths in good order are that easy to find these days either.
  2. This is the correct air filter for a Lister JP. It is quite common to fit them with an oil bath type or a paper filter
  3. As a rule of thumb in vehicle terms 250 hours equates roughly to 5000 miles. So 6000 hours is in the 120000 miles area. If the maintenance has been good nothing much to worry about. If it were a Gardner just about run in. Poor maintenance would suggest walking away.
  4. Actually it is entirely possible that your starter motor should have an eleven tooth pinion on it. It is a common problem which we have seen quite often on Gardners. Like as recently as couple of hours ago as it happens😎.
  5. steamraiser2

    Full service bmc

    Actually you could get them with Perkins 499s in them. 55 mph flat out but cheap to run. I ran one for years until it rotted out and then marinised the engine for a launch.
  6. Yes it is. Someone has fitted it as it isn't original. If I get round to fitting electric start it will have to go as it's in the way. Nicely done though.
  7. Of course the Lister green thing is a bit of a myth as you could have a variety of colours. Having stripped dozens of them to bare metal I know that, from new, they could be grey, olive drab, light blue, yellow, black and every shade in between. Only yesterday I picked up a 1952 JP2M that has been maroon from new. So paint it whatever colour you like. Red flywheel ? Not unless you want half the forum to hunt you down 😄
  8. From your engines hours it has done the road equivalent of over 200000 miles. If it were a hard working truck engine that would be nothing to worry about. In a narrowboat it will have spent most of its life poodling about which is not a good thing. You don't say if there is a particular issue with it but in our experience Gardners are often dirty because they are incorrectly set up, always ignore factory timing marks, set them up with clock gauges, They often have wrongly set injector pumps and have some idiosyncrasies around the injectors. To determine if yours is in need of a birthday
  9. The price differential between the market price of electric start JP2Ms and JP3 as core engines for restoration is the reason. £2500 for a rot free JP2M is around the going rate while we buy in JP3s at £500 or less. The rotten water rail on the one being commented on was not à good sign. I reckon it sold for twice it's worth. As with Gardner's the twins are always worth way more than the three cylinder variants. Market forces.
  10. You were lucky. We have had to go to 60 tons to shift them more than once. Nothing like a bit of salt water corrosion to rot them in!
  11. Firstly, Back in the day the oil of choice for these Perkins types was usually a straight 30 although I doubt that is has any bearing on your problem. To me this is more than likely a gauge issue. I've had similar on a old Dorman where the gauge seemed to have a mind of its own. Personally I would change it for an oil filled gauge which are far better at damping than the old fashioned ones.
  12. Take a look at the Woods of Crediton website. They had P6s and gearboxes ex RN stock for not much money. A transplant may be a cheap option
  13. Marine Power Services. Off the shelf item
  14. about £100 to test and calibrate, £200 to strip and rebuild plus parts. A truly clapped pump needing elements & bearings and delivery valves etc could easily get up towards £600. Hard to estimate until its is stripped and checked
  15. Not really. We get pump camshafts made these days. So it's not the end of the world. We recondition quite a lot of these pumps for our own and customers engines. The fuel injection side of the business is fast catching up with the engine restoration and parts business it seems
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