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  1. I will do that Alan, thank you
  2. Thanks Alan, that is very helpful. From what I understand, it was first epoxied 4 years ago
  3. Though the survey from two years ago also states that the pitting on the baseplate is less than 10 percent
  4. Yes there is a survey from two years ago, it states a residual plate thickness of 8.3 mm. So I take it that it hasn’t gotten any worse since then
  5. Hi Sea Dog, What made me doubt him was that 20 percent of the baseplate just seems a lot for a relatively newish boat that has been 2 pack epoxied, has sacrificial anodes, galvanic isolator and seems immaculate in every other way
  6. Hi Keeping Up, Yes maybe a change of location combined with good maintenance schedule would halt the corrosion.
  7. From what I have found out, this boat has spent a fair bit of time in a small marina. I am thinking along the lines that if purchased, the baseplate corrosion will always be in the back of my mind, so therefore not worth it. It is a very nice boat, but also a considerable amount of money.
  8. Residual plate thickness of sides 5.9mm Hi Tony Brooks, The surveyor didn’t advise on the likely cause, this boat has also had three owners during its relatively short life. I don’t know if that is significant or not, possibly not
  9. Hi Phoenix V Yes, as much as this seemed to be the almost perfect boat for me, I am starting to think that I will walk away from this one.
  10. Hi Matty40s Thank you for your reply. I was concerned by the 8.3 mm figure given the boats age but with my limited knowledge, I wanted to ask the members of this forum what they thought.
  11. Thanks TheBiscuits and Mrsmelly for your replies It does have a galvanic isolator fitted ??
  12. Hello Sea Dog I think it was the 8.3 mm residual thickness figure that alarmed me. Do you think it is concerning?
  13. Hi Alan, Thanks for your reply. I am looking at purchasing this boat, the surveyor said it’s nothing to worry about ?
  14. Good evening, I would be grateful if someone could help me with my query regarding baseplate Nominal plate thickness 10 mm Average pit depth 0.8 mm Maximum pit depth 1.3 mm Coverage of pitting 20 percent Average Plate Thickness 9.5 mm Residual Plate thickness 8.3mm is this anything to be concerned about on a 6 year old narrowboat? Thank you in advance
  15. Hello everyone, I have done an Internet search but can't seem to find an answer to my question. Does anyone know if you are allowed to trade from a wide beam boat on the canals of Great Britain?
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