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  1. Are you talking to me here? My Avatar is me and I've never had a canal based business...what are you basing this on?
  2. That's not what showed up here, if it had I wouldn't have asked.
  3. The new owners don't want to convert it but as it is now theirs it's entirely up to them what they do...but I'm not so secretly glad they don't. Then why not quote Brians post instead of mine, would have been less confusing.
  4. Some of the people who were talking about Birmingham know me very well.
  5. I had already participated in the discussion when my signature stated that I owned Birmingham, many people on here know me out in the real world. I've been on this forum since 2005.
  6. My original point was that rather than speculate on what was going on why not simply ask me, your point proves nothing.
  7. I wonder does anyone have any information about a Harris Brothers boat built in about 1961 named Ramillies, I'm told it was one of 6 built as pleasure boats. I've seen the other threads but they don't answer my questions, what I want to know if possible is....did it go to a hire company or was it sold privately. I would be grateful for any information at all. Cheers me dears.
  8. I only changed my name to boatless at present after I posted that message and there is a picture of me on Birmingham as my avatar. I haven't bought it I've sold it after owning it since 2012.
  9. I am on this forum you know...best just ask me if your talking about my business.
  10. I think so, it fits the documentation given to me by Pete Harrison.
  11. Thank you, quite a few of us have been fiddling with the resolution of the picture trying to read the number.
  12. Does anyone know who this is, picture take in the late 50's?
  13. Funny you should mention that because my Great Granddad Henry F Cawley was one of the men who went round the country installing electricity to domestic and commercial premises from around the turn of the century and he worked at a power station on Forth Banks for Newcastle and District Electric Lighting Company, it opened in 1890.
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