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    Heavy metal, folk music, jaffa cakes, tea, telly and natch...boats!

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    Retired Soapmaker
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    Birmingham GUCCCo No.121
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  1. I think so, it fits the documentation given to me by Pete Harrison.
  2. Thank you, quite a few of us have been fiddling with the resolution of the picture trying to read the number.
  3. Does anyone know who this is, picture take in the late 50's?
  4. Funny you should mention that because my Great Granddad Henry F Cawley was one of the men who went round the country installing electricity to domestic and commercial premises from around the turn of the century and he worked at a power station on Forth Banks for Newcastle and District Electric Lighting Company, it opened in 1890.
  5. Yes sorry...if we could have afforded 75K we probably would have gone for it. He actually said between 75-85K when I spoke to him on the phone.
  6. Derek and I were offered Prince just before we bought Birmingham for 75K
  7. Probably because Di has more than enough on her plate...
  8. How very patriarchal of you...why would it not be...every decision for that boat was made by me.
  9. Oh chaps, I know you mean well but I'm trying very hard to avoid pictures that rip my heart out...this one was just delivered right into my inbox!
  10. allybsc


  11. I'm still here...occasionally :-)
  12. I'm sorry to hear that you've been messed about, the right boat for you will come along.
  13. Less of the former Mr Fincher...I'm more of a lurker now I got the keys and had a look round Rigal at the weekend,it wasn't nearly as awful as I'd been led to believe. If it came down a bit I might consider it for our old age liveaboard...providing the important bits were sound, the annoyances could be sorted.
  14. Isn't it, we have too, his grandparents had the Birmingham and the Bordesley from new, he brought his Mom Dot to meet us, she's hilarious! She used to work the Cambourne and the Juno with her hubby Ted in the 50's. She came to Alvecote this year, she's in her 80's and she wanted to steer on the parade but Rob had to talk her out of it because she's a bit unsteady, she gave him such an ear bashing about it! Salsa189 your Dad is friends with Sarah Jane on FB too and they were on our boat with Dot at Alvecote.
  15. I don't know if Sarah Jane has actually been over to see Juno yet but I know she's in touch with the new owner 'cos we're all friends on Facebook.
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