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  1. Here is the present engine in Baldock if it helps to clarify whether it is a D, P or F series
  2. Something special I think https://www.apolloduck.com/boat/yarwoods-40-tug/611442
  3. I think setting out a timeline with some achievable milestones would go a long way to assuage concerns about your proposed action plan
  4. Saw them at a local pub in about 69/70 ... my first live music night ☺
  5. I am putting THEOPHILUS back to (near) original condition and both the seacock inlets are still in place and on the port side of the engine hole. I have a RN to put back in which is how she was delvered to GUCCCo
  6. I have read a good many words over a good many weeks, both on this site and another, about the state of this particular forum. I have seen many and consistent comments from both new and established posters saying things could be much improved in the way things are managed on the forum and entreating that changes in management and style of management be implemented Equally I have seen comments from Dan and others managing the forum that they had listened to the comments, taken the comments on board, recognised changes were needed and that action would be taken. Action plans need to define objectives for the actions and must have an associated timeline set against those actions. I have yet to see objectives and a timeline mentioned anywhere. So perhaps it is the right moment for Dan and the team to tackle this issue and come forward with the results of their internal discussions and set out the vision for the forum in a clealrly defined manner and timeframe
  7. There are only 8 motor boats in this class but which present day boat still has the original counter ??? As the new owner of THEOPHILUS, and as it needs a new stern end, I am interested to get the shape right I await all the wisdom from the forum :-)
  8. I can confirm the mooring is transferable .....
  9. It is indeed Cumberland Basin and the boat is also on eBay for a modest £250, 000
  10. Does anyone have, or know someone who has, a Heritage Range cooker installed on their boat ?? I am seriously considering a Uno model (or maybe the Compact Duette) as part of a major refit and I would really like to see one in operation and talk about the practicalities of using one without having to wander down to Cornwall. Happy to travel an hour distance from Milton Keynes or Birmingham areas Any help or advice gratefully received
  11. Did I see ex Samuel Barlows WINSTON there as well ??
  12. Many of you will have been following Mattys epic voyage across the BCN and the huge amount of challenges he faced en route. As the absentee owner of BALDOCK I can only applaud his tenacity and perseverance at overcoming the huge number of engineering challenges and the colossal amount of rubbish he stripped off the blade. I would also thank the support from various members of this forum in keeping Matty going and in particular Rob for turning up in person and adding not only an extra pair of hands but valuable personal contact. Boat delivery is a tough and lonely job at the best of times but when things start going wrong it gets an awful lot tougher. Well done everyone .... this is what CWDF does best of all
  13. chris_r

    Ken Field

    Ken .... great to see you on here .... AFRICA is atill alive and well
  14. Dover has been refitted and is back on the market http://www.londontideway.com/boats-dover.html
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