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  1. Cello 12v TV

    We've got a vision plus tv in the bedroom which was expensive cus it's a 12v tv and in the front I brought a " logik" tv from dixons that came with the external brick wired it straight to the 12v and it's worked for years no problem without a voltage stabiliser
  2. LPG conversions on generators

    Yes the boat regulators fine. you can use the boat supply by fitting something like a bullfinch bbq point as found on motorhomes mostly. It comes with a quick release bayonet plug for the generator hose. Makes it much better to use when cruising as your only using the one gas bottle not conecting the genny to the spare which risks running out of gas completely if your unlucky
  3. Wey navigation

    Hi, we were down there last year realy nice river, i think I'm right in saying we brought a transit licence from start of the wey to the baisingstoke canal then when we returned onto the wey brought a 4 day license from pyford marina, could have maybe used another day or two to give more exploring time but we weren't rushed getting there and back in four days ,several suitably expensive pubs on the river, enjoy. p.s. baisingstoke is worth a look if youve got the time and they've got the water :-) ( first bits hard work lots of weed etc but rest of the canals lovely)
  4. Help.searching for an old friend

    Hi john jean and patch are absolutely fine there moored up permanently now but still on the boat. I can phone one of her neighbours tomorrow and get your phone number to her if you want to Email me swiftpropertyservices "at" outlook dot com Regards sam
  5. Fridge thermostat

    Well the fridge is running still and the thermometers reading -1 with the thermostat set to number 4 :-( so do we think the thermostat is the most likely culprit? And if so where do you get a new one, are they any different in 12v fridges to the mains versions? Thanks for all the help so far guys
  6. Fridge thermostat

    Good thinking I've put a thermometer in there and pulled the fridge out so it's got the best possible air flow around it. I checked the seals they seem ok although there is now a few spots of rust around the bottom were the seal meets the case which I surpose won't help. We will see what the results are in the morning Thanks guys
  7. Fridge thermostat

    Hi folks, I've got an old lec 12v fridge circa 2005 ( model r25m is on a lable inside, the one with the little ice box) and I've noticed it seems to be constantly running ( noticed because my batteries were draining much more than usual overnight) the fridge is actually working fine other than this and if I turn the thermostat completely down it does turn the compressor off but at normal settings it never stops running anyone else had this problem ? I'm assuming the thermostat must be knackered unless anyone knows better? Are the thermostats out of 12v fridges the same as the ones in 240v versions? Thanks
  8. LPG conversions on generators

    Hi, there's no fuel left in genny the garretson feeds a collor that sprays the lpg into the carb. To turn the genny of when running on gas you turn the gas bottle off and the genny runs itself empty if that makes sense. I'm not smart enough to do links but there's a couple of you tube vids if you search for "sail and trail lpg conversion kipor". It's not as quite as the Honda especially when under heavy loads but that said it's not that noisy considering the difference in cost I would buy another kipor if i needed a new one the noise doesn't bother me but then I don't use it much just for the washing machine and deepest winter charging when the solar can't keep up, if I was using it everyday around company maybe the quiter Honda wouldnt look so expensive but even that's not that quite. Think the kit was around £160 but ive had it a few years and I didn't shop around just got the sail and trail one because someone else recommended it. If you can get the genny on a freaky friday with 20% off its the best price I could find one ( order it before the event cus you have to actually pay on the Friday and they don't carry the Stock).
  9. LPG conversions on generators

    Hi, I have a kipor 2600 that I brought on swindlers freaky friday then converted to lpg with a kit purchased from sail and trail. The kit I got is mounted on the genny works great and was easy to fit there's a collor with a jet that goes under the carb and a garretson that bolts to the case. I think I phoned sail and trail to specify a longer hose so genny could sit on the bank without any risk of tightness if the boat moves a bit, It's my understanding that as there is no fuel in the genny it can be stored wherever worth noting the extra width with the garretson screwed on the side it does have a quick release fitting so it can be taken of if needed on mine but worth checking whichever kit you go for if storage space is a tight locker. For me much better than petrol.
  10. Generator - petrol / lpg / diesel?

    Lpg conversion kits for most suitcase Gennys can be purchased I brought mine from a company called sail and trail easy to fit. One of the biggest benefits to lpg is no fuel in the genny so it can be stored safely
  11. sealand flange seal

    Maybe the seal I had was just a dodgy one i found the manual and it does say the part number on the packet I brought is a replacement for the one listed in the manual. Il phone leesan and ask them Monday to be sure before I buy another strange though cus the new seal whilst it looks the same and fits the bolt holes the hole in the middle if that makes sense is definitely bigger than the original one and therefore won't meet up with the ridge on the bottom of the toilet base, Thanks folks
  12. sealand flange seal

    Thanks for the replies guys, It's not leaking from the ball seal it's from were the base bolts with the 4 bolts to the flange on the top of the tank, the new seal that came with the bolts fits the bolt spacing but it's inside circumference is to large if you look at the underneath of the base there's a lip that should marry up with the groove on top of the seal but doesn't.
  13. sealand flange seal

    Good thinking il give lesson a ring tomorrow.
  14. sealand flange seal

    Sorry forgot that bit it's a Sealand traveler I think the model is 111 looking at pictures on the net it's a dump through that sits on top of the tank and has a short collor if that makes sense the boats built in 2005 and I bellive it's the original toilet if that helps.
  15. After a wobbly toilet problem I've refixed the flange and replaced the broken bolts but the kit came with a new flange seal which leaked and on comparing it to the old one its a slightly different size so won't seal with the toilet base, searching old threads on here someone mentioned that they changed the design slightly does anyone know if that's right and if so we're I can buy an old style one from cus the original seal is a bit tired and although it did seem to seal for a ffew weeks Its started to leak a bit round the base again. Thanks