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  1. Admiral

    Historic Boats for sale online

    LMS Dehli for sale Dont know if this has been posted!!
  2. Admiral

    Jam Ole Run 1995 - the first one!

    Hey Thanks for this. It was wonderful to see the canal without quite as many boats! Great dialogue and really nice to see..
  3. Admiral


    When I bought Archimedes it was composite. At that time I removed the SR3 from the back cabin and put in the HR2 back into the original engine room. My dad put the extension cabin on to make it easier for living on. When I sold the boat to Albert he ran it for a while with the wooden bottoms but he did replace the bottom with steel I think in the early 90's Was a lovely boat to boat with and went like a rocket with the wooden bottoms in.... I am pretty sure Ara is steel bottomed.
  4. Admiral

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Seen on Facebook Narrowboat brokerage page Narrowboat £67,750 London, United Kingdom REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE DUE TO RELOCATION OVERSEAS Beneath the unassuming covers, Roe is a fairytale boat with a fit out made of elm, oak, yew, love and a sprinkling of magic. Built in 1959, she is a 70’ River Class butty, motorised with a Gardner 4LK, rumoured to have come from a WW2 midget submarine. Current owner a boat electrician. Hi spec everything - from bathroom taps to batteries, this is a boat built to last. Totally sorted for long term liveaboard cruising or you can find a marina. The boring bits: Batteries - 6x Trojan T105 Solar controller - Outback 60A MPPT Inverter/Charger - Victron 3000/120/16 Generator - Honda EU30IS Gas boiler - Morco F11 Stove - Morso Squirrel Cooker - 60 cm cast iron hob, 2 ovens/grill. Back cabin stove - Faure Revin, C19 century. Makes ace pizza! Central heating - Mikuni Radiators - 3 + fan assisted rad an bathroom and heated towel rail (stainless, obviously.) Calorifier - 100 ltr single coil. Insulation - 50/100mm Kingspan Fresh water tank - ample Blackwater tank - 4 weeks+ Gas bottles - storage for 4x 2k blacking. Overplated bottom 10" around knees when last out of water according to survey. Current(ish!) survey available. All work specified carried out by reputable yard. Blacking and survey due next yearREDUCED FOR QUICK SA
  5. Admiral


    I sold Archimedes to your father. He always loved it.
  6. Admiral

    M.B. Aries

    This is a great set of photos and information. Thanks for your putting this up. ?
  7. Admiral


  8. Admiral

    Braunston Historic Boat Rally 2018

    We are hoping that Lion and Hawk will be there but you never know if that may change!!
  9. Admiral

    Large Woolwich Cambourne

    That's me on my first boat so about 1985..
  10. Admiral

    Large Woolwich Cambourne

    I have this one..
  11. Admiral

    Archimedes & Ara photos

    Archimedes when I owned it.
  12. Admiral

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Still the best modern carrying boat I have ever seen. I think this was built alongside Otley hence the proportions are so good.
  13. Admiral

    Historic Boats for sale online

    I know its not old but not a bad price. http://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat.phtml?id=555397
  14. Admiral


    I think Graeme at Stockton Dry Dock re-bottomed and re-footed Otley a wile ago now. He did say they only did the hold and not under the back cabin and engine room. I think he is much partial to Large Northwich's even though I keep getting him to work on josher's!!
  15. Admiral

    Willow Wren Original Hire Boats

    Bittern was indeed ex FMC Lion. It caught fire when still working as a hire/camper for Willow Wren and then was sold to Alan (New Zealander) who took it to Aylesbury after purchasing it from Willow Wren.

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