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  1. Unusual Yarwoods. Says it was a station boat called Clyde 70ft Yarwoods
  2. Did Badsey sell as the advert seems to have gone?
  3. The front end of Gorse with a new back end from Graeme at WFBC.
  4. Don't know if this has been posted anywhere yet Greenlaw
  5. 67ft tug based on Yarwoods large Northwich Based on a Large Northwich Cant seem to see many similarities!!
  6. Historic - 1959 No name Looks like a river class boat or a lighter!
  7. I put the AC in Gorse when I owned it in the late 80s. It replaced an SR2. The gearbox went after about 6 months and was repaired quite easily. The engine had hand start but was almost impossible to hand start without the use of the cotton plugs that screwed into the head, I think they were called Zundfix? Got stuck one time in the winter without any and had about 4 blokes taking turns at starting it which it finally did after about an hour!
  8. Dont know if this has been seen before? Chiswick
  9. I have an old copy of the Bargee backed up on a website. http://workingboats.com/canal_film/Bargee.avi
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