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  1. A Gardner 6LW in Sydney. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GARDNER-6LW-DIESEL-ENGINE-SUITABLE-FOR-MARINE-INDUSTRIAL-VEHICULAR-APPLICATIONS-/151088261330?pt=AU_Boat_Parts_Accessories&hash=item232d8fe8d2
  2. Firstly, I must apologise for joining up just to post a "rant" on this oldish thread, but I think I have useful experience of Waterway and eureauweb. I purchased the software partly because I had seen it mentioned on these forums. I purchased the Waterway software and a GPS/SatNav receiver. The CD was delivered promptly and despite some delays in getting activation codes because of my remote location, it appeared to load properly. However, I did not receive the SatNav receiver I had paid for and did not receive a username and password to log into the GeoConcept website which is essential to get updates. I complained to Mike. He said he would send the receiver and also asserted that the username and password would be issued later. Over a month later, neither was forthcoming. It seems to me that if the distinguishing virtues of this software are its integration with SatNav and its regular updates, those two features ought to be delivered. Without them, I had paid £162 for a software version of the Nicholson Guides and little else. And if all you want is the Nicholson Guides, they're much easier to read in book form. The lack of a paid-for SatNav receiver is just shabby customer service. The lack of a username and password is, I suspect, due to Mike's lack of familiarity with the log in procedures for the new member's section of his partner website - GeoConcept. Anyway, both of those failings need to be fixed before this product is marketable. Happily, I had paid through Paypal and was able to extract the money back from Waterway. It would be a mistake, in my opinion, to pay Mike by cheque or bank transfer. I'm still looking forward to our trip around the Great Ring next summer, but we'll do it with the Nicholson Guide books.
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