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  1. Video here https://www.independent.co.uk/tv/climate/moment-barge-sinks-as-river-nearly-bursts-its-banks-in-belgium-vf7692009
  2. There was a dutch barge moored in Gweek, so maybe a possibility there? No chance anywhere on the Fal, Camel, Gannel etc. There was a narrowboat that made its way down the North Devon Coast to get to Bude, story of its departure on page 10 here http://bude-canal.co.uk/Tub Boat 80 print.pdf
  3. There was a dutch barge moored in Gweek, so maybe a possibility there? No chance anywhere on the Fal, Camel, Gannel etc
  4. It's a dreadful shame to general alarm wasn't sounded immediately, muster everyone in 3-4 minutes and abandon ship into lifeboats (or rafts). Did the captain think it would glue itself back together somehow?
  5. Went to the end of Wormalds Cut on the River Fosse, and then up to Monkbridge, got underneath it but kept grounding after that. Maybe only 1/2 a mile further there is a low-level pipe bridge that would stop a canoe so early as far as you could go, Here's Monkbridge
  6. And a little bit of PTFE tape needed if you change the whole assembly out
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. Many thanks for the replies - I have now phoned Betamarine with this info and ordered a kit - £243 + VAT incase people were wondering. Not particularly cheap, but it will mean more frequent oil changes, with a vertical "less-spill" filter, unlike the horrible horizontal one that I can only just reach, and invariably drop and with the resulting spill.
  9. It's coming up to oil change time for my beta 43. The filter isn't in the best place on the engine for this, and access is terribly difficult on my semi-trade setup. I'd heard mention there was a remote kit available, where there is a fitting that bolts on to the engine block, a couple of hoses and another fitting that the filter now attached to. This can then be mounted in a much more sensible and accessible place. However, I can't seem to find any reference to one of these - a couple of emails to Beta went unanswered. Does anyone know where I can get one of these from? many thanks
  10. many thanks for the advice - I'll contact them, but if they have gone bust then Epifanes it is.
  11. The woodwork on parts of my boat is starting to look a bit tatty. The paperwork from when it was built says that the varnish used was "Bromel 2-pack satin" so I though I'd try and buy the same. However I can't seem to find it - Bromel just seems to sell fire-resistant paints now. Should I use any other satin varnish or does anyone know where I can get the Bromel stuff from? many thanks
  12. With all the water shortages and problems around the system at the moment, could someone advise on the state of the Chesterfield canal please? It has a reputation for being quite weedy, and this hot weather probably hasn't helped. We're thinking of going there in about 8-10 days time. If it's no good then we can head off to Lincoln and Boston etc. many thanks.
  13. I'm the owner of the other Cockney Rose, boat registration # 515094, and I'm safely moored at Woodlesford on the A&C navigation. This is nothing to do with me.
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