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  1. Karen Lea Rainey

    Alternator not charging quickly enough

    Yes then I have an ammeter, with the pos and neg points to put on the battery terminals, to check voltage I turn it on to 20 volts for a more accurate readout. Sounds like the thing I forgot to do was rev it, instead I expected to see a higher reading when the engine is running.
  2. Karen Lea Rainey

    Alternator not charging quickly enough

    How do you check the charging current ? I've only ever checked the voltage readings on the battery terminals with my multi tester. Rev it, I will have to do next time I'm at the boat and check to see if the light goes out and see if the voltage goes up through excitement !!!
  3. Karen Lea Rainey

    Alternator not charging quickly enough

    The engine is running throughout the voltage recordings, the exciter charging light remained on throughout all the readings, thanks
  4. Karen Lea Rainey

    Alternator not charging quickly enough

    Yes the engine was idling, but the tickover is set quite high at the moment, that is something else I need to address in the coming weeks, I forgot about revving the engine, so have I got it wrong, what should the voltage be around when I,m revving up a bit ?
  5. Hi All, I have a problem with the alternator, I think, To start, I checked voltage at the batteries , it was 12.63 v before starting. (All 3 batteries are pretty new and wired in series). Started the Isuzu 1.2 engine after 10 seconds heating, it started straight away no problem. The charging light comes on and stays on, it is quite bright and constant. Immediately check the voltage at the batteries again, it's now 12.52 v, Wait a couple of minutes, check voltage again, it's now 12.56 v After 10 minutes, check the voltage again, it's now 12.58 v After 30 mins the voltage has now got to 12.68 volts. The charging light is still brightly lit, turned the key to off for a couple of minutes which extinguishers the charging light and checked in another couple of minutes, we've now got 12.70 v, Surely the alternator isn't doing it's job or am I wrong ? The alternator belt is tight with only a tiny bit of slack in it, the smaller cables to the alternator are firmly attached as are the other cables. I,m pretty sure the alternator has given up, the boat is new to me and has spent the last 8 years moored up in a marina being slowly refitted out. I have taken some pictures of the alternator but it is difficult to get a clear picture, from what I can make out it's an Hitachi alternator , but I cannot see any model numbers etc, can anyone tell which one it is and point me in the direction of a replacement please.
  6. Karen Lea Rainey

    PRV Valve

    Surely, if all taps are closed off and the PRV is good the the pump would not be able to run, the water has to escape from somewhere in the system pipework for it to keep running ! Doesn't it, I can't work out any other fault but the PRV .
  7. Karen Lea Rainey

    PRV Valve

    The new valve is probably not seating on cylinder properly, I had a similar problem in the summer, if you lift the PRV valve up and down it may after a few good "thwaks" up and down it will clear the scale that may be the culprit , alternatively the PRV valve internal washers/ seal may itself not be closing. (Which then lets water through it, instead of stopping it).
  8. Karen Lea Rainey

    SR2 v ST2 v TS2

    My BMC smokes a bit on start up, then within 3 or 4 mins it's clear, when I then apply a little acceleration you get another burst of smoke for 3 or 4 seconds then no smoke for the rest of the journey. I thought this was normal for a BMC!!!
  9. Karen Lea Rainey

    1" of water in my cabin bilge - what to do !

    Try to take up a 4ft x 2ft floor panel or similar at the back of the boat, you need to check the cross beams that the ply has been screwed down into or nailed into. If they have been sodden for a while they stand a chance of being rotten, they will need replacing , otherwise you may well just 'paper over the cracks' so to speak, sometime in the near future you may well walk over that area and feel spongy flooring, or uneven flooring which you may well regret doing when you had the opportunity.
  10. Karen Lea Rainey

    Glow plug relay not working

    Just to report back, put the ignition wire, glow plug wire and live wire ignition on the correct poles, checked for a good earthing cleaned all contacts, and it works fine now. Thanks particularly to Tony for making the leads diagram 'black & white.
  11. Karen Lea Rainey

    Glow plug relay not working

    Hi All, I have a BMC 1.8 engine that I believe the glow plug relay has given up, measuring no voltage at the actual glow plugs and after taking a glow plug out to do a battery heating up test , I surmise that it's a relay problem. Having taken the relay off, I can see no markings on the unit except for what could be a production date 021015 or serial number? My question is where can I get a replacement relay? Can I use a universal relay akin to Durite etc or do I need to buy an expensive land rover relay etc, Pictures attached to help, I would be grateful for your help.
  12. Karen Lea Rainey

    Perkins Engine 3.152 Spluttering and Stalling

    Also surely if the lift pump was completely shot surely when the burst of easy start fuel was used up the engine would just cut out again. I thought the problem was that the engine needed easy start permanently to start the engine
  13. Karen Lea Rainey

    Perkins Engine 3.152 Spluttering and Stalling

    Looks like there is a lot of diesel dripping / spitting around that engine from the lift pump or pipe unions etc, it sounds to me like there is a small leak at a joint or filter or pump etc. I would clean every part with dry paper towel and check every nut is tight throughout the fuel system. There has to be a leak somewhere with all that diesel visible
  14. Hi All, Going to put a new 33c throttle cable on the boat today, Just want to check if I should connect the SL3(Morse control end) first, Or, do I connect the linkage to the fuel pump end first. I think it should be fuel pump first, but would like confirmation please.
  15. Karen Lea Rainey

    Big sofa, little door...

    I once purchased a very comfy , large leather 2 seater sofa for £7,, it was max 37 " depth by 37 " height, it didnt matter about the length because it just goes through a 22 " door. Measuring down to the maximum depth I had 48 " because of the steps. It went in a treat and looked fab. On another occasion I got the best looking sofa (2 seater) again from ebay, I didn't pay much for it about £40 I think. There wasn't a cat in hells chance of it going through the door front or back. So I peeled the sacking off the bottom, being careful because it was going to be stapled back on, then peeled the material back like an orange until i revealed the legs and support wood frame.then I cut straight the frame with a wood saw, i now had 2 parts of the sofa. The top and the bottom. Put them both inside the boat quite easily, join the legs and frame back together with splints on the inside edges of the legs/frame where necessary, pull the material back( leather is fantastic at being restretched) tack down with good staples and then sit on it. Ps the the one I paid £7 For gave me about £4.50 in loose change,a mobile phone a couple of pens and a sega master system game . It was great fun, only took a couple of hours and was the envy of a few fellow boaters.

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