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  1. It's less than £15k, look on apollo duck, Ebay etc, I dont think you'll do better for your money. It's pretty tidy inside, it's obviously been somebody's pride and joy with reasonable care taken. This boat will be snapped up within a few days for sure. What steel narrowboat can you find for less than 15k, there ain't a lotta choice out there you know!
  2. Get a hull survey at the least, this will cost you around £650 - £750 at gt Haywood facility. It's a good starter boat, you should be able to get at least the cost of the survey off the price Or if you wanted to take a risk, offer around £12500 to buy now no comebacks At the end of the day if the hull survey says it's in "fair condition" then you will get all of your money back £15k in a couple of years anyway. The survey will all but gaurantee that for you. Also bear in mind all surveyor will say in their reports that's something needs looking at, and this is a bit of further leverage on the price. You can always make small improvements to the toilet / bathroom over the next few months or years. Go for it, its tidy, clean , dry and very usable.
  3. It's just as now, spacing in shops etc are marked out on the floors etc, at 2 metre intervals, we've been living at 1.75m either way if you count body space!
  4. Just done my maths project for the day, When the 2m social distancing changes in a couple of weeks time, it will mean that classrooms, pubs, restaurants etc will triple their occupants, not double. Drawing 12 dots for persons on a simple page, being 2mtrs apart, if I then fill in the spaces where all the 1 metre spaces are I now get a total of 35 persons in a room. If my maths are right, I got 23 more inbetween the spaces. Effectively a classroom of 30 children could still be achieved, a restaurant will comfortably seat the normal expected spacing, a pub will do the same in most spaces. We are going back to near normal, pre lockdown situations I think, that if my maths adds up. 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 And so on, space for 12 becomes 35
  5. It's great to be back on our boats, let's hope we can all use them fully fairly soon. In my experience when the air temperature is like today at 20c +, you will be able to start any diesel engine fairly easily, even without wiring up your glow plugs heater wire. Basically the act of compression to the air in the cylinder gets hot enough to fire the engine up in seconds in warm weather. When the air is colder in winter at say between 0c and 10c the air can, (no will take longer to heat up in your cylinders. If it doesn't start in this weather without any hesitance, then it is not your glow plugs and you need to look elsewhere. By the way your compression figures are pretty good for an old engine. It's far from clapped out or other description for that matter. I can only say again, check your glow plugs housing 1 by 1 , remove them completely and use a LONG 4mm drill bit to tap into the carbon beyond the length of the glow plug. TAP THE DRILL BIT INTO THE GLOW PLUG CHAMBER WITH A SMALL HAMMER TO CLEAR THE CARBON.Then replace your glow plugs. It's an easy job to do and takes about an hour. BMC diesels are renowned for carbon build up with lots of smaller journeys being the culprit.
  6. Ah, I understand now, I've got it the maths that is, not the ###### thank you for educating me .
  7. I wasnt aware of the maths at the R rate of 1 being the same rate of infections after 1 month. My maths tells me 8,000 infect another 8,000 ( infecting a total of 16,000), which next month becomes 32,000. Perhaps your maths was right, I may be wrong!!!! Pray correct me please !
  8. I happen to work in a garden centre, Dobbies at Atherstone. I can tell you that all of their English stores,( about 40 of them) will be open from Wednesday 13th May. Social distancing, restricted numbers of customers in store and shorter opening hours all being applied. Personally I cant wait to be back at work and get some sense of purpose back in life. As long as the right precautions and protection is in place it's a wonderful place to be.
  9. I think Peer pressure from other MPs are beginning to demand an action plan to recover economically as a country. I agree that it will obviously come down to Boris, in the last 3 weeks we seem to have everybody connected with the cobra meetings, presenting the same information on a daily basis. The only one with any clout is Rishi Sunak. Viewing other countries plans is making everyone restless, give Boris a week and he will be singing the same hymn. Unfortunately, there will be a small proportion of patients that will be considered as being a sad loss, but can be contained within the expected loss of deaths from this horrendous disease. I still think, Businesses all open by 11th May, with the exception of restaurants, pubs, etc, oh and no social gatherings, house parties, which includes sporting events, football, rugby, cricket, racing, concerts, even aeroplanes etc until August at the earliest.
  10. The natives are beginning to get restless in local Midlands towns, hardware stores reopening fully, takeaways all reopening, pubs doing meal takeaways. When I've been to our local food shops, everyone has kept distance very well and its felt a more comfortable experience. If you asked me, the country will all be going back to work, building, engineering and shops will all be back after VE day (8thMay) with restrictions in stores on space. Holidays will start at the end of the may. But the catering trade, pubs, cafes, b+b breakfasts/ meals will not be allowed due to time exposure sitting down together. Pubs/ cafes in my book will be Start of July.
  11. It doesn't matter how you turn the engine off, by fuel shut off valve or the key.....its the jet/ needle that the fuel flows through that gets a bit clogged up over the time with fuel sediment in the tank. Gravity feeds your carbs from your fuel tank, almost certainly a blocked fuel needle.
  12. I had the same problem a few years ago, apparently it's fairly common when bikes aren't used for a few months at a time, you have enough fuel in the carb to run it for about 30 seconds.......... the needle float which pumps / goes up and down gets sticky with fuel when not used. It basically let's a very small amount of fuel through after you turn it off, then if you go back to it in say 6 hours,....... it will start again but cut out again after another 30 seconds. Take your carb off give it a clean and reassemble. It worked for me.
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