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  1. Hi All, Going to put a new 33c throttle cable on the boat today, Just want to check if I should connect the SL3(Morse control end) first, Or, do I connect the linkage to the fuel pump end first. I think it should be fuel pump first, but would like confirmation please.
  2. Karen Lea Rainey

    Big sofa, little door...

    I once purchased a very comfy , large leather 2 seater sofa for £7,, it was max 37 " depth by 37 " height, it didnt matter about the length because it just goes through a 22 " door. Measuring down to the maximum depth I had 48 " because of the steps. It went in a treat and looked fab. On another occasion I got the best looking sofa (2 seater) again from ebay, I didn't pay much for it about £40 I think. There wasn't a cat in hells chance of it going through the door front or back. So I peeled the sacking off the bottom, being careful because it was going to be stapled back on, then peeled the material back like an orange until i revealed the legs and support wood frame.then I cut straight the frame with a wood saw, i now had 2 parts of the sofa. The top and the bottom. Put them both inside the boat quite easily, join the legs and frame back together with splints on the inside edges of the legs/frame where necessary, pull the material back( leather is fantastic at being restretched) tack down with good staples and then sit on it. Ps the the one I paid £7 For gave me about £4.50 in loose change,a mobile phone a couple of pens and a sega master system game . It was great fun, only took a couple of hours and was the envy of a few fellow boaters.
  3. Karen Lea Rainey

    Paloma water heater not heating up

    Thanks to "The biscuits", I closed the stop valve to the calorifier and when I turn the hot tap on at the Paloma heater it works perfectly, it must have been than the water pipe coming back from the cally has little or no pressure. Anyway it works now so thanks for all your comments
  4. Karen Lea Rainey

    Paloma water heater not heating up

    Thanks "the biscuits" there is a shut off valve that closes off the bathroom sinks / shower, i will try closing that valve and see if the heater works independently.
  5. Karen Lea Rainey

    Paloma water heater not heating up

    The pump is about 15ft from the heater, but the pump also feeds the calorifier and bathroom sink, shower/ over 3/4 hip bath, When the engine has been running for an hour the water in the bathroom sink / shower is hot. The kitchen / galley sink is not connected and so relies on the Paloma (presumably via a t piece on the way to the calorifier).
  6. Karen Lea Rainey

    Paloma water heater not heating up

    Thanks all, The rusted up burner was replaced with a fully refurbed all singing and dancing, and working unit that looks brand new. I have today had a reply from Paloma Bob together with the downloadable brochure including trouble symptoms. From the brochure it says " if the burner fails to ignite " no 1 check water pressure, no 2 check for blocked vents and then check for dust, debris, rust, etc on the burner, As I can rule out the cleanliness of the unit, I guess it must be the water pressure. The pump is a Fiamma Aqua 8 (production date 12 _ 16) it is 1.5 bar producing 7 litres per minute. First thing on Monday I will be Checking on the flow rate to make sure its producing that, then check the pre strain filter going into the pump for debris etc. I also checked the voltage at the pump it was 12.68 volts whilst not working, I will also check the voltage when it is pumping on Monday just in case this is the problem. Will report back when I have more info. Thanks
  7. Karen Lea Rainey

    Paloma water heater not heating up

    Sorry for not making the type clear , its the PH -5 3F water heater, almost rounded in shape with the red band around the middle. Thanks You turn the knob once for ignition , then release it and turn further to the flame picture which makes the burner work when you turn the tap on .
  8. Karen Lea Rainey

    Paloma water heater not heating up

    The gas cooker works beautifully , you can get all 4 burners on the hob on at once, with good strong burning on all hobs.
  9. Hi All, Can anyone she'd some light on a problem with my Paloma Ph 3 water heater, I took over a boat that had been left moored in a marina for 18 months, the rain / weather had got down the vented chimney and partly rusted up the important bits of the burner. Upon trying the heater out I could still get the pilot light to come on and remain lit . But when I turn the hot tap on I could not get the main burner to ignite. I have checked the following, Full bottle of gas, I purchased a new one, Water pressure rubber valve taken out for inspection no problems hear. Gave it a good clean up removed as much dust, cobwebs and rust as possible. But still only the pilot works and the main burner won't ignite. So this weekend I purchased a refurbed model from a well known trader, it looks almost new, new inners, new burner, bright shiny and clean. All looks superb, fitted it today, There are no leaks from the water pipes in and out and the gas has been double checked with a bit of fairy liquid and bubble tested for leaks. All looks fine and dandy, except I have exactly the same problem, Pilot light ignites but the main burner will not ignite, There appears to be plenty of water coming out of the tap, a really good flow in fact. The water pump is an Aqua 8 with pre filter, is that the next thing to check?, I have heard previously that if your water pressure isn't high enough then the burner will not ignite. Does anyone have experience of this or am I looking in the wrong area. Regards keith
  10. Karen Lea Rainey

    Rank these boat builders!

    I've got a 2003 built boat moored next to mine that hasn't been serviced, painted, blacked or maintained for many a year, the hull now looks very dodgy with the waterline in very poor condition. It may have started out much more valuable than mine which was built in 1993 but it is worth much more dollar than this neglected boat. Good luck with your search, the boat you are looking for will be one that you come across and just makes you smile because it's for you. It could be any of the above
  11. Karen Lea Rainey

    Painting around portholes

    Just brush painted around my 4 portholes, the last one was the best, I learned the following, .Just put little bits of paint on the brush at a time, Just paint the bits you can see ( ie just because you've got paint left on your brush and you want to go further round the circle, DON'T DO IT, you get to the point where you can't see where your brush goes because it disappears under your hand and you hope you haven't got paint on the brass. Try to do the circle in 3 or 4 sections, Use the best brush you have with no little quiff of hair sticking out that cause you to put paint where you don't want it. A very steady hand is needed. Good luck, Above all Don't put too much paint on your brush.
  12. Karen Lea Rainey

    Broken down, is it the fuel pump /lift pump

    I'm pleased as punch, because of all of your comments. After work today nipped in to an autospare store for a 296 filter but they didn't have one till tomorrow. Phuugh I thought. Went to to Euro car parts who have one on their website a delphi 296, asked for it but they had to substitute it for a Mann P197, its a good job i took the old one with me for comparison. Anyway put the new filter on, bled the filter, cav pump and loosened 3 injector unions. Within about 3 or 4 turns of the key it was firing up. Tighten all unions and it has ran for 2+ hours. I've managed to get the boat almost back to its mooring due only to the fact that my car was now over 4 miles away from me and I can get a lift tomorrow for the last mile. So be it. I honestly had no idea that the simple fuel filter could so much concern / worry that it's something of a bigger problem. £2.96 For the filter, fitted inside 15 mins and bled in 5 minutes more. Thank you all for your ideas. I have saved the lift pump cleaning filter / gauze ! Until I get back to my mooring where I've more tools and easy access to supply shops etc. Following which should I be looking at fuel cleaning products or the so called polishing! Thanks again keith
  13. Karen Lea Rainey

    Broken down, is it the fuel pump /lift pump

    There is only the one filter on the feed in, apart from the small mesh on the top of the lift pump, which I will check tomorrow, I collected the diesel in a jug when undoing the bolts. There were at least 6 pieces of black crud / rusty black specimens in the jug, to suggest a size of them, some were as big as a small matchstick, like they may have come off the rim or seal of the filter.
  14. Karen Lea Rainey

    Broken down, is it the fuel pump /lift pump

    Not yet, I'll try a motor factors tomorrow after work
  15. Karen Lea Rainey

    Broken down, is it the fuel pump /lift pump

    Nice dirty picture, Just rushed back to the boat to turn down stern grease, quickly took off the filter, looks like rusty dirty sand if you asked me, the diesel was a strong dark colour with some small black bits of sediment floating aswell. I cleaned up the bottom case before the picture was taken but it was just as dirty Regards keith

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