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  1. Hello there youngun. Been a while, hope you are fairing well in the midst of all this. Val and I continue to mature like a couple of old cheeses. We never did get that beer! 
    are you still landlocked? Stay safe lad and keep up your guard against the invisible foe. Regards Stuart.

  2. Pair of Coventry Victors now in my collection! Poop poop.
  3. In reality this type of engine will happily run on any of todays oils. When first produced they would have run on far inferior oils and un up phenomenal hours. Even a new RN will run on any oil as they are very understressed
  4. I met Tim twice and exchanged many emails and phone calls over a number of years. Ive yet to encounter anyone with his vast knowledge and down to earth enthusiasm. He will leave a very empty place wherever he had made connections. A real gentleman with perspective. RIP Tim
  5. Hello John ive had to reregister as my email address expired when I became ill a few years back and I couldnt get intoo my account. Fathomed it out eventually a few years later. Hows the boat coming on . Soldy
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