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  1. Here's hoping that the occupants of the boatyard just upstream of the marina are OK. The crew of Spey told me that during the floods last year they lashed down the new, as yet unfitted, planks ashore when it looked like the river would come right over the top of the island. MP.
  2. The mobile cost structure has changed. The marginal cost of providing phone calls and sending texts is basically zero. What costs is the provision and upkeep of the network and the tax paid on the radio spectrum. PAYG users who don't make many calls or send many texts are getting access to the network for less than it costs to provide it. If you don't want to pay £8 a month or so for your share of the fixed costs, expect to have that money taken from you by other means. At £8 a month calls and texts will be basically free, the only thing that still has a marginal value is data. at £16 to £20
  3. Hairdryers can be heavy on POWER, but they're not big ENERGY users because they are typically used infrequently for short periods. Supplying the Angry Pixies for a 24 hour period of laptop or fridge use is much more difficult than for a hairdryer. Just buy a hairdryer whose power rating is a bit smaller than your inverter, or buy an inverter that's a bit bigger than you chosen hairdryer - simples. MP.
  4. There's a slipway across the towpath at the top of Bunbury locks. It's angled, so that the towpath is never far from the water. MP. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Bunbury,+Tarporley/@53.1264395,-2.6315945,57m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x487af1e14daf6ccf:0x38c6716eedd9f3a6!8m2!3d53.115486!4d-2.650361
  5. A boat on the permanent moorings in Kinver burned a couple of days after Christmas. The occupant and his pets all escaped unscathed, according to the talk on the towpath. MP.
  6. I hear the young people insert Bluetooth earbuds directly into their ears these days, just to get the 2.4GHz closer to the brain. MP.
  7. A MiFi and a mobile phone in hotspot mode do exactly the same thing and emit exactly the same radiation. The only way using the MiFi might reduce exposure is if it allows you to use an external antenna. MP.
  8. Frozen ropes are horrible. I hung ours up in the engine room. That sorted them. MP.
  9. Crew of two and a good road really helps. In better circumstances we'd have been faster. I normally go up the ladder after entering the lock to get one bottom gate and one top paddle, and take the boat out of the lock and close up whilst Moominmama goes ahead to the next, with the conditions today we decided that leaping on and off should be minimised. I went around every bend without problems except turning 90 degrees left onto the VMs outside the Copthorne Hotel at Merry Hill. That took a few bites, and quite a lot of clearing broken ice from between the boat and the bank with th
  10. These things are relative. The Wetherspoons is closed, so that improves it. MP.
  11. It snowed on us as we were ascending the Stourbridge Flight. The ice is thicker above the flight than below, not surprisingly. And thinker again above the Delph 9. Now stopped at Merry Hill, so have access to civilisation. The ice in the basin is 1cm plus thick. @PaulJ had a good road all the way . MP.
  12. Well, nobody else has passed all day I'm not complaining, the clear path you made is still open. There's no quiet way to boat through ice! The ground here has thawed and a fair amount of lying ice/snow has gone, but it's due to freeze again tonight so we'll have to be careful tomorrow. MP.
  13. Dunno about models, but the Met office forecast is right on. Just above freezing now so no more ice formation. Can't tell exactly how much accumulated overnight 'cause a boat came past very noisily whilst I was still in bed, so we're in the clear now. Need to get up the Stourbridge flight this weekend before it closes. Saturday looks best. MP.
  14. The snow from over Christmas is fading. I am, however, somewhat concerned about the amount of ice on the canal, and am rather regretting not mooring closer to civilisation, or what passes for civilisation, here on the Stourbridge Canal. MP.
  15. It's possible that Pratt's wharf is less than 70', though it's not marked as such in our Nicholsons. North of Kinver we used the winding hole between bridges 21 and 22 and it was plenty wide enough for 70' though rather shallow. There's another on between 18 and 19, but no knowledge of that. Whilst we're on the subject, there's a winding hole in Wombourne between 44 and 45 that's OK for 60, but doubtful for 70, and one immediately above Hyde lock that works for 60 and I'm told, just works for 70, but don't quote me. It's awkward: you have to get the front into the hole in the sands
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