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  1. MoominPapa

    River Weaver

    I think that a sudden change in the water level in the caisson, and therefore it's weight, is likely to cause interesting effects on the balance of the system. One can imagine opening the gate, water flows out, and the caisson ascends back up! MP.
  2. MoominPapa

    Historic commercial boats

    Oh. That sounds bad? You've prompted me to find someone to look at Melaleuca when she comes out in October. She's 30 too and it's 11 years since the last one. MP.
  3. MoominPapa

    Keeping Sanitary Stations Open

    Bah! Made a special trip to Gloucester today because the Saul one was closed. Apparently there are cassette emptying facilities at the black shed at Patch bridge. MP.
  4. MoominPapa

    Poor maintenance loses water?

    That's the river Nene. If the flow down the river is so low that those leaks are significant, you've got bigger problems. MP.
  5. MoominPapa

    Canal Levels

    I believe there was. That would explain it. MP.
  6. MoominPapa

    Canal Levels

    That's fabulous. The familiar canal names sound, somehow, more exotic in french. I particularly like "Canal de Wyrley a Essington". What's the tunnel (Souterrain) between Fradley and Haywood? I don't remember any tunnels along that bit.
  7. MoominPapa

    14 day moorings near Wilmcote

    We did Hockley Port to Hopwood yesterday. It was down a bit and a certain amount of slithering and bouncing did occur, notably in the middle of channel at The Vale, and the last few bridge 'oles before Wasts Hill tunnel. The good news is that dredgers are at work along there. They're emptying the hoppers into trucks at the Bourneville VMs (which are closed), The narrow channels under the two long skew railway bridges have been done and are vastly improved. I hope they do the Vale too. MP. ETA, I know this isn't the North Stratford, it is the same route into Brum.
  8. MoominPapa

    The Nene-Ouse Navigation Link - weed / hair algae

    It should be better now until the other side of March. There's another weed-prone section as you're leaving March, than it gets better until the junction with New Pophams Eau. The junction to Marmont Priory lock is a lottery. Well Creek after the lock is shallow and slow anyway, but shouldn't be too weedy until either side of Nordelph. The worst parts are around outfalls from pumping stations, farms and sewage works - all the nitrate! MP.
  9. MoominPapa

    The Nene-Ouse Navigation Link - weed / hair algae

    Having boated a lot on the Middle Level in a deep boat with a large slow prop, I can at least give you some advice. Forget the weed hatch. As you found, stopping and clearing the prop leaves you in exactly the same position within seconds. Blanket weed is fairly fragile, and does break up, so you're losing chopped up weed and gaining new weed all the time. The trick is to get to equilibrium between rate of weed collection and rate of weed loss whilst there's still enough of the prop uncovered that you can move forward. To do this: 1) maximum power, to chop the weed as far as you can. 2) Keep going, no matter how slowly. The slower you're moving forward, the slower you're collecting new weed, so you should get into a position where you're still creeping forward and with high engine revs you're chopping the weed up as you collect it. 3) Whilst you're moving, you'll have steerage way, and can keep out of the sides and away from the worst. If it's windy (especially a cross wind) this is much more difficult. 4) When you do stop completely, take a breather, give the engine a breather to cool down from its flat-out exertions, then pole the boat forward until you reach a relatively clearer area. Clear the prop, pole the boat into the middle of the channel (both ends) and give it maximum beans again, The aim is to get enough forward speed to be be able to steer before the prop clogs completely. Again keep going, even if slowly, for as long as possible. Hope that helps. We only got hopelessly stuck once, and had to be pulled by a 4x4 driving along the top of the flood bank. That was by far the fastest I'm ever moved on a boat in the Middle Level! Cheers, MP.
  10. MoominPapa

    Morco heater leak

    I'd be interested in the results. MP.
  11. MoominPapa

    Morco heater leak

    Yes, but if atmospheric pressure is sampled at the hot tap, it's also sampled on the other side of the pump (therefore cancelling the first sample) at the water tank vent 2nd para: you're undoubtedly right. 3rd para: Yes, I'm sure. Look up underneath a Morco and you'll see that the "out" external connection pipe is simply the outlet side of the heat exchanger. It goes nowhere near the water control valve, so there's no way the valve can be injecting cold bypass water into it. MP.
  12. MoominPapa

    Morco heater leak

    I can't see how the water pressure at the inlet can be the critical parameter. If you dismantle the water control of one of these things, you'll find that there's no port sampling atmospheric pressure. The water flows through a restricted orifice and the diaphragm reacts the the pressure difference across that orifice. In other words, what's critical is not the pressure but the flow rate. The flow rate is somewhat related to the delivery pressure of the pump, but it's also affected by the hydraulic resistance of the entire pipe run, pre and post the Morco, and it's affected by the volumetric properties of the pump. Water pumps don't deliver more and more output as the delivery pressure decreases: if you run them with the outlet disconnected, they deliver a defined flow rate determined by the speed of the motor and the volumetric characteristics of the pump mechanism. To add to the fun, the metering orifice is not fixed, it's changed by the temperature control knob on the heater, If you turn that to a very cold setting. on our installation, the heater cycles the flame as the pump cycles on and off. At the temperature setting we use, it's fine. MP.
  13. MoominPapa

    Brexit 2017

    I imagine he's commenting as an individual, not as simply an American. Many of my fellow countrymen spend their time watching "Love Island" and "Big Brother" and get disgustingly pissed on a Saturday night. I trust that you'll disregard that fact and judge my statements here on their merits. Out of interest, do you consider Mr Johnson to have been a _good_ British foreign secretary? MP.
  14. MoominPapa

    Brexit 2017

    Who knows? My guess is that the EU will provide a "temporary" solution whilst we sort ourselves out, and it will become de facto permanent. As Max Fischer said in the New York Times: MP.
  15. MoominPapa

    Brexit 2017

    There seems to be less geographical variation than in the UK, so if you're selling in the south-east to buy in Ireland, you'll make a nice windfall. Moving from Middlesborough, not so much. Same problem as the UK with housing shortage, and prices are going up fast, but from a lower start, as Irish house prices halved in the GFC. Under €200,000 there are government subsidies/assistance, so above €200,000 there's less competition and arguably better value. Houses and plots seem bigger: the planning system here doesn't seem to have stopped houses spreading over country hillsides and along country roads in the way it does in the UK. BTW, for all you fiscal conservatives out there. Irish public spending in 30% of GDP and the budget is in balance. You have to pay to see a GP and for quite a lot of healthcare though, up to a limit. Half the population pay for health insurance. Equivalent of council tax is much lower, but it doesn't cover collecting the bins. You pay a private company for that. MP.

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