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  1. There are at least a couple of leaks of similar volume to that on the South Stratford, not to mention the ones that flow over the towpath when the pound it high. Come to mention it, there are some of those on the South Oxford too. MP
  2. When we had an encounter with a fallen tree that demolished a front cabin window, the good people at Northwich boatyard made us temporarily weathertight pending repairs using a sticky plastic sheet that came on large rolls. It's sold for protecting carpets during decorating, apparently. Presumably like this: https://www.screwfix.com/p/no-nonsense-carpet-protection-roll-25m-x-500mm/72304 MP.
  3. Happy birthday TM. I hope we meet up soon. It has been far too long. MP. As in 1973? That makes him but a sapling! MP.
  4. Yebut the gas regs don't AFAIK have anything to say about energy efficiency or carbon emissions, they cover installation standards and safety. The energy efficiency stuff is all in part L of the buildin regs. MP.
  5. All the energy efficiency mandates for homes so far have been applied via the building regulations, and building regulations don't apply to boats, so the precedent says that this won't directly affect boats. MP.
  6. There were a few boats there when we passed yesterday, but it didn't look like anyone was living in any of them, and there were more empty spaces than occupied ones. There was Heras fencing blocking off all the mooring spaces and the whole place had an abandoned feel. MP.
  7. Horninglow basin is looking very sad and neglected these days. MP.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. The bit of Barrowford visible from the flight was pretty low when we came through. MP
  10. Hmm, feeling lucky to have escaped the L&L before that hit. Even if they can dam it and get pumps installed, I wonder if there's enough spare water to replace what's been lost in the short term? MP.
  11. That would be about it The night was uneventful, and the weather today better than forecast. Biggest problem on board is back to, shall we leave the stove and be a bit chilly, or light the stove and be rather too hot. MP.
  12. It was about this time in 2012, on a dark and stormy, rainy night, that the Trent and Mersey breached at Dutton. Tonight we're at the moorings created at the site of the breach when it was repaired. It's a dark and stormy night, and very rainy. MP.
  13. It's connected to the stud, and is for a radio suppression capacitor. Not connecting it won't disable anything except possibly radio reception. MP.
  14. Credit where credit is due. We came down the Wigan flight this morning, and it was an easy run. The flight is in a much better state than I remember the last time we used it, about five years ago. It still has a lot of copious pissers though. MP.
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