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  1. MoominPapa

    River Nene electrified (Guillotine) locks

    The main thing to know about the gate paddles is that the water flow bounces off back of the lock and pulls the boat forwards (towards the gate) quite hard. This is not what most people expect. As long as you have a rope running _back_ to a bollard, it's fine. Going up, we find it's more efficient to take advantage of the guillotine being open to ignore the lower lock landing and go straight into the lock, dropping shore crew at a ladder as we go in. MP.
  2. MoominPapa

    Weaver navigation

    In no particular order. Devil's Garden is a nice rural mooring. Go down to the end by the ship canal for a visit and to ogle the pipes on the chlorine factory. There are good VMs just below Hunts lock which tend to get less full then the ones between the bridges in Northwich town. VMs above Vale Royal locks are good. MP.
  3. MoominPapa

    My third SmartGauge...

    Try reconnecting to the 24v bank, just to do the reset? MP.
  4. MoominPapa

    Problem with Thetford toilet

    First thing to do it to determine if the problem is in the toilet or in the cassette. Take the cassette out of the toilet, slide the cover back so you can see the black disc which covers the hole. Now find the thing which drives that: it's a yellow circle 2-3 cm in diameter with a bar across it. Turn that. I can't remember the direction so try both. A half-turn should open the disc fully, and a half turn back again should close it. There's very little free play in the mechanism normally, so it you get the same sort of problems you're seeing with the lever, then the problem in the mechanism in the cassette. If it's nice and tight, then the problem is the mechanism in the toilet between the lever and the thing that turns the yellow disc on the cassette. Pray it's the later: the only way to fix the stuff in he cassette is to get your marigolds on and insert a hand inside.... MP.
  5. MoominPapa

    wyrley essington

    It's the anti-gravity mortar that makes it possible. MP.
  6. I'm planning to be in Braunston for the historic boats do this weekend. However, as you all may know, there's going to be a big March in London on Saturday to demonstrate the demand for a referendum on the final Brexit deal. I'll be going to The Smoke for that and then getting back for the fun on Saturday night. Will have a car in Braunston and will either drive down to somewhere in North London and get the tube in, or go to Northampton or Rugby and take the train if it's not too expensive. If anyone wants to come along and there's space in the car, you're welcome. Reply here or PM me. MP.
  7. MoominPapa

    wyrley essington

    Boy, that's impressive. Bet you wouldn't do it in Scotland though, a few rain days and those bricks would be two heavy to stay up in the half-finished state. MP.
  8. MoominPapa

    Electricity problem

    Our boat electrical installation has a warning light for L-N reversal (it's just a neon wired between neutral and earth. It has found faults in shore installations. MP.
  9. MoominPapa

    Wondering if anyone has cruised the River Lark?

    I think I'm pining for the Fens. Must organise a Boston to Wisbech Wash trip, followed by an Ely Ouse re-visit and canal return via the Nene. MP.
  10. MoominPapa

    Google maps fun.

    Playing around on Google Maps, as you do, and I found this. One of the Netherton Tunnel air vents has a second life as a mini-roundabout. Cool! MP https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@52.508511,-2.0553431,3a,75y,275.04h,81.61t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1st7LIf_vgEVDsonLuIjVM0g!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  11. MoominPapa

    And now the Birmingham New Line

    It's halfway back to normal at Hockley Port. MP.
  12. MoominPapa

    Wondering if anyone has cruised the River Lark?

    Of course it is. Melaleuca is 60' and has been through it without problem. 70' would not fit. Brandon Lock is the effective head of navigation for many boats, but winding below it is easy. MP.
  13. MoominPapa

    Wondering if anyone has cruised the River Lark?

    Which ones are shorter? Little Ouse and Wissey should be fine, I think. Ditto Wicken Fen. I'm less sure about the Lark, and haven't been to the end of the other Lodes. MP.
  14. MoominPapa

    Wondering if anyone has cruised the River Lark?

    Last place to wind is with one end into the slipway in the garden of the pub at Judes Ferry. It's a nice river and the top section above the lock is nicest. MP. ETA the Wissey and the Little Ouse are both also worth a visit.

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