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  1. I've never experienced that on the Nene or the Ouse which use the guillotine to empty (Nene) or fill (Ouse) the lock. MP.
  2. Why would it need ground paddles at all? You can fill or empty the lock simply by lifting the relevant guillotine at few centimetres. MP.
  3. Only in equilibrium. If the water is flowing, the level falls in the direction of flow, like rivers. MP.
  4. They have dehydrated water, it's lighter to carry about. MP. ETA Monkey is not in the same room as me, I swear.
  5. We've descended that flight by putting the boat into a lock and then opening paddles both ends to fill the pound the boat is going into next from the one it's just left. This clearly only works when going down. Going up you have to find Leon and bung him some cash to go up the flight and run water down from the top. We've also filled completely empty pounds on the BCN, including running water down the staircase to fill the pound at Brades. Any of the 453-473 flights have plenty of water available by definition. MP.
  6. The problem with making this a criminal offence is that it stops being a problem of J. Random Landowner vs encampment dwellers, and becomes a matter of The Crown vs encampment dwellers. The sentences above tell you all you need to know: this is not about landowners, it's about giving local third parties the ability to pressurise the police into prosecuting the trespassers because they're lowering the tone, or looking at the locals funny. Property rights on land have always been a way of excluding the powerless to the benefit of the powerful, and this continues the trend. You all voted for the party of the powerful though, so I guess this is what we get. MP.
  7. A couple of years back we went sailing in the Irish sea from Conwy and ended up on Bute. The trip back on the ferry to this station and then the train back to Glascow was a highlight of the trip. It's at least as spectacular in real life as in the photos. MP.
  8. From a quick read, CANbus IDs are 15 or 29 bits, and encode not only addresses but also bus priority (the more zeros you have at the start of your address, the higher your priority is) They must be unique on a single CANbus. However they don't have to be globally unique: devices need a globally unique address, but that's easy to achieve in the same way that globally unique ethernet addresses are: have a large address space (48 bits for ethernet) and carve it into chunks allocated to manufacturers who allocate addresses serially withing those chunks. I didn't look at protocols which allow a CANbus instance to allocate IDs (with priority) to a changing set of nodes with globally unique addresses but if it's not already been standardised it would be simple to design a protocol. CANbus is a broadcast network, so simply allowing a node to pick an address at random and use it if no other node responds to it should work fine. This is the same idea as RFC 3927 link-local addresses in IPv4. MP.
  9. If I was doing the trip again, I'd definitely take a pilot. Yes, the channel may be buoyed, but its a twisting channel between sandbanks (which you can't see as they're covered with shallow water) with the tide flowing fast across the whole area. The relative direction of the tide is ever changing as you change direction to follow the channel, so the amount and direction that you have to steer off the next buoy keeps changing too. The speed of the tide is quite enough to put you onto the sandbanks and make getting off again difficult. MP.
  10. The North Stratford is in the process of having its overhanging trees cut back. MP.
  11. Could be. Temporary closures happen all the time with posted documentation. A similar bridge halfway down the Rothersthorpe flight was broken for years without any posted diversion. Looking at the map, a diversion would not be very long, it would involve a road, but only the road you have to walk along to get to the end of the footpath anyway.
  12. It turns out that the opening we took advantage of was, shall we say, unofficial. When CRT turned up they closed the bridge again and issued the UFN closure on the canal. You may consider that two days from being first advised to issuing a notice, with a further two days (and counting) with no further action, on a bridge which has a standard pump and cylinder, and which (it has been demonstrated) could be opened at the cost of closing a small footpath, is pretty piss-poor. I couldn't possibly comment. MP.
  13. I fear wine may be consumed. MP.
  14. It was broken before we got there. The CRT chap said it had been reported the day before. If they have closed it again I'm glad I gave up waiting for the missed train and pedalled back up the locks to move the boat. MP.
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