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  1. Depends on the direction you're going. Going up, either entering or leaving the lock tends for close the gate. Going down entering or leaving will tend to open it. As you were going up, there wouldn't have been a problem. On the more general question, I wouldn't expect to have this gate closed for me (and quite a lot of gates tend to open by themselves, anyway, when there's no pressure on them.) I would not have expected to be sworn at either. MP.
  2. There's no need for a house to "pass" an inspection when it's sold. The buyers may wish to have the electrics inspected, and offer a price based on the recommendations that come back, but there's nothing to stop you selling a house with electrics of any standard, or none: the state will still process the transaction and transfer title. MP.
  3. Is the inverter in the same space as the batteries. Hydrogen sulphide and acid fumes from a cooking battery are pretty corrosive, and may have damaged the inverter electronics. MP.
  4. My system uses a single 110Ah LA as both starter battery and load-dump. MP.
  5. £27.43 for 13Kg propane from Tall Trees Caravan Park, Guyhirn today. MP.
  6. My grandad used to "liberate" gallon containers of teepol and we used it for everything. Washing up, shampoo, cleaning the drive..... MP.
  7. It works for me if I'm listening to music from my phone. As I normally listen to Spotify when driving that's fine.
  8. Just went the garage I used to use regularly when we moored at Bill Fen, when it was reasonable. Price for 13Kg Propane was £43! Needless to say, I didn't bother. Found a local agric. merchant who has them at £34.95, but when I got there, they only had high-top cylinders which don't fit our gas locker. Hmph. Calor seem to be seriously taking the piss at the moment. I wonder if we could get a sensible number of boatyards and fuel boats to stock Flogas instead? MP.
  9. Nene off SSA. Official. MP.
  10. We nearly missed the wash, because the lockie was locked in the toilet (honestly), but he was released just in time (sorry about your door, CRT). Great trip across, with lunchtime entertainment laid on by the RAF at the bombing range. Now in Wisbech. The lockie at Dog in a Doublet says that the Nene SSA will end this afternnoon, so we'll get the early tide up there tomorrow. MP.
  11. I don't know. I was quoting third-hand information. I guess there might be complications in getting narrowboats up the tidal Nene and through Dog-in-a-Doublet lock against heavy fresh flow. Our next destination is the Middle Level, and Stanground lock becomes inoperable when the river is up. MP. Ironically, we are now hard aground and leaning on the Boston VMs. It will go up again once low tide passes. MP.
  12. The Red Wharf/Melaleuca collective have made it to Boston, and things are looking good for a Wash crossing tomorrow. We may then have to wait at Wisbech for the Nene to calm down a bit. MP.
  13. Not necessarily. The floor is mostly the same height as the rest of the boat in our engine room and back cabin. MP.
  14. Made it through Bardney lock. Took four people to open the bottom gate against the water coming over the top gates. River back below the bank at the moorings. MP.
  15. The commercial systems will drop in price, like every other new technology. There may be a business opportunity is taking second-user cells from EVs and turning them into guaranteed, turnkey, boat battery systems for sale. MP.
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