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  1. Good wild raspberries by the arm down to the basin. Should be good for blackberries in season too. MP.
  2. Actually 60ft fits fine without inconveniencing passing boats. We made it to the end last Autumn, and probably could again if we worked hard enough, it didn't seem worth the ball-ache until a few boats have been through and cleared out the bridge-oles a bit. MP. ETA. What's strange is that at the moorings by the aqueduct, we were right in the side, and floating.
  3. Is it possible to lift the bridge and get in? It looked pretty permanently closed when we stopped there. We just moored up outside the bridge. There's also a deep mooring for one boat on the offside on one side of the Perry aqueduct, and a corresponding mooring on the towpath side on the other side of the aqueduct. We were there a few weeks ago and the lack of moving boats was evident. Bridgeholes which were slow but passable in the autumn needed peeps on the bank with ropes to drag our 2'10" arse through this time. We gave up at the winding hole just before the Queen's head and had to move so much mud to get around that the mud piles broke the surface of the water. MP.
  4. Ooops. have up to 3 5l containers and the contents of the generator tank on board. I'll come quietly 'ossifer. MP.
  5. Really? I regularly buy petrol in 5l containers for the generator, and I've never been prevented from filling them myself. I did learn, early on, that if you arrive on foot, (and don't, therefore, have a car boot to put the full containers into) that the cashiers get upset if you go into the shop to pay whilst carrying the things. You have to just leave them by the door and hope nobody makes off with them whilst you're inside. (Nobody ever has.) MP. ETA. I think there's a rule that you can't carry more than two containers of petrol in a vehicle, but no one has ever queried my filling three and putting them in the back of the car. I wonder if a vehicle includes a boat, in which case I regularly contravene the rule.
  6. Yes, for all voltages you'll find in a boat. There are limitation in the kilovolt range. It's a twelve volt heating element because it has the correct resistance to dissipate 600W when fed from 12V. A 24V 600W heating element would have four times greater resistance. Yes, it does work like that, and yes, that would be idea. MP.
  7. They're all heading your way from Middlewich this morning, here at bridge 178. MP.
  8. Another dodgy helicopter fact. The big nut that holds the rotor onto its shaft is called the "Jesus nut". Because if it comes undone, the next person you meet is Jesus. (I bet this isn't really true. Nick?). MP
  9. I found the datasheet difficult/unclear on this, but that makes sense to me. Six fuses seems overkill. I'd probably have one supplying the four coils of the load and charge relays, and another supplying the two coils of the emergency relay, given that one of it's functions is protection if the first fuse blows. You're not going to have multiple coils energised at the same time, so maybe 2A fuses, to give a bit more headroom against blowing on surges? The fuses are to protect the wiring, don't forget. MP.
  10. Looks good to me. Presumably Umax goes to a relay which disconnects the charge circuit and Umin goes to one which disconnects the loads. What does Uemergency do? MP. ETA note that the BDS-A contacts are not symetrical. They have much greater brealing capacity with the current in one direction. Check the datasheet for which way round it is.
  11. I've been saying this for months. The towpaths changed at the start of lockdown and they're showing no signs of returning to the status quo ante. MP.
  12. The water level in the caisson is fixed, relative to the caisson, and it has to be the same as the level in the river to avoid sudden weight changes from water flowing in or out when the river gates are opened. This implies that the position of the caisson at the low position changes as the river level changes. The seal between the end of the caisson and the river is therefore wedge shaped and once the caisson is in position it is raised until it seals against matching wedges on the end of the caisson. The higher the caisson, the higher the wedge has to lift. The travel of the wedge is limited so both very high and very low levels in the river make it impossible to seal. We once got stuck on the river when it was very low for this reason. MP.
  13. I don't know if the "next available slot" rule applies at the moment. In any case, since there are only 8 slots in each direction, three times a week, turning up on spec and finding that all the slots are full, or none have been booked, so the the crew has not turned up, would be a pain. Worth £5 to avoid that. MP.
  14. Booked. There's no choice but to do that, as far as I know. MP. Oh, and judging by the number going up Hurleston, the plan to have the last two and half weeks on the Llan, and then scam before D-day was a good one. MP.
  15. We're moored at the bottom of Hurleston dam, and it's mad. Sitting out the weekend here, then off over the branch to Anderton and down the lift. Weaver lock are still on worse-than-winter service, so we hope the far ends will be quiet. Lockdown has turned us into even worse misanthropes than we were before. MP. Leisure boaters no longer have to look shifty about staying overnight, and the hire fleets are out. MP.
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