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  1. I stuck the insulation to the metal with evo-stick and then stuck the ply to the insulation with the same stuff. This was done during the summer, so no dampness problems. MP.
  2. The silver bubble-wrap stuff if probably best. I did our front sliding steel hatch with that, topped with 2/3mm faced ply and it looks good and doesn't suffer condensation.
  3. MoominPapa

    Brexit 2019

    As a point of fact, I believe that the UK spends more on subsidising NI than it pays into the EU. We could stay in the EU, ditch NI and still have £350 million a week for the NHS! For the avoidance of doubt, this is not a serious suggestion. MP. I'm looking for investors in my new people-smuggling and Guinness-price arbitrage outfit. I recon a narrowboat plying the Shannon-Earne waterway is the ideal transport. Want to come in with me? MP.
  4. MoominPapa

    Brexit 2019

    I suspect the timing was an accident. Probably one or more remain-leaving MPs put in letters in protest against the delayed vote, and that messed up the headbangers' plans. Agreed about voters, my point is that it allows Conservative MPs a way to rationalise the situation. Looking at the polls, we're getting close to the point where Labour toppling the government and going into a general election with a second vote in their manifesto would be a winning strategy, and the Conservatives would have no choice then but to offer the same. MP.
  5. MoominPapa

    Brexit 2019

    But I left more hostages to fortune
  6. MoominPapa

    Brexit 2019

    May will survive, by tomorrow morning we'll be back to where we were yesterday afternoon, except that the ERG will have shot their bolt. Freed of the possibility that rejecting May's deal might lead to no deal, Parliament will proceed to force the government to eat very large quantities of humble pie and cancel Art. 50. Conservatives will rationalise the move on the grounds that it's either that, or Corbyn. MP.
  7. MoominPapa

    Brexit 2019

    Nobody believes you any more. Anything sentient can see that the options are to leave with no deal and no preparations, May's bugger's muddle or something similar, or to remain on exactly the same terms we have now. Cakeism is dead: take your choice. MP.
  8. MoominPapa

    CO Warning. Be careful out there

    Lots of fumes from our Morco gas heater yesterday. Seems like almost all of the exhaust was coming out of the draught-diverter and into the room. A complete stripdown revealed a clear chimney and heat exchanger, but also a howling gale coming down the flue from outside. The wind direction was a bit unusual and meant that the plastic greenhouse protecting Moominmama's geraniums from the frost was directly downwind of the flue. It was pretty windy. The air was piling up against the greenhouse and generating a high pressure area that pushed air down the flue. The geraniums have been relocated and all is fine again. Incidentally, the safety cut-out mounted on the draught diverter was quite hot, but didn't trip. Is that expected? MP.
  9. MoominPapa

    BCN Challenge 2018

    Only 166 sleeps to go! MP.
  10. MoominPapa

    Brexit 2019

    My nightmare is that the 30 year campaign by the anti-EU faction (all of them: Tony Benn, Dennis Skinner, Enoch Powell, Major's "bastards", BoJo, Rees-Mogg, Davis and the rest) will end with total polarisation of UK politics. The existing parties will dissolve and be replaced with pro and anti EU parties made up from factions of each. The whole country will become like Northern Ireland where the only thing that matters in casting a vote is the tribe you belong to; for those sufficiently young, the tribe you were born into. Dialog and fluidity will end and there will be two sides, shouting uncomprehendingly at each other, forever. If it happens it will happen because the anti-EU faction made the same Faustian bargain with tribalism and identity that the planters in Ireland did. Poking the reptile brain and making it choose between "us" and "them" and blanking the gradations and nuances swirling in the neocortex. It doesn't have to be that way: classifying into "my tribe" and "not my tribe" may have originated in groups of 100 in the Savannah, but if one can complete the Jedi mind-trick that encompasses the 65 million on this island as "my tribe" one can make the leap to the 500 million of the EU. We have as much in common, and as many differences. MP.
  11. MoominPapa

    Brexit 2019

    You could argue that including no deal Brexit in the options is exactly making the same mistake twice. In 2016 the electorate were enabled to vote for something which it seems parliament is not prepared to deliver. This time round the options must only those which can and will be delivered. If, as seems to be the case, parliament has decided it can't countenance a no-deal brexit, it shouldn't include the option in a further referendum. MP.
  12. MoominPapa

    Alternator .Controller Recommendatons Please

    I'm not suggesting moving to an A127, just that's what I have. Alternators are wired with the field coils and the regulator in series, either as +ve,regulator,field-coil,-ve or +ve,field-coil,regulator,-ve and Advercs come in two versions, depending on the configuration. My Adverc will work with your alternator if, and only if, the configuration of your alternator is the same as an A127. There are only two possibilities, so it's a 50/50 throw. We need 'is nibs to call it.... MP.
  13. MoominPapa

    Alternator .Controller Recommendatons Please

    I'm likely to have an Adverc available in the new year, rendered surplus to requirements by my lithium battery project. Always worked well for me. They come in two varieties for different types of alternator. Sir Nibble: is an A127 of the same regulator configuration as what Alan has, please? MP.
  14. MoominPapa

    Brexit 2019

    Point of order, ladies and gents. The ECJ rulling on the revocation of Article 50 is out this morning. As expected it states that the UK can withdraw notice of leaving the EU right up the point that it signs May's deal (or another deal) or it drops out without a deal on March 29th, whichever is earlier. It also states that should that happen, the terms of membership remain the same. opt-outs, rebates, non-membership of the Euro and Schengen. It would be just as if the past two and half years were a bad dream. I look forward to the retractions on here of anyone who made a comment to the effect of "if they let us stay we'll loose all our special deals". MP.
  15. Without diminishing the rest of your argument, with which I agree, didn't a police helicopter come through the roof of a bar in Glasgow a few years back, killing several occupants of same? That was due to running out of fuel, so tank crashworthiness was moot. MP.

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