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  1. Dunno why it's like it is, but it does allow the incident hat happened to me one on the Upper Peak Forest. Two boats passing very close, and turning hard to get the backs inline as soon as they passed, managed to hook the top bends of the Zs together. causing both boats to stop very suddenly. To be honest I'm still amazed it's possible and I'm sure I couldn't repeat it if I tried, but it did happen, and was a hell of a job to untangle. My tiller bar still bears the scars in the form of a large dent. MP.
  2. Seconded. We did DIY blacking in the drydock there last autumn and the experience was an excellent one. Dan did a good job on the "extensive" overplating ordered by our surveyor. MP.
  3. Didn't try Radio Oxford. Radio 4 DAB was unreliable, and our Giffgaff (O2) phones no signal. Fortunately the EE internet was OK, so we listened to The Archers online. Noticed that the electronic indicators on the station plaforms were displaying "no signal" errors too. MP.
  4. Kenwood car stereo with DAB and Bluetooth. Smartphone with Spotify. Forget flying cars and protein pills. The future has arrived when I can moor in the middle of nowhere and have instant access to essentially all of recorded music for less than I used, in my youth, to spend each month on a couple of vinyl albums. MP PS. Ignore the naysayers on DAB, we've found it gives much more reliable reception as we move around, only failing (so far) in the notorious Lower Heyford triangle where no radio waves penetrate.
  5. Oi! I was going to say that, and now you've nicked my post. I shall have to put you on ignore. MP.
  6. There's more straightenings from Hillmorton to Braunston. We traced some of the old course on winter walks from Dunchurch Pools marina. Plus the massive rebuild of at Braunston that created Braunston turn and the puddle banks, of course. MP.
  7. Our Oxford correspondent reports that Jericho VMs are under repair (again.) MP.
  8. It looks like a straight line between 12.7 and 13.3 is pretty much as good as it gets. I just checked, and 36 hours since last engine run, the estimate of discharge using voltage is -106Ah, the one from coulomb counting is -110Ah and the filtered combination of the two is -108Ah, so not much argument at all. MP.
  9. Be interested to see that. I'm just using a linear graph between 12.7 and 13.3 for the Kalman filter estimator, and I think it could be improved. MP.
  10. Short update on the SOC calculation. I checked over the software and found one possible problem in the numerical integration, where some calculations were rounding towards minus infinity, so that discharging currents (which are negative by convention) were always rounded to a slightly larger discharge than reality whilst charging currents were always rounded to a slightly smaller current than reality. This bias might have been enough to cause some of the drift downwards in the SOC value. The batteries hit charge termination again yesterday, after a few weeks, and at the time of charge termination the SOC based on coulomb counting was -50Ah, which is an improvement on last time. The SOC calculated by the filter which includes voltage information was -8Ah, so the SOC display was reading 98% just before charge termination when it reset to 100%. If that's turns out to be a consistent result for drift over periods of weeks, I'm quite happy MP.
  11. If it's anything like the one I bought from Aldi last year, the bits are not plated and dissolve in very short order. MP.
  12. Thanks Ray. Looks like it's raw water cooled. MP.
  13. They've been deliberately vague about exactly how they verify things, understandably, as full knowledge would aid those trying to get around the checks. One check is on email addresses, I understand that it's not possible to sign using the ame email address more than twice, to handle couples who share an email address. I've attempted to sign a petition twice (I forgot that I'd already signed it) and the second attempt was rejected. Now email addresses are not that difficult to come by: I own my own domain, and could easily configure it to allow [email protected], [email protected] and so on. My guess is that any domains which turn up many times are flagged and checked, with opt-outs for @gmail.com and so on. They should be safe because Google and friends make getting thousands of their addresses difficult for their own reasons. Registering thousands of domains is difficult and expensive, so the domain registrars help there. They'll need to check that subdomains are not being used: I can as easily create [email protected], [email protected] but it's easy to query the DNS and see that they all belong to the same person. I understand that there's also offline, overnight, cross correlation with the electoral roll, but I don't quite understand that, as there seem to be classes of people (UK citizens abroad, non-UK citizens resident in the UK, minors) who won;t appear on the register. MP.
  14. I'm worried about the successors to my friend Fred. We first met when he came to the UK as an intern, newly freed to travel by the re-unification of Germany. My contemporaries children, like mine, are mostly in their twenties. Roughly a third of the them by the time, they graduate, have acquired girlfriends/boyfriends from the rest of the EU and are leaving the UK whilst they still can. I worry that those couples will never come back as they become families. I worry the same will happen to my children. I worry about the lab in Oxford where my daughter works, which has seen a massive drop-off in applications from young scientists to study there. I worry that my children's generation, which treats the continent of Europe as home, corralled on a small island, will look to my generation who did that to them and quite justifiably, as they become the majority of the electorate, vote to remove the perks the Baby Boomers have voted themselves. The state pensions, the tax reliefs, the bus passes and the free TV licenses. The winter fuel payments and the free NHS keeping them going a vast expense beyond their natural spans. I worry about my Aunt and Uncle who live in Spain. I worry about the people who learned the wrong lessons from the history of the 20th century and think that fascism always comes from the mainland and that we can remain insulated here on our islands. In France and Germany and Spain, they may be forgetting but some remember and the antibodies still circulate. In the UK, we think we're immune, but the reality is we never got the disease last time around, and we're ripe for a bad dose this time. I worry that the divisions between leavers and remainers will ossify and become a dividing line long after the practical course is settled, one way or another. I worry about the millions of EU27 citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU, who have built lives in a world where borders don't matter, and suddenly they do: possibly very much. MP.
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