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  1. I'm living on my boat and I can move to the services when I need to. That's no different in practise from moving from water point to water point always in the same direction as far as reducing infection is concerned, but I'm not doing that because the majority of boat owners are banned from moving their boats. It seems fair not to take advantage of my position to do stuff they can't. Similarly most fisherman as locked in their houses and can't fish. Not fishing if you're on a boat would be showing some solidarity with them. MP.
  2. Not arguing with that: I just wanted to point out the fallacy of all the "The out-of-towners are coming to infect us!" posts I'm seeing. MP.
  3. Too late. The gross geographical spread of the virus has happened, that boat has sailed. What matters now is, as far as possible not being in a position to transmit the virus to or from anyone you're not already sleeping with. Travelling 200 miles in car and then seeing no-one is better than not travelling and touching 2 new people. MP.
  4. They're still hammering up and down the M40. MP.
  5. Did you succeed? Fail? Not yet tried? MP.
  6. It would be wise not to assume that anything manned will still be operating as usual. MP.
  7. The hard-working word in that sentence being "usually". MP.
  8. Based on that, I can't see why live-aboard CCers like us can't continue to move. The canals will be open and maintained and no locks shut. We're staying at home because our home is moving with us, and if the local population is allowed to jog on the towpath for their daily exercise, then I can't see why I'm not allowed to get my daily exercise winding a few locks. Sharing wide locks is out, but I doubt water shortages are going to be a problem, and it's going to be so quiet that finding another boat to share with will be nearly impossible. MP.
  9. I suggest waiting for CRTs next update at https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/safety-on-our-waterways/coronavirus which will hopefully make it clearer what will be open and what closed. I'm seeing rumours on facebook that CRT on-the-ground staff are being told not to turn up for work with immediate effect. MP.
  10. In my case, the home address in my CRT account contains two 80+ year-olds in self isolation, so I'll be staying on my boat TYVM. MP.
  11. Ta. The car has gone away to Oxford in anticipation of our summer cruising, which we'll still do if we can. If we do get stuck, a lift to retrieve it may well be very useful. As always, we'll work the contingencies and stay flexible. Just had a horrible thought, if we can't move, there's no excuse left not to moor under a motorway bridge and paint the damn boat. Gulp. MP.
  12. I'm assuming boat travel within pounds will always be possible. There's water at the bottom on Knowle locks and a Sani at the top within trolley distance of the bottom, so mooring there would be viable. MP.
  13. There's a Tesco Metro in Knowle. It was stripped bare on Saturday afternoon, but should eventually be restocked. There's also a decent village shop in Shrewley. MP.
  14. We're liveaboard CCers with no other abode. We're moored at the moment on the link at Lapworth. As this pound has three water/Elsan locations (Hatton, Lapworth and Knowle) and reasonable moorings, I think we may defer our planned transit of Birmingham for a few days and await developments. MP.
  15. Midland Chandlers have plenty of cassette loos in stock. MP.
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