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  1. Here's another, spotted yesterday
  2. It's still happening https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=okm4G3fBnOc&feature=share
  3. Andy_B

    Lister Green

    It'll look a little more like an ex-genset with the new heads - could only find ones from a stationary so I have a plate to cover the hole to the water pump. I quite like the brass rocker covers, but I might not go with TheBiscuit's yellow and black chevrons on the flywheel. I think it'd upset the dog.
  4. Andy_B

    Modern Oils

    In the subject of oil pickups - if the jp-m is supposed to be a dry-sump, why's they're a pickup strainer in the bottom of the engine?
  5. Andy_B

    Lister Green

    Okay. If you'be been following, we've finally got the heads off, found some refurbished ones, and while you've not been looking I'be cleaned all the old oil and bits of metal out ready to make the most of a huge amount of golden film. This, however might be my most searching question yet. What colour should it be? Green, well obviously. But which Green? Dark Buckingham? Mid Buckingham? Lister green (whatever that is)? What is the definitive and correct colour for a 1951 JP2-M and where's best to buy it? Oh and the red flywheel, that's an offence, right? TiA Andy
  6. Andy_B


  7. Andy_B


  8. Andy_B

    Modern Oils

    VW specialists was a good call - cheaper than Morris direct and free devilry :-) Thanks all for help and advice.
  9. Andy_B

    Modern Oils

    That's me told! Any favourite sources for 20-25 l of SAE30?
  10. Andy_B

    Modern Oils

    This could be a case of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing, but wouldn't it be a perfectly sensible thing to do to use a modern multigrade oil in a vintage engine? Say a 5W30 instead of a "classic" SAE30? As I understand, it'll still be as viscous as a hot SAE30 when it's hot, and no less viscous than a hot SAE30 when cold. Don't the advantages of multigrade apply perfectly well to a vintage engine? Thinking of using 5W30 or perhaps just 20W50 in my JP2. Am I a dangerous loon (please those that know me judge this purely on the oil idea)?
  11. yeah, saw that - image looks like it has valves but as you say it's silly money! The other head is better but not perfect and seems to have been welded. Oh dear! That head needs more than an insert! Richard - who's done inserts for you - I am inclined to agree with BWM that it's a bit far gone but I'd like a machine shop to look at it first!
  12. I've got two tins of carborundum paste. . . ? Seriously I wonder whether there's enough left for a recut. ?
  13. I'm finding these comments very useful, will check the liner and block surface later. Meanwhile here are some snaps of the heads. Can anyone see why compression was a bit low on the front pot? (Rear pot first, front next)
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