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  1. The speed they work, I reckon they could have the Bedford / Milton Keynes link done by Christmas ...
  2. There's also Blisworth marina just around the corner from Gayton marina - on the GU and only a few hundred yards from Gayton marina.
  3. Well, I know Whitby and Richmond. And I think Stratford on Avon is really lovely. Stayed there for 3 days and loved it.
  4. Fantastically useful post. Thanks, Nick. One question - how do I know which port settings I ought to have it set to? I have one account which refuses to work on the iPhone but works well on my iMac and Macbook.
  5. We were going towards a bridge on the Caldon a year or two back and saw kids on the bridge with bricks ready to throw. I got my camera and stood at the front pointing it up at the bridge - they scarpered! I really wanted to get a picture to send to the police and the local schools but they moved the minute they realised I had a camera.
  6. Looks delicious. Must give it a try - hope the forecast is good for Saturday!!!!!
  7. The hire boat business at Guildford on the Wey has closed - presumably WASN'T picking up year on year.....
  8. Sounds like queen wasps. I get them overwintering each year in my workshop and they can emerge anytime from Feb onwards. Last spring I killed about 5 of them over a few months - each one will make a nest and can produce scores of wasps. I even found one which had overwintered in a metronome - it was still sleeping when I found it so was easier to dispatch! I've only once had a hornet in the house - make a deep, loud sound like a motor scooter, bigger than a queen wasp, and the bits which on a wasp are black are a deep brick red on a hornet. Latin for Hornet is vespa - perhaps why the motor scooter was called that???!
  9. So is the local authority responsible for maintaining an ungated drive??
  10. If the egg is cold you may as well forget it. And if it was a couple of days ago - it is certainly too late. If you find the same thing happens again and the egg is warm, google something like "incubating egg". But be warned - the newly hatched duckling will probably "bond" with you and think you are Mummy!!!!
  11. These are pics of a Ken Martin built boat - 57 feet, semi trad, built about 2006? Several people commented on the high build quality, though I'm not qualified to judge myself! We certainly had no complaints while we owned the boat. Loved it...
  12. Also had someone get on the boat at Bancroft Basin - they were taking pictures of each other!! Also had that at Hatton. Had to point out that it was my home....
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