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  1. Well we've tried everything to contact fernwood boats including a registered letter which we know arrived at their house but we haven't had any response but we have now found this 3088463 | Petitions to Wind Up (Companies) | The Gazette
  2. At least we have our boat there are at least 3 boats that I can see still in build it's a shame as the men doing the work were very pleasant and did a cracking job Andy on the other hand was how shall I say it economical with the truth
  3. We have the hull declaration as it was bought as a 2 year old sailaway Andy did the fitout and finish for us we have the stamped numbers which start GB-FWB But not the paperwork I have called on numerous times his mobile and landline with no answer and written and been to the workshop as it's close to us we even know the guy in the unit next to them who is going to phone If anyone appears we are not sure what to do next short of breaking in and removing some goods I know it can't be a good time for the family but a bit of contact wouldn't come a miss
  4. Andy told us he couldn't complete the paperwork until he'd seen it in the water to check it was ballasted ok A week later he told us the paperwork was in the post which was obviously no true
  5. Have been in contact with British marine who have told me I will have to get a rcd and a bss is no substitute at this time
  6. Thanks for that I will contact him
  7. We have been lucky ours was the last completed boat out with just a few little niggling fault's were just short of paperwork
  8. No this has all happend in the last couple of months we think there's as many as 4 other boats inbuild at the moment
  9. yes there is a story we can't get any contract with them we think he has passed away leaving us with no rcd paperwork for our boat
  10. Is there anyone on here or know of anyone who is having a boat built by fernwood boats at sewstern
  11. thanks everyone for your replies been in Northampton today so called in at Gayton marina for a look then north kilworth dosnt look like the new marina there will be ready anytime soon !
  12. HI there everyone we currently have our Viking 23nb moored on the river nene we are looking at moving on to the canal system next April around the grand union/oxford/Coventry canal area or somewhere around an hours driving from Melton Mowbray has anyone any marina recommendations for that area did visit baby moorings a couple of years ago is it anywhere near finished yet
  13. hi there junior, we live in scalford and have a 23ft viking moored on the broads, which we will be bringing back to the canal system next back-end, we to have started to look for moorings around leics and northamptonshire but find most are geared up for large narrowboats, we will follow your post with interest, as other boat owners comments and advise could be very helpful.Robert
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