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  1. They either need more training to work it properly or do the sensible thing and get full time paid last lockstaff. Its a shame though that it cant be left to the boaters, but thats a whole different issue,it saddens me how some supposedly experienced boaters have such little motivation to learn how to do things properly. Just a general observation nick not meant as a slight on your skills!!
  2. I thought the volockies were there to assist if required? Is it different at Foxton? Dont like the idea of volunteers "in charge". I certainly wouldn't countenance one shouting orders to me in " my" lock
  3. Low profile always works best!! As previously mentioned ask around the durrent moorers to get a feel for how it works.A direct question to the marina may getvyou the "official" response .They may need the no resi rule in their T&Cs to cover themselves with the council
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Mods here have stated that explaining why a thread is locked or deleted is viewed as bullying. Sorry but that is absolute tosh!! If there is a need to lock or delete, it is due to a breach of the rules thats all you need to explain. ie which bit of the site t&c have been transgressed. I appreciate that the mods have a thankless task,however that does not place them above constructive criticism, a canal forum where political correctness has gone too far is,in my opinion, doomed to fail. None of us want that to happen . my particular gripe?? Thread locked with no explanation.. An example a poster i think yesterday posted her reasons for no longer wishing to contribute. The thread was locked without a single reply!! Perhaps there were replies but they had been modereated ot deleted. But without an explanation it appears as a dictatorial and heavy handed approach.
  6. Tell me where it is!!! Sounds a good price for a boat from a very decent shellbuilder.
  7. Got to be a narrowboat!! With a cruiser you will only get up to burton on trent on the TM if your cruiser is wider than a narrowboat. Plus with a cruiser I was always more worried in canal locks. They don't take to the rough and tumble too well!!
  8. Yes. One of the best..usually pricey but then again quality is never cheap!! Just remember it doesn't matter how good the shell its how its been looked after that counts
  9. Jonathon wilson its a no brainer. When Aqualine pulled out of Poland they went through various shell builders.they even used Liverpool Hulls at one stage which considering the price of some of their boats was I thought taking the pxxs... Find out who built the shell or alternatively just do the sensible thing and go with the quality builder!!
  10. Thanks for that much appreciated
  11. Could it be the fuel filter I have changed? More likely than the oil change!! Air in the fuel lines failure to bleed the system??
  12. Yep thats what I meant!! Just struggled to retrieve the info from the brain cell!!
  13. Field corrector. For a magnetic compass one either side i think.. Not sure. If field corrector is the right terminology
  14. Barney was indeed a decent chap.I can only imagine the pain his wife Betty and best friend Fred are going through. :-) :-)
  15. Perhaps she is stuck to the blacking!! And can't reach the phone ;-)
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