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  1. Extreme ?, he travelled to Barnoldswick, no problem.
  2. We used Jonathon B Jackson Ltd, Ulverston, Cumbria. He did the surveu without grinding. Very professional.
  3. Where on the L&L are you thinking of a permanent marina mooring ?.
  4. Good luck, hope you enjoy it.
  5. NB with a Slide Out ! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/narrowboat-60-ft/264333754533?hash=item3d8b8500a5:g:uJwAAOSwcfNcs1mG
  6. I live about 10 miles from it. What did you want to know ?.
  7. Amtrim Preston are very good.
  8. Will do, thanks.
  9. All done and working perfectly, the white switch is the one.
  10. Any particular thickness for the wire size for this ?.
  11. Thanks so much to everybody. Youve been very helpful.
  12. Ive just tried the plug method, guess what, it worked ! The reverse polarity light went out. I think I'll wire in a switch. Also, is it ok to wire the switch directly from the inverter AC out terminals ?.
  13. Could I just wire a plug with a wire from N to E and when on inverter power just plug that into a socket ?, instead of a switch ?
  14. So just a simple switch on the AC out of the inverter that effectivly joins the N & E ?. And if I was to make a "temporary" link with a wire placed across N&E on the inverter ac out to test if it extinguishes the the reverse polarity light ?
  15. The software version looks to start with 17, see pic I have also took a pic of that "fuse".
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