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  1. Fridge/ Freezers 12 volt. and Inverter for washer.

    Are you saying you can run a 12 v unit off 230 volt mains ? and a 230v off 12 v ?.
  2. Fridge/ Freezers 12 volt. and Inverter for washer.

    I looked into shoreline fridges and found them to be identical to the likes of currys entry level fridges, and I mean identical. The difference being they have been converted to 12 volts and 12 volt fridges & freezers will never be as efficient as mains ones. The price though is nowhere near identical. I ended up buying a mains small freezer and though it needs the inverter ( while out cruising ) it still uses less power than the 12 v one did & it spends much less time "on". I will be also replacing our 12 v fridge soon for a mains one.
  3. New Heat ( was called Pure Heat ) is the best by far for us.
  4. Seaflo pump problem

    I bought a new Sealflo pump a couple of years back, it did the same thing. Got a refund, they didnt ask for it back so I binned it. Too risky for a boat imo. Then fitted a Jabsco Parmax 4, this has been perfect.
  5. New stove, cold feet warm head.

    I have two of these, they are fantastic heaters and very safe.
  6. Struggling Morso with back boiler

    Ive known a lot of these that ran much better with the baffle plate removed.
  7. ammeter

  8. Voltage drop when fridge turn on

    Checked my fridge on start up today, the voltage only dropped 0.1 volt.
  9. Silent Engines

    You have a link to this product ?.
  10. New fridge on. Start up

    I replaced our 12 volt freezer with a new 240 volt freezer, its on less often and for shorter periods and much better on electric consumption. The fridge will be next.
  11. volt meter

    I recently fitted a NASA BM2 , its really good.
  12. Sterling-NASA -Victron

    Really ?
  13. Sterling-NASA -Victron

    Probably just a couple of LED lights and the fridge if it decides to come on at the same time.
  14. Sterling-NASA -Victron

    So in that case, a NASA BM2 with a 200amp shunt wont cope ? The only reason I want to know is because Erindoors may want to dry her hair ( 2 - 3 minutes max ) in a morning and I want to know if a battery monitor with a 200 amp shunt would handle it. Apart fromthis short use of high power everything else on the boat is very low consumption stuff.
  15. Sterling-NASA -Victron

    I believe they are around 1500 watts to 2000 watts