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  1. I think New Heat is superior to Excell, I buy a ton at a time off National Coal. £370 for 40 x 25kg bags delivered. = £9.25 a bag https://nationalcoal.co.uk/product/new-heat/
  2. It could be done using linear actuators on the engine & box and controlled by a switch on the tiller I suppose.
  3. You could fit hooks to the fender rope, then just hook them on when you moor up.
  4. Is it on Mrs Manilys at Adlington ?
  5. As an aside to this for anyone interested. Last week I bought two bags of SuperTherm to try. Straight away we noticed how much more ash it produced compared to New heat and less coal still "in" in the morning. So I will continue to use New Heat which is IMO the best approved smokeless there is - bar none. It might be a little more expensive but snce it lasts longer, gives out more heat and produces less ash and hardly any clincker it's actually cheaper to me.
  6. Its a cheap coal. Cheap for a reason in my opinion.
  7. John at Lancs Marine Electrical Services covers that area and does BSS testing. 07767 375450
  8. If you mean Oxbow's "Red" ?. I find it crap, leaves way too much ash and lots of clinker for the heat it put's out. My all time favourite is New Heat ( previously called Pure Heat )
  9. Couldn't you fit two switches and use both wires as positive's ( one to the horn, other to light) then pick up the negative's near the light and horn ?.
  10. Contact Jonathon B Jackson Ltd, Ulverston, Cumbria for the survey. He came to us at Lower Park, Barnoldwick. He's a good surveyor. Lowerpark also arrange lifting in/out.
  11. Have you looked at http://nationalcoal.co.uk
  12. Ive had Jabsco's for years, they seem to last best to me. Parmax 4
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