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  1. https://www.superquilt-insulation.co.uk/product/ybs-superquilt-multifoil-insulation/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwo-aCBhC-ARIsAAkNQiuxcUmmt7RONw7bNpcCnn_BPcapbl0fuyYTQ9UM9hGu8SQlTVpZyoUaAvkdEALw_wcB
  2. Ive had Aga stoves, Morso stoves and now got Aarrow. Aarrow are imo the best going.
  3. I wouldnt like to solely rely on a little webasto at this time of year. At best they are a back heat system imo. Fit a stove.
  4. Ive had both the NASA BM2 and now the Victron BMV712. I prefer the Victron, however the NASA has a good large display so is easy to read. But the Victron has bluetooth to your phone so thats better I think.
  5. Funny isnt it, for years & years the ash door was seperate to the fix door. Suddenly a few years ago it all changes. Its as if they assume the general public to be completely thick. which I agree some are......
  6. !st thing I did was remove that bracket that connects the two doors, much easier to get it going just be having the ash door open.
  7. Mark Talbot https://www.facebook.com/talbotheating
  8. I left Three using their live chat.
  9. They will work fine but they will ruin the paint underneath just like the mag mount stubby TV aerials do.
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