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  1. We bought a NB from Heritage Marina earlier this year, the marina is ok, bit tight getting the boat in/out of though. The Rising Sun is indeed a good pub.
  2. I wouldnt buy one ( personal choice) Ive seen too many of them smashes into stone walls & bridge holes and sunk in locks.
  3. Glynn

    portable generator

    Run the engine. £1000 is a lot of diesel and you get hot water by running the engine.
  4. Glynn

    TV, Freesat

    Same as Wotever said, we have a crappy "new" LG smart TV in the lounge which insists on a retune almost daily, whereas our much superior Sony hardly ever needs it and keeps the channels.
  5. A bike chain welded to a long bolt ?
  6. Collingwood used Symphony Narrow boat paint when mine were new in 2014, I expect they still do. Best contact Symphony . http://www.symphonynarrowboatpaint.co.uk
  7. What gps app as the speedo ?
  8. Another + for Chris Jones. He's a really nice & knowledgable chap.
  9. Extreme ?, he travelled to Barnoldswick, no problem.
  10. We used Jonathon B Jackson Ltd, Ulverston, Cumbria. He did the surveu without grinding. Very professional.
  11. Where on the L&L are you thinking of a permanent marina mooring ?.
  12. Glynn

    A New Beginning.

    Good luck, hope you enjoy it.
  13. NB with a Slide Out ! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/narrowboat-60-ft/264333754533?hash=item3d8b8500a5:g:uJwAAOSwcfNcs1mG
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