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  1. We are currently 6 deep waiting to go down the Hurlston locks. Not sure why yet too far back in the queue.
  2. Plenty of water. Sue needed a step ladder to get back on the boat at Press junction. Level was 2 inches below the top.
  3. Suzie_Q's new look

    Luckily the can only.opens from the top so it's always right way round.
  4. Suzie_Q's new look

    To praphrase Sir Rod First scratch is the deepest.
  5. Whitchurch gathering

    Whitchurch on the Llangollen. Got an event notice from CRT yesterday.
  6. Whitchurch gathering

    It's seems we will be passing Whitchurch this weekend when the boat gathering is happening. Is it normally very busy and are any members on route to it?
  7. Suzie_Q's new look

    Thanks all. Lots of comments as we went through Fradley. Matty40s. Didn't realise it was you. Maybe we will catch you up and you can see the rest. Have realised with all the comments that there are a lot more readers of the forum than contributors.
  8. Suzie_Q's new look

    Thanks BSP. Lots of nice comments on the way to the marina too.
  9. Suzie_Q's new look

    Two scratches while taking it back to the marina but that's why I have touch up paint.
  10. Suzie_Q's new look

    Hi All. After over 6 months Suzie_q is back at the marina and just about to set off on our three week trip to Llangollen. Can't say enough about the great job Andy and Darren did at JD Narrow Boats on giving Suzie_Q the paint job she deserved. Andy has pointed out that he is "NEVER" going to use that paint again, but we are glad he did it for us. Also got to thank Clare Norton for the wonderful sign writting. And before you all ask, yes it is the same boat in both pictures. Both the base colour, the panals and the coach lines are in flip paint, so that it changes colour as it passes you. Give us a wave if you see us in the next three weeks. (Don't think you can miss us really. ) Kev & Sue
  11. Worth booking passage for Anderton lift?

    We booked both times and don't regret paying towards the upkeep. As for how long it takes to do end to end remember that the locks are manned and are not open late. Also there are restricted mooring so for example there are no moorings between hunts lock and Vale royal lock so you have to time it carefully to get through to Moor above Vale royal.
  12. Friday joke

    Digging out the old ones Tim. ...
  13. Thoughts from Mercia Marina moorings please.

    Can't compare with anything because the boat has been moored there since new. Yes is can get windy, but so can most places. Facilities community and management are excellent in our view and it maybe expensive in comparision but its worth it. Kevin & Sue.
  14. Brexit 2017

    I understand that. My point was it demonstrates how confused the electret was.
  15. Brexit 2017

    Haven't read the rest of the thread but wasn't it reported this week that over 9000 votes were for both options? USA has triggered a recount on less......