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  1. Paid the selling fee, sold the boat, everyone is happy.
  2. I'm not sure if I have a contract, it just seems every time I walk through the door they ask me for £100, I want to sit down and discuss the services I have already paid for but not received and negotiate a refund or reduction in final costs. Really not sure how it is going to go. They have blocked my boat in now they know I am selling it.
  3. Hello I am seeking advice in regards to some charges my marina has charged me £100 bringing HGV on site to deliver boat - however HGV was not met by anyone other than myself. £50 set up fee - nothing was set up when the HGV arrived and I was told to put in on the grass or find blocks of wood myself laying about the marina. 3 months rent - understandable and now selling fee. If I sell the boat on the marina I have to pay £100 despite the marina having no involvement in the sale at all. is this normal? Can I refuse to pay the marina any money after I make the sale?
  4. I have a waterbug, I think the tiller was custom made, it slots straight into the outboard, I can send you dimensions/photos if you like. it is constructed of 2 small plates and a bent piece of pipe, welded together. Interested in learning more about this steering wheel set up.
  5. Depends on your budget, be aware that transportation can either cost a lot of money or a lot of time.
  6. Thanks for your input, the bit I'm actually thinking about doing is only a couple of patch repair jobs above the water line and welding on my own anodes though its interesting to hear the responses for the whole picture. The boat is 1988 mild steel originally 4mm thick but down to small holes near the gas locker as someone added a shelf to the gas locker in the past and it has collected water and not done the joint to the hull any favours.
  7. Which type of welding is best suited to boats? I have been looking at some boats on the walk down the canal home and it would appear that some have concave welds and some convex, will MIG welding be ok for over plating below and above the water line? how bigger plate should I use? what type of machine should I use? is there any process used in over plating to attach the plates other than the welds all the way round? Thanks.
  8. ..Now the site of the Lowry hotel, named after L.S Lowry the hotel and bridge is designed to look like a cruise ship. Here is an article about the flooding of that area in 2015, I've never personally seen the water get that high, I always thought it was barely a foot or two. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3375633/Unprecedented-levels-rain-leaves-beach-Manchester-five-star-Lowry-Hotel.html
  9. My springer is with insure4boats, I also took out war cover for an extra £5 a year but there is something in the wording that it does not include certain countries at war including the UK, so not quite sure what I am covered for.
  10. I have a copy of "replacing you boats electrical system" by Mike Westin It is very clear and well illustrated but a little ahead of where my project is at the moment. Thanks for your contributions I have been googling them all.
  11. Right now, I think I lack patience (and skill) to be honest, I have a fairly good understanding of what good looks like, but then for some reason I just grab a screw and hey presto! job done. I'm also quite new to this and only learning my errors after I've attempted the job, i.e.. putting a backing board behind tongue and groove. also as I'm quite new I don't own many tools and they are proving expensive which I could have put the money in to someone else doing a much better job, though then I would lose out on the learning experience.
  12. Yes i did, I don't really like talking about money, and I didn't want to set a cost that was too high or too low. The reality is that I need it done as cheap as possible! all solid oak and brass obviously
  13. ...or if anybody could recommend any good books?
  14. I was wondering if going to a local carpenter is a good idea or not?
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