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  1. Does anyone live in a marina where a phone/internet connection is cable connected to the pontoon so you can simply just “plug in”?
  2. Just a question about Sky. I already have Sky+ on the boat and use a magic eye to watch the same channels on a tv in the bedroom. I use a Vucube sat dish. My question is has anyone upgraded or is using the Sky Q box and a multi room box. Did you need to change your dish and do you have the box plugged into WiFi. My box at the moment isn’t connected to the marina WiFi I have but gives me all I need. Thanks in advance.
  3. Happy Collingwood boat owner. It's now nearly 6 years old and no problems. Lovely to handle too. Have just gone back to them to discuss building a new boat for next year.
  4. 13kg every 9 -10 months. Cook everyday but only have gas for cooking. I think I get excellent vfm.
  5. Cheers Mike Just need the panels cutting and welding into place so thanks. Don't have to worry about anyone falling in, well except me.
  6. Hi Chris, Tamworth has Sainsburys, M&S and Asda at Ventura Park. Amington has a Co-op & Tesco express if you moor up past The Gate in Amington. Polesworth has a Co-op and a fab chippy just off the high street. Atherstone several supermarkets and Nuneaton has everything. See you soon xx
  7. Does anyone know the approximate costs of having steel panels welded around the stern. I'd like to have the lower section below the handrail enclosed and having recently been given an astronomical quote for something I knew nothing about I'm now a tad wary. The boat is 10ft wide. Thanks in advance.
  8. I text Robert - Yank on the Cut - the boat has been found. Perhaps Robert and Chris / Graham have been asked not to comment. Frustrating I know but the boat has been found. Brilliant news for us all.
  9. Have to agree, he's been a sterling guy with this. Been out on a bike trawling towpaths, helped us by printing the poster and leaflets. Not forgetting trawling the CCTV. I work closely with him at Mercia and love his commitment to the boating community but for us at Mercia he supports all we do. He is more than simply a marina manager - sorry if this sounds sycophantic but as the event chair here he encourages everyone to to be involved. Simply put he's a good guy.
  10. I can confirm that the boat has been found.. I've messaged Chris,I met up with them last Saturday following the poster being released, when they came back to the Marina and the Marina along with all other boaters came together to find their boat. Yank on the cut - our marina manager has confirmed it via a text to me earlier but there are probably more things going on behind the scenes. I'm sure they will all post as soon as they can - it is certainly news on our community FB page. What a fabulous community we have where we have seen everyone come together, go out of their way to track down this boat. If I ever doubted if I'd made a mistake choosing this water life, this experience has shown me it was not a mistake. Well done to all the boating community but a special thanks to Nick, Ann and Junior.
  11. would that not fit with fidodido who thought he'd seen a similar boat near Rugeley? Yes it would, I believe. No, it was noticed by a diligent lock keeper, who raised a query about it. We can't rely on that happenig again. But we were actually speculating about what action the data loggers are instructed take when they encounter an unnumbered boat, if any. Do we actually know what info is taken, checked and then reported... Just an innocent question BTW
  12. We were out today as part of the Mercia "walk and talk the towpath" At bridge 58 on the T&M we spoke to a lady who believes she saw the boat just before Alrewas on either Monday or Tuesday this week. It was heading in the direction of Fradley. Whilst talking to her the Stenson boat "The dog and the duck" passed. We asked if it was that one she saw but it wasn't. (We also apologised to the owners of the boat for all the interest they have had whilst out cruising) I met up with Chris and Graham this morning whilst we were organising our different search parties and then met up with them again in the afternoon. Having heard the whole story from them I'm satisfied that they are not in a dispute over the price of the boat, they have completely paid the amount of money the boat builder requested. The dispute is over the spec of the boat and they have been supported that the spec they requested has not been adhered to. Despite this they paid in full. They are a genuinely lovely couple, heartbroken over the loss of their boat and totally in awe of everything people are doing.
  13. For those not boating this weekend, the Mercia team are meeting at 9.45. Everyone will be given flyers and a route to walk. This along with the fabulous efforts of CWDF are being coordinated so we should be able to share it with you all later. There are 3 ways to get a private message to us 1 pm Robert - Yank on the cut, 2 phone Chris and Graham or 3 email [email protected] All of these are monitored continually. Fingers crossed that today proves fruitful.
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