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  1. 1.coal fire 2.copper kettle on top of fire 3.sofa facing fire 4.clean fire door so I can see the fire 5.thermometer so I can keep telling wife "it's 30 degrees in ere"
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Hi I think custom stainless steel flue extensions are made on site and by the looks of things .....they don't come off easily, Here is a link to cruising the cuts video on his experience - https://youtu.be/hoVFU0E8kAA
  4. "The couple are now looking for the next adventure" Is their next adventure a van conversion and traveling the world 'yaaaaaaawn'
  5. That's actually very good advice , my wife used to work in a caravan showroom ....she told me the amount of people that would buy a brand new awning and then come storming into the office complaining it leaked on the first rainy day, My wife then had to explain to them about how it needs to swell and it would leak the first time.
  6. Bit touchy chap , apologies it seems my Google doesn't seem to be as good as yours about the numbers. I only talk about narrowboats because isn't that what this thread is about,I also didn't mention lorries or vans or ships......see what I mean. My whole point is narrowboats are a very small number compared to the big picture. Cheers.
  7. No one mentioned coastal leisure boats chap ......just narrowboats
  8. Roughly 40,000 narrowboats in the UK ...........40,000,000 cars in the UK , I wish people would leave the so called "smelly noisy" narrowboats alone ......just saying.
  9. Baldy1976


  10. Can still get the starter motors , alternators .....filters / belts , other than that .....calcutt boats might help
  11. Thank you everyone for your input , i don't know what the plate I found on the floor is for .....could have been from the original engine when the boat was made. Cheers
  12. Back on the boat...found a dirty plate attached to the engine under all the grease -
  13. If the serial number is from a petrol engine......that's a shame....I was hoping it was from this engine.
  14. Here is a picture of the BMC
  15. Hi everyone I have a BMC Engine in my narrowboat , a receipt from years ago says it's a 2.4 commander , the brochure from GHBS says it's a 2.2 BMC. We have owned the boat for a year now and I have just recently cleaned the whole engine bay ready for painting.........I found a metal plate with a serial number on it ......it was inside of one of the engine support girders on the floor right in the corner Is this the engine serial number plate please? Cheers
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