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  1. Lol I'm not bothered what people call it, surprised no ones referred to it as a yogurt pot yet. I just feel lucky to have it and I'm looking forward to having some fun on her next spring after I've picked all your brains on various refurbishment tasks, thanks for everyones input ???
  2. We don't intend to live aboard, but we wilk be using it 3 seasons quite a bit, spring and autumn evenings can get chilly, so I thought some sort of insulation would cut back a bit on need for heating. I was looking at the foil type stuff, just wasnt sure if it was the right stuff, I wouldnt want to make a mistake off the bat. It needs to be flexible for all the curves. Id prefer self stick but can buy a fixative.
  3. Hi, we've just purchased an old Burland 27 GRP cruiser, it's stripped back and we want to insulate it before recarpeting the walls. We don't mind spending a little, but we have to be realistic as the boat has limited value. Preferably something self adhesive if possible so we can just cut and stick, but I'm struggling with finding what I should be using and how thick.
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