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  1. Good grief dor, 8 litres of water! This explains why my engine wouldn't start after winter, until I changed three filters. The filter nearest the tank had the beige gunk in it !
  2. Hi all. A buyer is asking if I could arrange someone to sail my 30' springer out of the Fens down to Taversham & Kennett Marina, nr Reading. I'd love the adventure but work. Any retiree's help him out ? He's obviously willing to cover expenses etc... Thanks all...….Tom.
  3. Dunno what the negative comments are about. If he's not using the waterways and sitting in a marina why buy a licence he doesn't need!! Not in all marinas.....
  4. Lots of scaremongering and a bit of snobbery re' Springers. Bought mine a year ago, had a look over her, sailed off and got her lifted and blacked. Hanging on strops she looked as good as new, probably outlive me. During the year i've tidied her up inside and out, great intro to narrowboats. Only thing that drives me to despair is the amount of weed that gets wrapped around the prop, i'm sure more so that other types of narrowboat..... Anyone know how to date these boats ?, i'm guessing mines 1979-1980. Only because a friend had one very similar.
  5. Dunno what the negative comments are about. If he's not using the waterways and sitting in a marina why buy a licence he doesn't need!!
  6. I agree with all the replies here. The TV people are a bunch of bullie boys that pester and threaten until you give in. I had a cottage in North Yorkshire. Without a dish I couldn't receive a TV signal, had no TV and made sure my lap top couldn't receive TV. Theirs were the only letters I found every time I went up there and they gradually got worse despite me replying and stating my case. In the end I kinda lost the plot and sent them a 'statement' on a legally binding statement form (used to be a policeman) told them i'd save them the time and effort of interviewing me. They left alone for a year or two then kicked off again. Advice is, use their letters to light your log burner with !!
  7. Buy what you want, angle grind a panel out, deliver furniture then get it welded back in and paint. You only do it once right?
  8. Ah Tim Lewis, thanks so much. Thought I was just being stupid all day lol. Feel better about it all now! Do wish the engine had its own sealed system water supply though, one thing less to have to deal with.
  9. Hello all, Can anyone advise if any particular boat type is more suceptible to dragging up weed than another? I have a 30' springer with cruiser deck, single pot Bukh 10 hp engine. My weekend trip to March and back was a nightmare (return journey). Trip to March was fine, moored up below the pub, opposite that nuisance abandonned sailing boat. Trouble was that the drunks were out shouting until about 4am! Anyway, on the way back i was caught in a vicious circle. Boat slows down, weed wrapped around prop, nowhere to tie up as banks are steep and overgrown so I nudge the bow into the reeds. Clear the prop and now the boat is stuck. The water level is so low. can't push or lever the boat off so have to rev up engine which as i'm close to shore pulls up more weed! this goes on several times. To make matters worse my boat sucks in river water to cool the engine, its now sucked in debris and shes overheating aaarrgghhhh. A neighbour happend to stop by as i'm dangling upside down in the engine bay trying to clear the water intake pipe. He has a small grp cruiser and as soon as he tries to tow me into clear water his boat veers into the reeds (summat to do with physics of the prop I suppose). Several attempts to clear the blockage finally work and she's running cool again. One last prop clearance by the low bridge before the Benwick turn and i'm grounded, water level is SO low...dread to think what it's like trying to man handle anything bigger than my 30' boat. 5 hrs later and i'm home, battered and bruised. Confidence in narrowboating also battered and bruised. I even considered buying a nice big one to live on! Tom....
  10. Horace-42...made an offer unseen, went with the cash a couple of weeks later, looked over the boat and sailed away. En route back to Cambs from Oxford had the boat lifted and blacked, couple of little jobs done at the same time. Looked over the boat on the dock, hull is very tidy with no plating. Ran faultless all the way back home over 7 weekends and now I tinker to make her really nice, get all the little snags sorted. My logic is there are worriers and doers. Good sound entry level narrowboat and it'll probably out live me. Only needs an enthusiastic optimist like me to snap it up in future. Sad I have to pay around £450 to have it lifted and surveyed for 'accident and sinking cover' just because its over 30 yrs old. Watched a documentary last night, an old working type narrowboat was over a hundred years old, made me chuckle..........
  11. Mines 10k. Good every day 1980 Springer...like her too much to sell at mo.......
  12. Haaaaaa. Forgot to mention the domestic water heater isnt connected as the flue kit doesent fit together, i'll take £45
  13. I agree, they seem like bulletproof old barges, the old Bukh 10hp single will run forever. I do read a lot of negativity on his site as regards to all boats in general...
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