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  1. Thanks Biscuits, hopefully i'll sort this soon as it's a nice little boat...
  2. Read a couple of pages re this topic. Bit of animosity here because someone asked the question how long can he stay put and how far do they have to move while CC. I think if the CRT made it clear how far is far enough then we'd all know where we stood!
  3. Deep joy !! I pumped it dry this weekend and cleared a pile of mud and leaves from the channeling around the deck so it should drain outside now. Before I left I gaffer taped a couple of tarpaulins over the deck area. I'm back aboard next weekend, that will be the tester !!
  4. UPDATE.... Cabin bilge had another 6" of water in it upon my return after 2 weeks. Engine bilge had lots of water in, level was over the propshaft. ( turns out all 4 of my batts were dead, old, so no power to the pump). Brain wave........bought some flourescent yellow dye, poured it in and it immediately went straight through bulkhead and to front of boat!! So, boat isnt sinking but how to fix the difficult to get at seam...hull to bottom of bulkhead? Someone suggested welding sheet steel strips down there, access is bad behind engine. I'm going to try using waterproof spray expanding foam, used in domestic waterfalls. It will find its way into the gaps and hopefully make a water tight seal...we will see.
  5. Oh, the survey was probably done a couple of years before the water ingress... On the subject of surveyors, especially house ones. In my experience they arent worth a W.....K. Had one in after my house sold last year, because he couldnt work the heating controller he condemned my heating in his report stating it didnt workand suggested major work, moron. Ahhh that's better 🙂
  6. Hi all. Ive been offered the option of either a 15hp or 30 hp outboard conversion for mt 26' springer. Any thoughts re' power output, is 15 enough? Thank you
  7. Phew, this weekend I took ownership of a really tidy little 26' springer with BSC and hull survey. Upon moving in I lifted storage covers and saw below the fresh water pump a 6" deep puddle under the floor, running length of boat. Worrying but worked out that it was years of leaking hatch above the water tank up front. I had to destroy ply panelling below the seating to get access and cut out rotten wood. There really are some bodgers out there, they must have seen this mess before. Was puzzled how the water kept coming back white sucking out all morning but as you say, it was probably running forward as we were moving around, and filling the tank again.
  8. Haha thanks all, there's not a good word said bu anyone about the Duke, deep down I knew that! So I bought the boat and a local engineering firm have quoted for different options, also explained some of the difficulties. Duke is air cooled so boat needs to come out of water for raw water inlet construction. Forget water jackets for keel cooling, too difficult, too expensive. Looking like an outboard set up im afraid ( go easy on me, its a 26' springer ) I could end up spending well over what the boat is worth. It's a nice boat with survey and BSC...
  9. Hi all, Tom here, been off site as I sold my old springer last season... Anyone mind telling me how good or bad a Ducati boat engine is? It's a single pot and may be 18hp but unsure about the hp. Itt has Dyna start, I have never heard of this, could anyone educate me as to why a starter wasn't used and do they start an engine ok? Probably not the best engine set up but the boat is so good I may take a chance and buy it! Also wondering if it would be a pain to pull the lot out and fit a regular engine in its place if all went wrong? I'd have to get a workshop to do the work, mounts and the usual connections..... Thanks so much.
  10. Good grief dor, 8 litres of water! This explains why my engine wouldn't start after winter, until I changed three filters. The filter nearest the tank had the beige gunk in it !
  11. Hi all. A buyer is asking if I could arrange someone to sail my 30' springer out of the Fens down to Taversham & Kennett Marina, nr Reading. I'd love the adventure but work. Any retiree's help him out ? He's obviously willing to cover expenses etc... Thanks all...….Tom.
  12. Dunno what the negative comments are about. If he's not using the waterways and sitting in a marina why buy a licence he doesn't need!! Not in all marinas.....
  13. Lots of scaremongering and a bit of snobbery re' Springers. Bought mine a year ago, had a look over her, sailed off and got her lifted and blacked. Hanging on strops she looked as good as new, probably outlive me. During the year i've tidied her up inside and out, great intro to narrowboats. Only thing that drives me to despair is the amount of weed that gets wrapped around the prop, i'm sure more so that other types of narrowboat..... Anyone know how to date these boats ?, i'm guessing mines 1979-1980. Only because a friend had one very similar.
  14. Dunno what the negative comments are about. If he's not using the waterways and sitting in a marina why buy a licence he doesn't need!!
  15. I agree with all the replies here. The TV people are a bunch of bullie boys that pester and threaten until you give in. I had a cottage in North Yorkshire. Without a dish I couldn't receive a TV signal, had no TV and made sure my lap top couldn't receive TV. Theirs were the only letters I found every time I went up there and they gradually got worse despite me replying and stating my case. In the end I kinda lost the plot and sent them a 'statement' on a legally binding statement form (used to be a policeman) told them i'd save them the time and effort of interviewing me. They left alone for a year or two then kicked off again. Advice is, use their letters to light your log burner with !!
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