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  1. I'd say 1000s of boats are sold without owners having to re-wire their old boats, I've bought three in say the last 10 years. I've never heard of someone being prosecuted for having solid cable in a boat, the same as I've never heard of anyone in the UK being prosecuted for treason (in recent history).
  2. I just think that some folk go over the top with what if's. I've never been over cautious in anything I do. I think there's such a thing as being over insured too... eg "would you like the extra cover sir"... "no thanks because in 30 years I've never had a problem with my whatchamacallit" See what I'm getting at here.... proof in the pudding was when there was a fault the safety devices tripped 😁
  3. Cmon I've never worn a mask either, maverick. Made it to 57 so far... 😎
  4. Tom766


    Tempting, considering how he stitched me up with the boat. Just stumbled across him on the top 40 wronguns 😳
  5. Not a fail is OK with me if its OK with an inspector, RCDs n MCB's etc... Yes I've taken out the front windows and sealed frame to boat. Just used captain tolley's on glass to frame but battling against weather :-)(
  6. Hmm I'm sure you're right about the regs, I just replaced like for like and the ring main looks like it's been there years. . The boats got a safety cert which still has 2 yrs to run so I'm not sure how it passed.
  7. Tom766


    I was wondering what law I'd break if I told the story of how I found out the compulsive liar that sold me my cruiser a couple months ago.... turns out to be a paedo too! 😳
  8. Well.... perseverance paid off! Replaced both MCB's, the 16A was very corroded. Opened up all fittings, all good but still shorting somewhere. Put my meter on continuity and there's a short across live and earth. Disconnected all fittings, tested each run of cable. Eventually found the problem cable, physically traced what I could get to and there's a split in the insulation and scorching :-). Cut the cable, put a connector in and sorted. Put everything back together and... tripped again aaarrgghhhh. Decided there must be another meltdown on that cable, bought new cable... Boom fixed... frustrating job but hey electricians are selective so no choice. BUT.... having previously removed and Sikaflexed two windows, we turned up today and find 2" water on the cabin floor, devastated as we'd gone through trouble and expense of lifting boat, moving a Hull fitting and gel coating some crazing. I'd sealed the water heater flue too as that had leaked, still leaking but the rain on the Lancaster had been torrential and blowing sideways I'm told. You know the feeling of losing the will to live? Seems no matter what, each visit consists of pumping water and not cruising. And there's me thinking cruisers we're less agro than narrowboats 😞
  9. I'll spend some time tracing cables, wouldn't hurt to replace the MCB's I suppose too. You've got a fantastic website there, very technical, very witch craft 🙂
  10. Thanks Neil, I'll ty Alan's tip first, see how it goes 👍
  11. Thank you, I'll bite the bullet as the pro's are all busy lol. I'll change the breakers if I can get that bottom strap off, especially the rusty one. The light fitting has an LED bulb.
  12. There are four double sockets on one breaker, the other has one light fitting. One breaker is showing a rusty screw. The pic is as far as I got because I tried pulling the link off the bottom of the breakers and it won't budge. All the fittings look good but I don't know if there's a bad connection somewhere in a cable. The boat was very wet inside when we bought her.
  13. Hi all. Trying to get an electrician to answer their phone is like trying to reverse a narrowboat in a straight line 😂. Could anyone recommend someone to fix my 240v circuit on my viking cruiser? The breaker keeps tripping. Mooring is at the top of the Lancaster at Tewitfield. Thought I'd break the habit of a lifetime and pay a pro rather than muddle through what's probably a simple job myself. Proving difficult tho...
  14. Ahhhhhhh maiden voyage after sorting sellers disgracefully badly maintained boat. Moons to Lancaster NO issues and maximum relief...
  15. The fens were so bad three years ago I gave up and sold my boat. Spent all my time upside down pulling weed off the prop. Not fun.
  16. Here's a reality check. The amount of population in this country not paying taxes is growing daily by the thousand. The future is rosy, well done ms Patel. And of course the indeginous workshy...
  17. Haaaaa, well our tow up the M61 went well, we're tucked up in moons marina ready for the big Lancaster cruise tomorrow 😍
  18. You're right, it's like asking the BBC to show non far left garbage after buying their licence. Opt out.......
  19. I thought licenses covered maintenance, my license isn't for dog walkers, fishermen or mountain bikers it's for cruising.
  20. Same old..... If maintenance was paramount then there wouldn't be a tail back of boats at wheelton, we'd also be confident of getting through the Wigan flight trouble free. I've resorted to road transport, wonder if I can off set the cost against my license fee? Then there's the weed and debris we hit just below the surface grrrr
  21. Nah you're right. And with the chorley locks closed for at least 2 weeks there's gonna be a rush when they open. We opted to get trailer Ed to moons marina. Works out financially plus no grief 🙂
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