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  1. Connections again. My last boat, Karm Dwy (a Pentland ketch) was registered in Caernarfon.
  2. As an east coast sailor, sounds like my kind of place😁
  3. Further update: the stove is working fine now, too hot in fact. I think I was just being too mean with the fuel!
  4. Where are you now? I will definitely visit Wells-next-the-Sea when I go down the east coast, it's been on my wish list for years.
  5. No, it's not Railway Dock of course! It was taken on Lukas's old mooring at Long Sandall lock. Thanks for all the information, I appreciate your warnings! As it happens I hired an official Ouse and Humber river pilot to take me from Goole to Hull. I realised that no charts of the Humber (apart from those online published by ABP) were of any use since the channels and buoyage change so fast and so often. This guy had it all in his head and got us to Hull Marina in about three and a half hours, much faster than I would have been able to do. He pilots those huge ships you mention so m
  6. This is my first move to canal boating. I had sailing boats till recently. Lukas is a replica Thames stemhead barge, originally with sails and leeboards, so a proper sea boat. I am in Railway Dock but only arrived on 1st October. Getting in was very tricky, made even worse by a small RIB on the outside of the pontoon just after the bridge, which I very nearly crushed! Berthing, right at the end of the pontoons with only a couple of feet to spare was also scary, with a beautiful wooden motor cruiser just astern and a very small GRP yacht in front, both extremely vulnerable to my inco
  7. Thanks Thanks for the advice. I've asked them for a quote plus other work on the boat. They seem very helpful.
  8. Any recommendations please for a good diesel heater fitter (water not hot air) in the Hull area. My boat's a 50 foot wide beam with a Morso stove, two radiators and a calorifier but I want a backup to provide quick heat when the stove is out.
  9. Update: I heated it with a blowlamp till it almost glowed but it still didn't budge, so I had to resort to CC's sardine can method to get the chimney off. There was a load of thick rust holding it in place so I had to chip it off the collar. Surprisingly the flue was fairly clean and there were no blockages. The riddling grid broke in two when putting it all back togethert so have ordered a replacement, though it does sort of work as is. Tests in progress now. Thanks again for the help.
  10. Thanks for all the advice, I've learned a lot! Watching CC's video I realised my chimney is exactly the same as his and made by the same guy. I'll try heating with a blowlamp to make it expand, but if that doesn't do it I fear I will end up having to do what he did and break the spot welds till the cement stuff comes out. I'll update with my progress.
  11. That's the video I remembered and couldn't find, thanks so much!
  12. I've bought a 50' replica Thames stemhead barge about a month ago. The stove, a Morso Squirrel 1410, was working fine at first and the whole boat got really hot, but now it won't get more than warm, even with the ash pan air valve wide open. In fact, even with the ash pan door open it doesn't really heat up like it did before. I think the flue needs investigation for blockages and cleaning, but I can't get the stainless steel extension off the collar on the roof. It's a custom made extension and I think should just lift off, but something - corrosion? tar? - has glued it solid. I tried tappin
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