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    Boating and playing guitar(not very well). Gardening I quite enjoy but need the motivation to get started (Bonnie's foot up backside)

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    Mercia Marina

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  1. tommytelford


    I have had fantastic results with rustoleum. My roof especially was in a terrible state. After 6 years it looks almost as good as the day it was done without a single spot of rust coming through. Don't be tempted to thin if you want it to stay shiny for a long period.
  2. tommytelford

    Death By Dangerous Cycling - New Laws

    I drive every day in London about 100 miles a day. I am also a cyclist but SOME cyclist frighten the life out of me. They are obviously timing their rides and most have headphones on. They have absolutely no regard for anyone else on the road including other cyclists. The worst one are those that come along the nearside of my van as I am turning left. I am very aware of bikes and always check my mirrors before turning but they just keeping coming and assume that I am going to stop to let them overtake on the nearside. I also always give cyclist the required minimum clearance when overtaking but they often will come between me and another vehicle with just inches to spare. The 20mph speed limit in lots of London boroughs is completely ignored by these maverick riders, I am frequently overtaken by cyclists in or near the cycle track when I am keeping to the limit
  3. tommytelford

    Generator with Sterling Procombi

    The instruction book that came with it Have just checked and realise that it is 50amp because it was originally Quasi sine wave and I had it modified by Sterling to Pure Sine Wave
  4. tommytelford

    ebay win

    interesting that it is not listed in the Canalplan boat register. I know that is not totally up to date
  5. tommytelford

    Generator with Sterling Procombi

    I can link via my changeover switch. I was thinking more of a catastrophic power failure. Unlikely I know but I have been boating too long to think that it can't happen 🤔
  6. tommytelford

    Generator with Sterling Procombi

    Thanks it is only for and emergency complete loss of power while we are cruising. I have a basic 850w generator with 1000w maximum. Thinking about it it would probably be just as easy to use my 10amp charger connected to the starter battery to get enough power to start the engine and then charge the other batteries the alternator
  7. tommytelford

    Generator with Sterling Procombi

    Has anyone used a generator in conjunction with a Sterling 2.5 ProCombi s and if so what size genny do you use. The battery charge rate is 50 amp
  8. tommytelford

    Sterling Inverter Query

    Thanks Cuthound I think you have sorted my query. I managed to find an article which explains the the coup de fouet effect and it describes exactly what happened. Well don you ,have a pat on the back
  9. tommytelford

    Sterling Inverter Query

    It is a combi sorry I should have said. It is very difficult to monitor voltage at the actual time it cuts out as once the load is removed the voltage goes up. When I had problems originally, a couple of years back I actually tried running a video camera to monitor it but the battery ran out on the recorder first. I also tried putting the wife in charge of monitoring but the gin got to her and she went to sleep. I think the most likely cause is a loose connection somewhere which as the previous poster said , has welded itself together I will have a thorough check when I go to the boat. Thanks for the suggestions
  10. tommytelford

    Sterling Inverter Query

    The domestic batteries go through a switch of course but he inverter is fully fused as per BSS
  11. tommytelford

    Sterling Inverter Query

    No it doesn't go through a switch as I was advised to wire it direct through a suitable fuse. Maybe when I go to the boat next it may be worth checking the fuse connection. It just seemed that switching on the microwave woke it up so maybe a bad connection somewhere
  12. tommytelford

    Sterling Inverter Query

    I assume the voltage must have been ok as it continued working. You are probably right but just wondered ..........................
  13. tommytelford

    Sterling Inverter Query

    At the weekend I had to do a few jobs in preparation for a holiday cruise in a couple of weeks, including some small electrical jobs. When I had finished I decided to check the operation of the inverter so I unplugged the shoreline and let the it do it's job. After about 20 minutes I was surprised when the low voltage alarm started going off as the batteries were all fully charged. I let it continue until it cut out and then switched the inverter off and back on. It started working for about 2 minutes and the alarm started again, on a whim I turned on the microwave, thinking that it would switch the inverter off and I could then check the voltage. Much to my surprise the alarm stopped, the green light came on and the inverter continued working for the next 4 hours without a problem until I was ready to leave and re-connect the shoreline. In the past I have had problems with the invereter cutting out too early and I returned it to have it upgraded to Full Sinewave operation and checked out by Sterling because I wanted to use my laptop onboard. Any ideas why it should have started again in this way?
  14. tommytelford

    Alternator voltage

    I would have thought that was about right if the battery is fully charged, or thereabouts
  15. True why spoil it with facts that can be substantiated

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