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  1. Thanks all, I'm going to have a go with magnets/clamps suggested by several of you. Really appreciate you all taking the time to put forward suggestions. ?
  2. Is this the sort of thing you mean John6767? The boat looks fabulous, exactly the effect I’m hoping to achieve.
  3. Thanks Machpoint005 and Neil, it's how to secure the broom handle/s down the centre of the roof I'm struggling with, several people have suggested magnets now, thank you, so I'm going to look into that. presumably I'll be able to use something like craft foam between the magnets and roof to protect the paintwork?
  4. Thanks so much everybody, plenty of ideas for me to try. Must admit I hadn’t thought about magnets. I tried filling a plant pot with an old cricket stump in it with quick drying cement but it couldn’t cope with the breeze. Your display looks amazing Scholar Gypsy, thank you for sharing. ?
  5. Hi all, we’re having some friends on the boat next month for a surprise birthday weekend for one of them and want to suspend some bunting on the roof for when they arrive. Have seen it done on lots of boats before at boat gatherings but haven’t paid attention to how it’s secured. Any (sensible) suggestions would be appreciated. TIA ?
  6. Was hoping to repaint the engine bay of our semi-trad this summer but back problems have prevented this unfortunately. Does anyone know of or can recommend someone who offers this service in the Northants/Warwickshire area? TIA
  7. Thanks for that, eating out isn't essential, just need to be prepared. I haven't travelled that section of the river since I was in my early 20's and can't really remember much about it!
  8. Thanks Martin, that's really helpful. Think we'll give it a bash then. (Not literally though I hope!)
  9. Our boat is temporarily moored in Nottingham (Castle Marina) and we are planning to have a short trip with friends on the Trent through Meadow Lane Lock next week and had decided that Holme Lock would be a good place to moor for lunch and to have a look at the Watersports Centre. Pleased I saw this thread re the lack of visitor moorings there now. Can anyone enlighten me on where any suitable (for narrowboats) moorings are and also if there are any decent eating places nearby. Not really able to travel for more than a couple of hours each way on this occasion. TIA
  10. Thanks for all your replies, back home now after our sojourn on the Soar. We were blessed with beautiful spring weather and a benign river which always helps, although I did find a few muscles which I hadn't used in a while owing to some heavy locks, and gates which refused to stay closed on the run down into Leicester. We moored at Kilby Bridge, then just before Junction Lock, which was particularly lovely and on Zouch Cut. With regards to Leicester itself, we chose not to stop off at all but there would have been plenty of room on the Friar's Mill moorings (Castle Gardens being completely full). I must admit to feeling quite disgusted at the amount of rubbish in and around the navigation. It really is shameful and so avoidable. The only time I felt a bit vulnerable was when we locked through Limekiln, there were around 10 local chaps, (I was travelling with my teenage daughter) who were drinking, heavily if the number of beer cans is anything to go by, around the benches next to the lock. I nodded and smiled as I usually do but although they didn't speak to us, they watched us very closely and seemed to be discussing/commenting on us and the boat and I did wish that the people we'd locked down into the city with hadn't stopped off for provisions. Other than that, we had a good trip and there are certainly some very picturesque stretches with surprisingly little boat traffic although I suspect it may not be quite so peaceful next weekend! Thanks again,
  11. Thank you, Phil and Rickent, appreciate your replies. Now I just have to hope for dry weather for the next couple of weeks!
  12. We are planning a trip to Nottingham this Spring and are intending to go via the GU Leicester line and River Soar. Have already travelled this trip clockwise some years ago and got lots of tips from the forum then which will be useful this time I'm sure. We've planned the route via Nick's Canal Plan and 2 of the overnight stops suggested are North Lock 42 & Bishops Meadow Lock 54, neither of which I can remember from our last trip. Would be grateful if any members familiar with that stretch would advise on their suitability for an overnight stop. TIA
  13. Thanks everyone for your help. Feel much more confident that we'll be able to get a mooring.
  14. Have you tried Nick's canal planner? You'll find it through Google. Very useful as a guide, you can select your days and cruising hours and it will even give suggestions for suitable stopping places. We use it all the time. Enjoy!
  15. Hi all ? We will be heading down to Oxford in next couple of weeks and have family joining us there who are arriving by train. Can anyone offer advice on nearest 48 hour moorings to the station please? We have always moored opposite Christchurch Meadow before but not sure if we're dropping down onto the river this time. Thanks in anticipation
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