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  1. Thanks Brian, I didn't realise that Wharf House had moved into the marina, I will give them a try. Much appreciated.
  2. Sorry Brian, I thought I had already responded to your earlier post about Justin Green at Braunston. He now works at ABNB and no longer carries out this kind of work, mainly boat surveys and inspections unfortunately for us.
  3. We are looking to have a separate tank to supply the Bubble installed in the front well as we thought that this would be much more straightforward than attempting to feed the fuel pipe all the way from the stern. The main purpose of my post was to seek recommendations for an engineer in the area competent to carry out the work on our behalf. Any suggestions gratefully received. Thank you! ?
  4. Agreed Alan, that is what we have found too. Thanks, we are aware of the rebated price and with a separate tank purely supplying the stove it would be straightforward to claim it all as domestic use.
  5. Thanks Brian, if it's Justin Green you are thinking about I'm pretty sure he's not at the Bottom Lock anymore. He's done work for us before and we've been very happy with him but I believe he now works at ABNB at Crick and isn't taking on this kind of work any more unfortunately for us.
  6. Thanks Tracy D’Arth, we are looking into this as a possibility. The stove can be run on kerosene but we are struggling to find places that supply small amounts and also wondering about how readily available it is canal side when we’re out and about.
  7. Thanks very much for that information Alan, is precisely why I'm looking for someone who knows what they are doing. ?
  8. Hi folks, I am looking for a bit of advice please. We are planning to change our multi fuel stove for a diesel one and are looking at the Bubble range. Can anyone recommend an installer in the Braunston area? As well as installing the stove itself we will need a diesel tank to be made and fitted in to an existing locker in the forward well which is on the other side of the front bulkhead to the position of the stove. Many thanks in anticipation.
  9. ‘We understand that those for whom the BSS is due to expire shortly will not be able to have an inspection and we will be considering what advice to give imminently’ From the latest Coronavirus Boaters update from CRT, landed in my inbox a few minutes ago.
  10. That’s not the case. In his email to me this morning he said: ’Please don’t worry, we understand that it is not possible for you to have the BSS inspection done at present’ We have to give them chance to work everything out, these are unprecedented times aren’t they and there will be lots of issues to consider.
  11. Totally understand that I am not allowed to travel under current instructions, no intention of doing so. My concern is for what happens if my BSS runs out before I can get it surveyed and how that would impact on my Insurance and compliance with the rules of my marina, especially because I will be unable to go and check the boat for the foreseeable future. The good news is that since my email to Richard Parry at 7.30 am this morning, I have been contacted by both him and Jon Horsfall and told not to worry, they are on it and guidance will be clarified and updated just as soon as they are able. Pretty good service in my humble opinion. Thank you Athy ?
  12. My BSS is due mid May, I should be having my boat safety inspection today but the surveyor had to cancel last week because of his own personal circumstances re Covid19. I have managed to re-book with a second surveyor in Mid April, his first available appointment but still in plenty of time. My worry is if we are still in lockdown, which I think is fairly likely, my journey to the boat to allow access and generally be able to tell the surveyor where to find stuff (from a distance obviously) won't be considered essential and that's assuming the surveyor is still able to go ahead & we are allowed access to the marina. Have emailed the trust and awaiting a reply, will let you know if I get one. Certainly not leaving it too late or trying to get out of it, just trying to plan ahead.
  13. Thanks all, I'm going to have a go with magnets/clamps suggested by several of you. Really appreciate you all taking the time to put forward suggestions. ?
  14. Is this the sort of thing you mean John6767? The boat looks fabulous, exactly the effect I’m hoping to achieve.
  15. Thanks Machpoint005 and Neil, it's how to secure the broom handle/s down the centre of the roof I'm struggling with, several people have suggested magnets now, thank you, so I'm going to look into that. presumably I'll be able to use something like craft foam between the magnets and roof to protect the paintwork?
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