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  1. Have you thought of looking on Gumtree: https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-household-goods/solar-panels-250-260-watt.-german-solarworld-s-or-trina-solar.-as-new-never-installed/1232666002 I'm currently looking at getting a boat and then putting solar panels on the roof. I work for a Solar Panel company so i know how energy efficient they are. Hope this helps
  2. Great advice. Thank you
  3. Thanks for advice. I'll definitely get one with one on
  4. Thanks Mark. I am taking note of all these suggestions.
  5. Thanks Mark. I hope the right boat chooses me! Yes, for how long I have family come stay I realise what I want out of my boat is paramount. Thanks
  6. Thanks Stewart i have registered on Great Haywood site. It looks like there are many boats in my price range there.
  7. thanks Dave, always appreciated
  8. Thanks Alan first point of call then Whilton Marina. await my questions! thanks again
  9. Many thanks Alan. I will definitely look at visiting Whilton Marina, there isn't much available to view at Mercia Marina at the moment. Truthfully the New and Used Boat Co at Mercia Marina near enough laughed at me when i asked about narrowboats for £35k - £40K. If i wasn't so determined it could have put me off. I will have the £5K available for all the licences and surveys and residential fees, and yes, i will ensure i put £1 - £2k away for a repair fund. I will also be working full time and hopefully saving a bit of this every month to put away to top up any repair fund i need. I will go and visit Whilton Marina and have a look around what they have. I have registered on Apollo Duck and other second hand sites, so any boats in my price range will be emailed. I am fortunate that i do have someone i can call upon when the time comes to come with me to view a boat, and have a better understanding of the engine and what to look out for. I of course would get a survey done first. I have heard that Beta engines are always reliable. I hope i will not become annoying with my incessant questions over the next few months, but i feel i can do all the research available in books, but asking the questions to fellow boaters will get me the most honest answers i need. please let me know if i need to limit my questions or whether i can just ask each time i need to know something ! Jules
  10. Alan Thank you so much for responding; i'll try and give you more background info... i am down on the list at the marina in my village, so i am predominately going to be on a residential mooring. I have looked into the cost of this in detail. I will cruise in the summer, but as i work full time, this will be limited to where i can get on a Friday night to Sunday. The mooring has electric hook-ups, pump out, and water and diesel. My budget is £35k to £45K i would ideally like a 4 berth, but a 2 berth with a bed-settee is an option. I am 48 years old, and yes, humping a 25kg gas bottle would be hard, but i could do it. I also have family in the village who i'm sure would help their mum do this for a nice cuppa and piece of cake! I am a fit 48 year old, and am not looking at doing this for monetary reasons, i have been single now for 5 years and have considered this move for 18 months and now think life is about more than bricks and mortar, it is about seizing the opportunity to do what you dream of. i realise i have LOADS to learn, and the next 3 months will be a huge learning curve, but life is sometimes about taking that leap of faith and doing what you want to in life.
  11. any advice would be welcome. I am about to put my house on the market and buy a narrowboat, please can you give me advice on which type of boat is the wisest choice. Trad, semi-trad or cruiser? It will be to house 1 adult (and a small dog) but with capacity for family to come and stay over - so 4 berth ideally. I am wary about what type of heating to look for, as i work full time and will need to keep warm when i get back to the boat after work in the winter months. I am trying to do as much research as possible, and have the opportunity to stay on a boat for a weekend in July to see how it goes. i have bought and read books, and am trying to ask as many questions as possible before i go to the buying stage. many thanks, all advice gratefully received
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