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  1. Depends if you're keen to 'stick to the rules', even when said rules don't really make so much sense e.g. can only go out shopping for essential items, but we'll re-open retail shops soon...you just can't go to them... I've been stopped since just before the lockdown on a quiet bend, a solid 5 minute walk from the van on the GU. Over the last 2/3 weeks there's been a gradual increase in marina boats appearing. By now theres easily 4 or 5 stopped on that 5 minute walk each night, out for a break/holiday spending the nights away from home. Effectively the rule about not staying overnight isn't being adhered to anymore (understandably), so I shouldn't worry about it too much. If you get asked just tell them you wanted to stay overnight so that prior to driving the boat the next day you could test your eyesight by making your morning brew.
  2. Just popped back in to see if there was any new update...we're on to anti-vax with a hint of brexit... love this place, never known another forum veer so wildly off topic with such regularity. My emails from CRT are a bit haphazard e.g. I never received the one telling me to stay put, I'd decided to do it anyway as it seemed logical, then I noticed a post on here. There's been no update on yesterday's announcement I assume? I also assume there's quite a bit of anecdotal evidence for increased boat movements now? That's my experience anyhow
  3. It's people like yourself, and many others, that I think there should be differing guidance. Imposing arbitrary movement requirements on and aging user group doesn't seem sensible. An awful lot of CCers would simply be safer if they were allowed to remain sat still. Issue is that then you'll get some folk taking the mickey.
  4. The email was a little less definitive than that I'd say. It's an anticipation, hopefully things do go in that direction though
  5. So for CCers, I'm allowed to move from the 23rd, but shouldn't touch any structures i.e. can't move through locks for pleasure. On the 23rd the 14 timer starts, so I can wait until the 1st of June, when they anticipate that they will reopen the navigation fully, i.e. implies that travelling through locks for pleasure is OK from the 1st June. However should it not be fully open or instructions change I assume the movement rule will be waived again...?
  6. Interesting contradiction between the requirement for CC to start moving again and HM to avoid the use of locks, though admittedly only by a few days
  7. I'm amazed at this thread, it's not that hard to understand, boating for pleasure ain't yet permitted, just wait and continue to do your bit to keep the population as safe as you can. Anecdotally the number of boats, that appear to be non-liveaboards, that are moving has at least doubled since the weekend. Including a absolutely massive wide beam which moored up next to me for exactly a week before heading back off in the direction it came. We all like our hobbies, but for now we should make small sacrifices with them rather than looking for loop holes in the new rules
  8. I'm not sure that's right, think one of the parents would have to leave the grandson in the local park and they would then go home, this would then enable you to then travel to the park to meet your grandson from a distance of 2 meters
  9. Interesting...so gov advice means that CRT believe folk are allowed out to the boat for a single day's cruise... I'm still sat still on the southern GU, tbh quite enjoying the quiet winter canal conditions but in nice summer weather
  10. Now that the train numbers have decreased significantly I quite like where I happened to be when the movement restriction came in force. I'm moored near bridge 108 in Old Linslade on the GU. Few different dog walk loops I can make, there's Rushmere Country Park a short ride away for some "mountain" biking exercise. Water tank fill up run is either a short journey and a 6 locks or longer journey and 2 locks. Either way presents some brief but enjoyable cruising.
  11. I don't understand, are you saying why should I care? / What's it got to do with me?
  12. Been sat on my deck (GU just south of Soulbury) working from the laptop for the last 3 days. Monday and Tuesday I'd say I saw 3 boats moving each day. Today i'm over 10 so far, several looked like marina dwellers (but looks don't mean everything - so me mum tells me). Feel like there's quite a few not bothering with the don't bugger off to your 'holiday home' rule this weekend.
  13. Went riding down Abbots Langley way this weekend and saw loads of the signs quoted. As well as several makeshift signs by non-home moored boaters (why they stopped on such a busy stretch of they were concerned is beyond me) this is the first sign I’ve seen up round Leighton Buzzard and it appears new (and better in my opinion)
  14. Agreed, bizarre to pick on that point...imported or not, if it makes language easier then I'm all for it.
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