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  1. Cheers, but if it ain't in the policy I'm not concerned.
  2. Also with GJW, use hooks for the fore and aft, never had one come out and mostly moor up for 10 - 14 days at a time. Have on occasion had them "pull through", but do me best to put em where the pilling bolts are. Luckily 2 weeks is in line with their "short term" wording, in my opinion. Though if it's true it ain't in the policy then I've no interest in their opinion anyhow.
  3. Well, since they changed to the new cameras I've been awarded 9 points for getting to my various destinations in record time. So now I don't hurry! FYI: 81 Back on topic. I can't see any new legislation actually forcing boats to go electric. They may introduce smog tests or something mad. But it's highly unlikely to have a big impact I bet. the key is that they are at least seen to be doing something. I wouldn't really agree with PeterB fairly conceited electrification mantra though. The usage doesn't make sense for what the public requires. The technology just isnt there yet. Nor should the use of Li be touted as the environmentally friendly option. Though I do love engines, I would personally much prefer a silent e-motor to cruise about with, just can't see it being forced upon the population. I'd cite the recent crack down on diesel emissions at MOT as evidence; it hasn't been enforced upon my 1999 van. On a personal (off topic) note: I really don't enjoy people being on their high horse about how "green" they are, with the implied superiority. The biggest thing you can do to limit your impact on this earth is to not breed and help develop and educated the 3rd world to reduce their ever increasing numbers. If you're not on this horse, your horse ain't so big imo.
  4. Nope, I got done by one on the M4, gantry wasn't lit up. Was 1am and I was making good progress!
  5. Bizzare / fruitless place to put up a gentle reminder, this forum must be read by < 1% of all boater on the inland WWs...
  6. Could have been me? I said that I don't bother printing out the Licence Disc. Seems pointless, the checkers warden people on the towpath have their handheld gadget. If I go through a particular lock or something that needs one I have the PDF saved on me phone. I'm not one for arbitrary rules personally and i do like to save a bit of paper and ink where I can. Boat names is kinda the same I guess. I suppose all that's necessary is the index number ain't it. Everything is in a database. Obviously the naming and painting of boats is a nice tradition and one I think the waterways benefit from, though not sure it needs to be required by law. None of this has out to do with CCing though. Sorry
  7. I'm moored on the pound down and south of Tring Summit and the level is down quite a few inches. I've run water down from the Summit twice to get off the bottom over the weekend. Yesterday evening though it was so far down (and I was sat at an angle of >4deg) I sacked it off and went to stay at the lass' place.
  8. freedom of info request time I would think surely!? These rumors can't possibly be true...
  9. That doesn't make sense, I mean they could move the boat to within a very short cruise of the hub the weekend before. The arrive at the boat on the Friday evening (I assume; or saturday morning) and do a cruise of minutes to the hub. The Move out of the hub could be done at the end of the even on sunday surely? I personally love industrial history, so really admire people that keep it alive. I personally wouldn't really want to stay in a busy honey pot either. However I don't see the absolute need to clog it up during the busy season for 3 weekend.
  10. I honestly don't understand the need to drop the boat into a honey pot spot the week before and then leave it dumped there the week after. As others have said, boats could simply moor up just outside and then shuffle out of the honey pot immediately after. Seems simple to me. Totally understand the reserving of spots just before and during hte event
  11. I would second the advice from Alan of finding a local welder, there's a few knocking about on boats, to weld in 2 or 3 sheets of steel to make the permanent tank. I'd be surprised if this were harder than fitting and securing a "auxiliary" tank. Also, I'm not sure where you are located, but I have a hydraulic crimp tool you're welcome to borrow should you wish to redo some of the electrics yourself. I can offer some advice too. I'm on the Tring summit at the moment, heading towards Berkhamsted. P.S. your engine looks awesome!!!!
  12. Towpath being sold off so that CCers can ignore the law during the winter really irks me. In winter you really want to be in a spot that's closer to a bridge / car parking / other convenience, to try and minimise the length of muddy rain strewn walk you have to contend with. So to have several of the best bits sold off is rather frustrating.
  13. A friend recently lost one of my two windlass'. Obviously they lost me favorite one rather than back-up one. Research on here made me conclude that the Neal ones were best...there isnn't any on the Bay...so I bought a fishing magnet for £22 instead!
  14. Totally wrong, the hours required to upbring and train a useful adult human is significantly greater than pretty much all manufactured items
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