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  1. The internets said not to do this when I read them. Apparently
  2. Sounds correct. From an earlier SN there was only 2 Electrodes according to the parts list. One's on order direct from Morco, hopefully will arrive tomorrow, I ain't a man enough to enjoy cold showers. On the spiders front, I couldn't get the flue puzzle to pieces in the 15 minutes I had at home
  3. Yes spark is between 10 (right) and 9 (centre) The Ionisation electrode is angled over horizontally towards the Confirmation electrode. Suggesting conduction between the two. I dont recall any of them being "pointy"
  4. Interesting bit of science that. The middle "probe" is called a confirmation electrode, so I think there is a flow between the left (lookers) and centre electrode....?
  5. Yer the cut off time is exactly the same each time. Which doesn't lend itself to a variable like a blockage does it. I wondered if it was something to do with heat, but with temp and flame turned right down the symptoms are the same. Sorry, by house I mean I'm a liveaboard, it's the first dwelling I've ever owned so I think of it as a house! Found the board and electrode assy for next day delivery if ordered before 1:45. So early dinner to check for spiders and connection condition. Then I'll get both items ordered and if it's cured with the electrode I'll return the board. cheers
  6. @J R ALSOP I'd just read this, there's more spiders in my house than stars in the galaxy I think. Might drive home at dinner and have a go at this. Could be the one. Cheers
  7. Cheers for the replies. Just read the electrode replacement every three years, it's been installed for ~ 5 now I think. Though I had concluded that it was likely to be the flow switch or electronics board given the spares that are sold on ebay i.e. unusually, given the three year replacement, no one is selling the electrode assy.
  8. Hello all, Hoping someone can shed some light on the fault with my Morco hot water heater. It’s an on demand jobbie, so lights when there’s water flow. But then after a few seconds it shuts the gas off and lights up its red light on the display. Ive tried bending the (that I think is a) thermocouple down towards the flame but it’s had no effect. Also no effect from changing the flame setting knob or water temp. So im stumped as what to do next. Order the thermocouple unit or the water flow sensor. I’m assuming thermocouple. Any advice would be appreciated! Cheers!!
  9. I disagree. If there a busy patch of mooring then yes I think it's fine. In this instance, plonking a wide boat on the last bollard when there's several hundred meters of free mooring in front is a selfish inconvenience to other boaters IMO. Obviously it's not an insurmountable challenge, but it does make life that little bit more difficult if you're singlehanding. An inconvenience as I said, but t made the moorers life much easier - they could just pull long the landing and then only needed to batter one pin in. Personally I chose my current mooring position as it was a good 100ft from the landing and a decent distance from the lock house so I don't disturb them with the occasional genny use. Next to a spot on the towpath that's wide to that walkers/riders have plenty of space to get past without increasing risk of tripping on the pins
  10. Would have been maddening if you did (though on pins not rings) as there's a good 400m of free mooring behind me so illogical to moor up right next to someone. That said when they pulled up there, out of what I can only assume is laziness, they used the last lock landing bollard.
  11. I mostly moor up a good walk from the nearest pub and bridge, despite it adding a ~ 5 minute walk to me drive to work every day. I like the piece and quiet and views. Currently I’m moored up nearly a 10 minute walk from the pub / bridge and yet still, people see a boat moored up all alone and think “look a moored boat, i’ll stop here then” imagine my delight when this pulled up on Friday afternoon, I sacked off the planned BBQ on the front deck. Looks like they had a lovely time on their roof deck looking out at the view though! @Mike the Boilerman this made me think of your complaints about them being damned tall too
  12. Completely agree with this. I haven't signed it, the intent isn't clear at all.
  13. There's a massive grey boat being fitted out in Berko at the moment. I wish I'd taken a pic of it moored almost opposite the water point at the Shell garage. I ended up moving it north a couple of hundred feet as I wanted to wind in the wee feeder(?) channel there - which was completely impossible with the thing moored oppo.
  14. I've got loads, leave one on each paddle of the whole flight for maximum flying windlass damage. (yes I take it with me obviously! I don't leave it on always because I need it to wind the next paddle. Key word was "often")
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