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  1. Erm, how would you know your postcode? If you were walking, I'd assume you'd know your lat long, so I'd use that personally. Or plus code, or any of the other free location services. I'd also text the location to make sure that any poor signal doesn't get missed. In addition there are apps which have 'buddy beacons' or things like this. Don't use a post code. There's also this on android, wonder if there's an iOS thing too https://crisisresponse.google/emergencylocationservice/how-it-works/
  2. Luckily though it's open source so you can get your location from multiple apps...where as W3Ws is one app that you hope keeps working.
  3. yes, the Plus Code is displayed on my google maps app on my phone with no fuss.
  4. Regarding the emergency services sending a link and the location being sent back to them. A system achieving this is successfully in use by UK Mountain Rescue (and other UK emergency responders) and has been rolled out globally to emergency responders. SARLoc was originally developed by a Team Member of the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation and records verified hits and uses multiple times a week in the UK alone. The only time What3Words would make work easier would be if no data connection existed and only voice or text messaging could be used. But in this instance the app would already have to be pre-installed on the user device. Even then, the only benefit would be the ability to phonetically spell words more easily than numbers via a bad line or the ability of W3W to ensure that misspelled words in a text are still pointing to a relevant location. All in all – as you say W3W are producing a great example of faking Openness and trying to sell people a solution to a problem that by and large does not exist in most developed western nations. The adoption of a system that only works for 20% of the earth's population (English speaking) is very illogical in my opinion, especially when the system is a monetised business model and will undoubtedly be rolled out to more and more users needing to pay in the future
  5. Why do you keep 'shouting'!? Chill. If you want more info on location services and addressing then I suggest googling. I had no opinion one way or the other until I did my own reading on the subject. I'm not telling you or anyone else what to do, I'm simply expressing that the W3W service is a bit limited and there's better ones out there. I feel like you've taken personal offence to me criticising a for profit business,which I assume you have no connection! Missing something isn't the same as ignoring. As stated, as per your quote from me, "If you have data access..." [my bold for emphasis] It's the if that's key in my statement. Agreed, if you haven't got a smart phone, but do have access to the internet then you could indeed use W3W, or any other service. Agreed, if you haven't got a phone signal, but do have access to the internet then you could indeed use W3W, or any other service. So....if you dont have triangulation (assume you're referring to satellite) then how does W3W work...? Am I missing something?
  6. https://www.grcdi.nl/Address_encoding_versus_traditional_addressing–the_state_of_play_20181030.pdf What? Once an algorithm has been made public code, how could it then be made non-public....? As I said before, agreed. Should do what they are working with. Though as stated before it's utterly illogical in most situations, as most have data so they could easily use geo location on a webpage which would prevent any human cock ups with W3W, Lat Long or other codes This.
  7. What on earth are you on about!? Someone asked what Plus Codes were, I'm not google but as I had supplied a webpage that fully describes what Plus Codes are with more than 10 paragraphs of text about them! If you Ctrl+F on that webpage you immediately get taken to the text about them! The person that asked "what are plus codes" here, rather than in google, complained that there was too much text, you are complaining that there isn't enough!!!! Google is available, I was merely trying to re-share an interesting analysis of the various address mapping principles available!
  8. This that's the crux of it, the experts in the address, mapping world don't prefer it. It's a system set-up by a company to make money and they are keeping it that way. Of course, while the emergency services (ES) are promoting it it makes sense to have the app for situations where you don't have data. If you have data access it is completely illogical to be referred to a W3W webpage by the ES, when they could just use a webpage to ping the geo location to them; without two human interactions.
  9. To be honest I've never tried Plus Codes and don't think it's relevant at this point. What's important is not adopting a terrible closed business model as a nation. It will cost a fortune to change to the IS once it's implemented.
  10. It's being made open source... Yes clearly better. W3W should hopefully die off soon and something else (like Plus Codes) should be made and International Standard
  11. Ha, with that attitude I'm actually pleased you feel aggrieved about losing time. I didn't see any conspiracist theory's in there tbh. Seemed like a good brief about each of the methods and how they rationalised the problem until plus codes were created. Don't want to get into a petty argument, so I'll just say that if you wanted a single line explanation you could have googled, it would have been quicker than posting on here. Secondly I don't have the wiki link, I just used the link provided by stuartC. The concern as stated is, that it's not public domain, so likelihood is investors will be waiting thier time before they start charging. In addition, getting a words mixed up, for example will give a location nowhere near where you are. You basically have to memorise all of it exactly else you wont get anywhere near where you are. Where as other methods mean the accuracy of the location increased the more characters you remember
  12. Checked what? The link? I hadn't as it worked last time, but checked it now and it is indeed working (for me). Checked the article? Yes read it last time, was a good geeking out session.
  13. Check out the link quoted in my previous reply, it basically discusses pros and cons of each option. Plus codes are the well thought out option that I hope gets adopted as the international standard
  14. Basically W3W is a gimmick that should be killed off ASAP. Plus codes are a much much better alternative
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