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  1. I wouldn't have thought dredging would have significant impact on flood prevention. You're dredging a narrow channel, so you'd have to do it bloody deep to impact the volume that's been flowing against the defenses / outer banks lately
  2. To form a balanced argument. I suggest everyone doesn't, it would be minging and would cost money to to make into a law.
  3. Yes that's what I understood. So if you research of local bye-laws and find nothing forbidding it, you can discharge sewage into the canal. But, please don't!!!
  4. I think the point of Alan's work was to show that it's actually 'permitted' (it's not against the law) in any waterway; unless I've miss-understood the posts
  5. Yeah, but not much less aye. tenths or hundredths of a percent I would think
  6. Well, they should do whatever's fair imo. I'd suggest that it would motivate them to get stuff sorted faster. but then they don't make very much money from us in the grand scheme of things
  7. ah good on em, hope they do something similar here
  8. I agree with your desire, seems only fair. Though I assume there's something in the TCs that states they can't do out about stoppages and so luck of the draw with how much you can cruise
  9. That's kinda what I have. From the rear deck you walk into the kitchen, then a 6ft open space, then bathroom, then bedroom and finally front room with doors onto the raised front deck. I'm moored in Leighton Buzzard at the minute, if you were local and wanted to pop your head in for 5 minutes drop me a PM
  10. There was a big tree down on the LEighton Buzzard water point yesterday morning on my ride in to work, but they’d cleared it by the time I was riding home. Though I suspect it was the council? offices that paid to have it removed as it looks like their tree
  11. There’s a sizeable tree blocking navigation just south of Old Linslade rd i don’t know if this is on the stoppages page, or how reliable that page is, so figured I’d post
  12. Anecdotally the GU round where I loiter does indeed appear to be getting more and more boats CCing year on year. More and more of those boats are the widebeam variety. So far there's only been a few examples I've seen where they have significantly impeded navigation, but mostly they have been fine. My experience is that they do tend to moor up in more 'in-experienced' locations; causing some minor inconvenience for others due to their beam. Basically moored in the sort of location I have never seen, nor would never expect a working pair to moor. Watching them move around looks immensely stressful, with their front roof corners often protruding over the width, seeing them line up for brigde-holes involves a lot of running from side to side (due to roof height) for the steerer (as well as someone on the bow guiding/yelling). Not my cup of tea.
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