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  1. Fair enough, hard to figure out tone on here ain't it. Apologies for the narkiness
  2. Yes was aware you said that earlier. As I find is often the case on here replies to comments often assume the poster hasn’t fully thought through their actions fully, such as you telling me I should give some thought to... but I understand why, you’re smarter and wiser than I am, so you’re educating for the greater good
  3. Yep, whenever I can, find a stick an transport it into the undergrowth. Without digging a hole, which I'll do if the ground permits, throwing it unbagged is the best way
  4. Are you saying the second one is correct!? If so, please pass some wisdom on!
  5. As I now work from home I felt this yesterday, was bizarre feeling the shudder and hearing the ceiling creak / crack. I'm moored pretty much dead between the two quoted centres just south of Slapton at Lock 32
  6. It bugs me when people work for free in a regular position, as it's basically undercutting someone's wage. Why would a company gainfully employ someone, if they could get someone else to do it for free. I know it's common for it to be retired people looking for something to do / looking for a way to 'give', but I feel there are better ways than in permie positions Then of course this all comes back to the company / charity being underfunded, which comes back to the gov, then to the economy etc etc
  7. Good access for the water point, spitting distance from the car park and a stones throw from the winding hole. I can see why they’ve ‘dropped’ their boat here, wonder why I never thought mooring there before...
  8. If it can't achieve temp I'd say the gas has got out, which in the domestic fridge world = throw in the bin and buy a new one
  9. Could they!? How do they know who was piloting, purchasing, using the fuel? In my 6 years living aboard I've never been asked to fill in a log book. Rarely get asked what my split is. I've filled out the linked form. I look forward to the ultimate decline of diesel on boats despite being a lover of an old engine chuggin past. Be a nicer place / life when they are gone again.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. The P stands for Potato. As other's have said, what happened before this incident is utterly irrelevant. Hope the potato boat person in charge gets dragged through whatever punishment is available. If the video recorder did something different then that should be dealt with too of course.
  12. Just to add, to balance the opinion, I'm more than happy to use the pump out on the offside. Rocking to get the last bits is either done by swinging off the roof 'rail' or popping up on the roof. Can't be arsed with winding just for a pump out.
  13. Yep, there's a few dumpers around here that I would guess would have a perm mooring rather than doing a quick shuffle every 2 weeks. I certainly choose to CC due to linear mooring costs (boat parks don't appeal to me).
  14. Gary is moored up next to me at the moment actually, if there's a message / number you want me to pass on let me know
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