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  1. Damn, thought as much, hoped for better. Thanks for the replies. I’ll weigh up replacing it like for like vs a cheaper unit; don’t live aboard any more and plan to sell. cheers again
  2. So the thunking noise is actually it pulling so much current through the 75mm2 cable it’s making them knock against the cabin…I think it’s terminal
  3. Evening all, I’ve recently run I to a problem with my inverter charger. when powering it on it fires up it’s internal fans as normal but then pulses the 12v system twice (the think noise in the video)before flashing some leds and then sitting with all leds lit, but not putting any power out. The 12v pulses it’s doing are causing the galley lights to pulse and the solar controller to restart I’ve removed the live wire from the 240v output to rule out that, make no difference. I’ve plugged 240V I to it on the charge side and still no difference. anyone any clue where I start!?? ooo isn’t the modern world of automatically embedded links wonderful! cheers very much for any advice
  4. Yeah, we weren’t reading the Marple bit as it wasn’t applicable to us. The lass figured it out and I was coming here to update my post! cheers for the replies.
  5. Morning all, been a while. I’ve a question regarding Bosley flight, it appears they’ve closed the flight on certain days to conserve water. However…the statement contradicts itself by saying the flight is open Mon, Weds & Sat. But then it later states the flight is closed on Friday, which implies it’s open every other day. so do they mean that it’s volunteer operated Mon Weds and Sat, Closed on Friday, open as normal Tues Thurs Sun? anyone there? Been through since the beginning of Apr? cheers
  6. Thanks for the reply. I assumed this would be the case, however I don’t have a grand spare to spend on replacement. Also with life changing at the moment I’m not sure how much to invest into the boat. Am I to assume that there is nothing to be done for them then? All damage is irreparable and their current state is it. I wasn’t expecting to be able to ‘fix’ then, but I was hopeful that I might be able to partially fix them. cheers again for the reply
  7. A caution here, this video contains graphic content that all viewers should find harrowing https://youtu.be/qlzOaWBJOoU so a change of circumstances have meant I’ve only been back to the boat on occasions, no longer a full-time live aboard. I was watching the TV the other night when the inverter went off due to the battery bank dropping to 11.something volts, this surprised me as the solar should have given me enough for that evening based on experience. So investigation the next evening and I discovered the horror!! I immediately went out and bought water, as the 3 L I had didn’t make much of an impact! In the end I put around 17 L into the six Trojan T – 105 I have. i’ve tried to keep them on charge and not drawdown from them for about a week now, I’m now back living abroad so I’m running the generator whenever I am there in the evening and then solar is pumping through the day. they bubble intermittently when on charge and I’ve noticed the voltage readout on the SmartGauge isn’t a steady voltage when on charge. It used to sit rock steady at either 14.7 or 14.8 depending on temperature, now it fluctuates between 14.45 and 14.6 any advice on what I could do to revive them as best as possible? Thanks for any advice on help to rejuvenate them as best as possible. setup is: 3 pairs of T105 (about 6 years old) Mastervolt Mass Combi 100a EU22i genny 400w solar
  8. So having spent 6 years constantly cruising down on the GU I’ve had a huge change of circumstances and come up to the Macc (well supposed to be Peak but can’t get there) came back tonight to the messiest grass cutting I’ve ever seen! is this normal for the Macc? Just fill up the cut!?
  9. Evening all, been a while. So, due to some life stuff I’ve pretty much had to abandon my boat for several months, but I’m back aboard shortly and keen to get closer to my new home area. As such I’ve been told some tales about Bosley. If we get up early ish tomorrow and press on to the lock flight will we just arrive at a massive queue and have wasted our efforts? Or is it actually pretty chilled and you can womble through without much trouble? cheers
  10. Tilting made quite a big difference to my total power through the day when I did it last March / April. I have some absolute figures I think. I used a website that told me the angle of the earth for the time of year and aimed for that amount of tilt, I aimed for 40deg I think. I'll dig out the figures for you (my two had been flat for years, which was fine until I was working from home running monitor, laptop and stereo etc
  11. I've reported a couple on the Ayles to CRT, in 2019, one worse than this which had caused a huge sink hole in the towpath and one slightly less than this one. In both cases they came and got a temporary repair in pretty quickly
  12. Apparently there were 30mph gusts of wind that day, which is why it got blown off course...
  13. Very good ta, this want's pinning
  14. This is the bit I was mooching on? Denver to Ely, I found that less dull than the middle levels because at least it was wide so you could see out and it's deep so I could get up to 7mph or so.
  15. So to add for the OP. Yes the Nene is absolutely worth doing. The Ouse was cool too, for sights and the massive sluice complex, but I've yet to see anything as nice as the Nene. Loads of wildlife and a lot is secluded. One thing that stands out is how tranquil it can be (if you ignore a 71' 2.5l diesel engine) due to the lack of footpaths following the banks, you get to go places that most people cannot
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