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  1. Ok ta! Yes, I suppose so! I think I’ll leave panel as it is or drop 10 degs maybe!
  2. Hi! I have a fixed panel on the roof facing SW on my mooring! If facing South the panel angle should be 42 degrees! For you mathematicians out there, what is the ideal angle or am I just clutching at straws?
  3. Old pump is a drain pump so not suitable anyway! I do have an accumulator tank, and advert states they’re not required
  4. Hi! The pump is 11 ltrs per minute and cuts out at 2.7bar
  5. Yes, advice is to buy a Parmax 2.9
  6. Hi! I’m buying a pressurised pump and see how it goes from there. Ta!
  7. Ok, thanks for your reply and advice!
  8. Ok, thanks for your reply and advice!
  9. Hi! The water pump is a jabsco shower/ drain one! Do you recommend a ‘Gulper? The heater is a Morco 6 ltr Ecoplus model Hi thanks for your advice on pipe size
  10. Hi! Thanks for your reply! Copper Pipe going to heater is 15mm since new! The heater is 6 ltrs. ta! Hi! The water pump is a jabsco shower/ drain one! Do you recommend a ‘Gulper’?
  11. Hi! I’m looking to buy a new LPG gas water heater because flow is slow to the shower to provide hot temperatures! Heater always sounds like there’s not enough water! My pressure tank is about 3 bar Which is the best heater for flow rate on a narrow boat please? Is it the case of ‘the bigger the better? Ta!
  12. Lol! Yes a great idea!😃
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