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  1. A lot of stuff was removed and on the towpath! Generators, gas bottles, and other stuff but no stove or chimney or appliances
  2. An arson attack has been confirmed by the fire service a few days ago at Boxmoor Hemel Hempstead and Herts police are asking for any witnesses to contact lisa.brown@herts.police.uk
  3. Ok! Well Ive taped with aluminium foil the connections to make them more secure Yes I clean the flue and flame jet every now and then
  4. Yes, gases rise out, and I think the connections are loose to help prevent forced gusts of air extinguishing the pilot flame
  5. Ok, I thought you were stating gas pipe
  6. I’m trying to increase hot water supply under pressure to make a more powerful supply
  7. Yes I understand that. I’m trying to make hot water more efficient and use less gas
  8. Hi! A PWM controller was stated in another post! What is that please?
  9. My controller is what was supplied with panel! Not sure if it’s MPPT or MWP
  10. Hi! Shower hot water flow not powerful enough! turning up water temp on boiler and mixing cold to required temp must be the only way to achieve this I suppose!
  11. Hi! I’ve fitted a pressure pump and hot water output is no difference! What about ‘power shower’ heads? Would that increase flow? Booster pumps maybe? Ta!
  12. Ok, well mine is diesel powered I have a petrol generator!
  13. Ok, I have a recess in the gunwhale that sits a vent hole and cover presumably for such a flue!
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