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  1. Tom and Bex

    Launching a 12' with outboard - rules ?

    Not sure on official policy, but we've launched similar sized boat over towpath edge in different locations. As long as you don't do any damage to bank edge or towpath, can't really see anyone complaining. Insurance - only really need 3rd party, we used basic boat insurance before, but might be cheaper companies around now.
  2. Tom and Bex

    Pubs on The Curly-Wurly..

    As others have said, Manor Arms is definitely worth a visit. Also Wagon and Horses, Toll End Rd, Tipton - short walk from secure moorings at Ocker Hill. Seemed really friendly when there a couple years ago, with several nice real ales on, and we definitely made a note to revisit again. Only popped in for a quick half on way to the chippy next door, and came back to the boat 2 hrs later to some very hungry and disgruntled crew! As to moorings, I would avoid anywhere around Horsley Fields junction, Birchalls junction, and top of Walsall locks. Good moorings can be had at Wednesfield junction (Bently Retail Park), Holly Bank Basin, Walsall basin (has floating boom across entrance that boat just pushes to side), Pelsall Common, Anglesey basin, and Ocker Hill (secure moorings just inside entrance bridge. That's just some of the good ones I can remember using off the top of my head, loads of other safe places to stop. Some people have reported problems with groups of lads at Walsall locks, but we've been through at all hours of the day and night with them there and never had any problems. We do try to talk with them though, explain how they work, and get them to help with shutting lock gates etc rather than completely blank them like I've seen some boaters do.
  3. Tom and Bex

    Winding at the top of Walsall flight

    Personally I'd be very wary about leaving a boat unattended, or stop overnight at either the junction or top of the locks - and we're normally quite happy to moor in most areas. Bottom of the locks or Walsall basin would be fine - my preference would be the basin itself. Nice place to moor, and the locks are quick and easy to work, definitely well worth a visit.
  4. Tom and Bex

    Winding at the top of Walsall flight

    Looks like it would be quite tight but might be possible. Why not just wind at Birchalls Junction?
  5. Tom and Bex

    FREE curtains

    Interested in these. PM sent
  6. Tom and Bex

    Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    Really? I would say permanent moorings make up the vast majority of moored boats. Boats moored on pins seem a very rare sight, although I do understand this will vary by area and waterway. And regardless of permanent moorings or not, unless using pins is the only option, there really is no excuse not to be securely moored! And yes I do slow down for moored boats. Even more so if they're moored using pins, or the ropes are so slack they are trailing in the water!
  7. Tom and Bex

    Burning out alternators

    We generally charge for 4+ hrs every 2 days, and at least an hour on days in between. Depends on solar though, not needing much additional charging now spring is finally here. Generally tail current is down to 2-3a at 14.8-15.1v when we stop charging. Think we killed them early on though, as followed general advice on charging sealed batteries and only charged at 14.4v. Since charging at the higher voltage they seem to have stabilised and stopped deteriorating, even improving slightly. Have mentioned this on here before. And yes, that's why we're interested in lithiums. Fed up with hours and hours of engine/generator running with very little load, and batteries that are not fit for purpose
  8. Tom and Bex

    Burning out alternators

    Advantages would be much shorter charge times, and not needing to get to 100% which still takes hours of charging, even with low usage. Would only be planing for small lithium bank, using 2nd hand 210ah cells, which should give 2 days between charges, and much shorter charge time. Plus could use washing machine without running engine or generator as we currently seem to have to (cold wash setting only). We also seem to kill batteries in about a year! Current set were new last May, and are currently down to not much more than 100ah - badged capacity should be 405ah!
  9. Tom and Bex

    Burning out alternators

    The example with sander and vacuum was just to demonstrate the alternators were quite happy producing 150a for 3hrs, so can't see why they won't charge lithium batteries for about an hour a day? Our electric usage is quite low, 70-80ah a day max so easily replaced in 1 hrs charging or less, yet some people insist our standard alternators will overheat and burn out if used for charging lithium batts. Just can't understand the difference.
  10. Tom and Bex

    Custom fitted shower door

    We've fitted ones like these from Wesley Marine Windows and they seem ok. Not necessarily the cheapest, but reasonable quality and easy to fit. http://www.wesleywindows.co.uk/store/petite-plus-made-to-measure-bi-fold-shower-doors-white.html
  11. Tom and Bex

    Burning out alternators

    Sounds interesting. Keep us updated! As an aside, what's the difference between a 70a and 110a alternator supplying a continuous load of 1200w vacuum and 450w sander (via inverter); say about 150a, for a period of 3hrs or so, and the same setup charging lithium batteries for an hour or 2? I keep getting told the later won't work, even with external controller with alternator temp sensor. Haven't got lithium batteries yet, but seriously considering them later this year. Tom
  12. Tom and Bex

    Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    Fully agree with you on day boats. They've gone from the stretch now though!
  13. Tom and Bex

    Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    We probably had about a dozen boats pass us yesterday, including about 4 hire boats. Of those, the only ones who made any effort to slow down appreciably were the hire boats. The wash on some of the private boats was almost breaking over the bank before they reached us, all the hire boats were doing a sensible speed. I generally find this is repeated throughout the year. Obviously there are exceptions to this, but generally speaking I find the hire boats slow down far more than private boats do, yet hire boats seem to get most of the blame. As I've mentioned before though, speeding boats don't generally bother me, even when painting. With a correctly moored boat, I find we barely move regardless of speed other boats pass us.
  14. Tom and Bex

    Eberspacher EDiTH software

    I've used it to reset a lockout following too many failed starts when we ran out of fuel. Can't recommend a specific adaptor though, as I wired it up to my existing kkl adaptor that I use on our car. Instructions are online somewhere, think I found them on a Russian car website! Certainly very useful bit of software.
  15. Tom and Bex

    Ultramax Lithium batteries

    I'm not sure this is true is it? My alternators have been quite happy supplying a 1200w vacuum cleaner and 450w sander continuously for a couple of hours via inverter - say 150a allowing for inverter loses. This was with current into/out of batteries hovering around 0a with engine running about 1500rpm, and no sign of alternators overheating. Not sure what the difference is between that usage or charging lithium batteries?