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  1. Well I've assumed it's going to be the the bank holiday weekend at end of May as that's the time I've booked off work! Really hope they don't change the dates. If it's any other dates I definitely won't be able to enter - have to book annual leave 12 months ahead to have any chance of getting specific dates, particularly bank holidays or school holidays.
  2. So that's everyone starting ar Walsall next year then.....
  3. We hadn't done any planning for thiis year yet either, but most of our planning trends to be last minute and varies depending how energetic the crew are feeling on Friday night! This was also possibly going to be our last year for a bit, as Lily's (hopefully!) starting school in September. The thought of leaving Lapworth at 3.30pm Friday and getting to our start location doesn't sound the best preparations for the challenge! No doubt we'll find a way to be there next year now though - I've already booked the time off work!
  4. A big thanks to the organisers of this event and the hard work they and the teams have put in. Congratulations to Indigo Dreamers for their win. Really enjoyed following the event, and enjoyed reading the cruise logs as and when I had time between 12hr shifts at work. Enjoyed reading about the history and stories of the people teams met along the way, along with the historical facts and descriptions of the BCN in times past. Particularly enjoyed some of the old photos, several that I haven't seem before so thanks for that. Found it fascinating trying to work out where teams were at times in their logs, and working out the route of some of the old branches was interesting. It's had me digging out and going through my collection of BCN books again! Thanks again. Time already booked off for next year's actual challenge and hope to see some of you there!
  5. Enjoying following this and reading all your virtual cruising logs between jobs at work. Particularly enjoy seeing all the photos in the logs. Is there any way for non participants to see the daily quiz and challenge? Even if only at end of day or even end of challenge? Keep up all the hard work!
  6. Not jabsco, but ours went through a stage of occasionally doing that (once every 6 weeks or so). Stripping it down found nothing wrong at all. Power getting to the motor fine. Eventually found that a quick burst of reverse power applied directly to the motor connection worked every time. Certainly nothing to lose trying before you commit to dismantling (not a pleasant task!). Hasn't done it for 6 months or so now (frantically finds as much wood to touch as possible!).
  7. I shall be following this challenge with interest and hope the rules abs scoring will be in public domain. Unfortunately won't be entering. 1st BCN challenge we'll have missed in 8 years😥 Working that week and with volume of calls increasing, won't have time required to participate. Great idea though and good luck to all the teams.
  8. Mine came reasonably well balanced from Jeremy, but still needed more (and in initial installation, discovered they still weren't balanced enough). Definitely worth taking the tune to get initial balancing right I didn't have any special equipment, but followed the ideas on the http://nordkyndesign.com/ website, using a standard 12v battery charger. Think I checked iindividual cell voltages, got them as close as possible, then connected in parallel, and charged to 3.65v using my 12v charger, bit with very careful CONTINUOUS monitoring. That did rely on using charger via inverter and existing batteries though.
  9. I know it was stopped being supported since time ago. Can't see the risk though, no sensitive information on it, and not used for banking etc. One big advantage for occasional use is the fact it DOESN'T keep nagging for updates every time you turn it on, that then take an age on the slow connection wer have. In fact it works quite well, boots up as quickly as a windows machine can, and then just works! As an aside, some of our computers at work still run XP😱 Probably comes under the government exemption though!
  10. Still running XP in my old laptop. Working well😃 Use it for running car diagnostic software and workshop manual. Also use for Water Explorer's Navygator software for recording trips when we go boating, and occasional web browsing using Firefox. Sure there's some other obscure software I use on it as well, and seem to remember using it for completing BCN Challenge log last year! Why upgrade for the sake of it when what you have still does the job well? What benefit would I gain from upgrading to a newer machine other than a whole lot of hassle?
  11. Sounds interesting! Looking forward to more details - not sure I can muster a crew though, but always wanted to do the challenge single handed...
  12. @David Mack I'd be interested in what panel you've got. Looks much more slimline than mine! We're very happy with our system. On sunny summer days gets plenty hot enough for laundry, showers etc, and provides useful initial heating on sunny spring and autumn days. No antifreeze in our system. We remove roof panel during winter, and just left with 2 pipe stubs that are capped off. Could probably be made more efficient with better pipe insulation. Initially looked at the standard thermal panels that use glass vacuum tubes, but decided they were too fragile for boat use so went with flat plate collector. More expensive, and less efficient, but in my opinion, better for boat use. Also most glass tube panels are not suitable for mounting flat - something to be aware of for boats.
  13. Working again, thank you. I think those that criticise the forum software and think other software would be more reliable obviously don't use other similar sized forums much! All the other forums I use have occasional problems, I think on the whole CWDF has a very good uptime compared to some others I use.
  14. As above, Lyons and Swallow Cruisers. There's also Waring Green Wharf. Whether any are open at present I couldn't say, definitely phone ahead. Suspect Lyons would be cheapest, followed by Swallow. I know Warings Green only do 60/40 split, not sure about swallow, but fairly sure Lyons let you choose.
  15. There's several liveaboard boaters moored towpath side by the bridge, I wonder if they heard or saw anything? Would usually be a busy spot with a pub at each end of the moorings, not at present though.
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