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  1. I think that boat design and engine/prop combo probably has a lot to do with it. I notice our current boat (ex- hire) seems to be much more prone to prop fouling severe enough to affect steering and forward power than our pervious boat with deep draft and slow revving prop.
  2. This really annoys me and there's no need at all for it. Feel it shows boaters in a really bad light. The piles of rubbish I'm talking about are clearly left by boaters clearing their weed hatch. They tend to be left in piles by bridge holes or narrows, and tend to consist of neat piles of chewed and twisted plastic and other rubbish that has clearly been pulled off a prop. The piles of rusty metalwork however, are almost certainly left by magnet fishers. I'd like to see this attempted on the Walsall canal🤣 There's miles of continuous floating rubbish to boat through! I agree that there's ways you can reduce your chance of collecting rubbish, but there's definitely no way of avoiding multiple weed hatch trips on parts of the BCN!
  3. This is my go to first action with any problems now! When you flush, can you hear the macerator pump working? Ours will quite happily keep flushing the toilet until the the tank overflows (and still keep flushing and overflowing into the canal even then if we wanted to!).
  4. Car auxiliary water pump from ebay or scrap yard. Much better quality and longer lasting than the cheap solar pumps.
  5. Friend has just used one to good result on very faded paintwork. Boat paint is generally thicker than car paintwork, with larger flat surfaces which help with electric polishing. On the other hand, the paint is a lot softer so care needed not to burn it! Also need to make sure you avoid sharp corners.
  6. Sorry to hear that. Hope you make a good recovery. We're not far from Hockley Heath so anything we can help with let me know. Both Swallow and Lyons have seemed friendly and helpful when visiting shop. Can't comment what they're like to moor at though. PM Sent
  7. When we sold ours a few years ago we had it on Facebook, apolloduck and here. 3 viewings, 1 from here and 2 from apolloduck. Had 2 offers, both from apolloduck and both around the asking price, 1 subject to survey and 1 without. Sold within a couple weeks with no hassle at all. Would advise anyone selling to consider apolloduck as main site for listing on. Didn't get any real time wasting enquires from there unlike Facebook! Most boats including most brokers seem to get listed on there, Facebook seems to be full of chancers!
  8. As Tony says, doesn't help much with solar in winter, we get virtually nothing from our panels in winter. They do make a big difference spring to autumn though. Advantage is no need to charge to 100% and batteries don't limit charging rate (for all practical purposes). As to how long they last, expecting 10 years+ probably more. There's some very long threads on here about them where several of us explain our systems in detail if you're interested. I still think you're doing well to get 2 years out of your existing batteries though, and don't think expensive lead acids will last any longer.
  9. Theory is a wonderful thing! Our 1kw generator would not run our pervious 40A charger at all. Will run our current (Sterling) charger, but only if charger started in low power and increased when running, will trip the generator if started at full power. As said above, the answer to your problems is lithium.... Doesn't fit your budget though. Otherwise just keep doing what you're doing and get the cheapest you can. Like you, can't stand hours of engine or generator running. Before we fitted lithiums, we'd kill a set of cheapo lead acid batteries in 1-2 years, and that's with 500w solar. Still better than constant engine or generator noise though.
  10. Yes 52ft would be no problem even if closed.
  11. Assuming there is a BCN Challenge in 2022, does anyone know what the dates might be? I know it's usually the bank Holiday weekend at end of May, but that's changed next year so unsure which weekend it might be. Need to book annual leave for next year now so really need to know what weekend to book!
  12. Don't think you can wind a full length boat in the basin, you have to turn just beyond.
  13. I believe that the restrictions on winding during opening times only is no longer applicable, but never actually tried it other than during BCN Challenge. It is very very tight winding a full length boat though!
  14. Sorry but I can't let that part of your post go unchallenged. If be amazed if virtually any narrow boat used anything close to those figures for domestic power. 4kwh is around 333ah @12v, 5kwh is 417ah! Our measured usage in winter (excluding washing machine) was around 90-100ah (1-1.2kwh) before we installed our lithium batteries. Since then, our usage has increased by around 50%, simply due to ease and speed of charging. We now use a measured 140-150ah average (1.8-2kwh @13v). That figure now includes an occasional cold wash, but that's not the main reason for the increase. I'm not sure how we could use any more, let alone over double! We are far from economical with power use now, and don't really think about it since installing our lithium batteries 3 years ago. I think the rest of your figures look reasonable though.
  15. We just have the outlet straight through the bulkhead near the steps. Gets the bedroom very warm very quickly. Could easily feed more outlets, these heaters are very good and a quick way of getting heat into the boat. We also have an outlet on the back deck near feet which makes a big difference to winter cruising. Heater gives plenty of air flow to both outlets
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