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  1. Sorry but I can't let that part of your post go unchallenged. If be amazed if virtually any narrow boat used anything close to those figures for domestic power. 4kwh is around 333ah @12v, 5kwh is 417ah! Our measured usage in winter (excluding washing machine) was around 90-100ah (1-1.2kwh) before we installed our lithium batteries. Since then, our usage has increased by around 50%, simply due to ease and speed of charging. We now use a measured 140-150ah average (1.8-2kwh @13v). That figure now includes an occasional cold wash, but that's not the main reason for the increase.
  2. We just have the outlet straight through the bulkhead near the steps. Gets the bedroom very warm very quickly. Could easily feed more outlets, these heaters are very good and a quick way of getting heat into the boat. We also have an outlet on the back deck near feet which makes a big difference to winter cruising. Heater gives plenty of air flow to both outlets
  3. We've fitted one in the engine bay on our cruiser stern. As Alan said, 75mm hole in bulkhead for outlet. Ours takes the inlet for heated air straight from engine bay, but might change this at some point to take from cabin to reduce hot engine smells! Combustion air from engine bay as well, and exhaust to skin fitting on side. We fitted one of the generic cheap Chinese 5kw units that are all over ebay. Cost around £80 for heater, but budget on the same again for fittings if needed. You can't use any of the installation fittings that are supplied with kit, as not suitable for boat i
  4. When was the towpath removed round Icknield Port Loop, and why? And a followup question, why were the bridges at the end built without towpath?
  5. Currently have 500w. Panels several years old now so low light performance probably better in some of the modern panels. Any recommendations? Considering some bi-facial panels, but sceptical of the claimed benefits, and quite expensive (although probably similar or cheaper per watt than we paid for existing ones!).
  6. But we've got used to only 2hrs a day! Twin alternators that are both A127, but start battery one runs on a smaller pulley. Also only have the one regulator (should have bought 2 before they went commercial!) We were seeing around 100A when starting charging, but have had to dial back the settings to around 70A to avoid killing alternator too quickly! Fully agree! Along with increased water usage, toilet emptying etc! No concept of saving power and water despite our best efforts. Have solar, and surprised how much better it works with lithium batte
  7. Lithiums definitely the best money we've spent on the boat. Trouble is we're now using noticeably more power than when planning our system, due to ease of charging and maintenance! We were using around 90-100ah per day, now seem to be using 120-130ah per day or more! Seriously considering increasing our 320ah of 2nd hand lithiums now, trouble is, to take full advantage of any increased capacity, I'd need to look at increasing our alternator to keep within 1-2hrs a day engine running. And that would require a poly vee belt, so new engine pulley needed, and so it goes on!
  8. Yes but need trimming to fit if you have a back boiler. Useful, but expensive for what they are!
  9. Hawne Basin will be cheaper! Think it was 45ppl when I filled up there earlier this year! Might have been 55p but fairly sure it was 45. They sell it 10ppl cheaper into boats than cans (apparently they sell a lot to users on the industrial estate).
  10. Also worth noting that the supplied wiring is almost certainly too thin, particularly if using it at full length. Could easily be fuel related, but voltage drop is very commonly the cause of spurious errors. Also make sure fuel pump is installed at correct angle, and fuel pipe is smooth with no kinks or sharp bends (I know yours comes pre-assembled, but that's no guarantee it's correct!). Lots of advice on the Facebook group I linked, but think you have to join first.
  11. There's a very good Facebook group for troubleshooting these heaters. https://www.facebook.com/groups/146837062640024/?ref=share
  12. With the leaking bottom gates, you'd be waiting a long time for the lock to half fill without opening the only top paddles on the lock🤣
  13. The only good thing about this boat is that despite multiple attempts at a sale over several years, it's still not been bought by anyone! Luckily that also means it's not moved far from its mooring, and probably never seen a lock!
  14. Haven't watched the video, but sounds like an everyday occurrence to those of us with full length boats. If I made a fuss everytime I went into a lock with gates that leaked like that I would never get anywhere! Very common to have water cascading over our front doors, and the well deck filling with water. Here's one from earlier this year at Bratch - and yes the well deck did fill up enough to come over the threshold.
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