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  1. No, they were doing their regular daily exercise.
  2. I had no problem understanding what he meant. It was obvious due to the context. You seem to understand language in the same way as a poorly written AI. That, or you're a troll. I'm not sure which is more tragic.
  3. It seems to work as a link: https://www.facebook.com/domosgeodesicos.es/videos/10158515484644658/
  4. Not a bad idea actually. Thanks I'll think on it.
  5. I must admit I relate to poor Henry and his troubles. Thank goodness for Liza...err.. Canal World. eta: On second thoughts that's probably not the best analogy 😊
  6. The person who told me this said that they actually saw "fizzing" coming from the anodes as someone was welding (above the water line). Unfortunately not. I was considering using liquid metal but I have never used it before and was wondering why no one had suggested it. I'm probably going to use the bolt with epoxy/nutlock method which seems the best to me. Thank you everyone for your suggestions.
  7. Thanks I'll look into that. Is this the stuff?
  8. Somehow I missed this on first read. This sounds like a great solution. The holes may already be tapped anyway.
  9. That would certainly make things simple. They even come with colour matched caps! https://www.steelroofsheets.co.uk/categories/cover-caps/ Welding would be a nice solution actually but I was told never to do it while the boat is in water. Perhaps I could get it done at the next blacking.
  10. Thanks all, that's given me some ideas to think about. I was considering liquid metal but I notice no one has mentioned it? I think I'm leaning towards the domed bolt with some kind of sealant, although it would be nice to make it flat again. Its probably going to be under the new solar panels anyway though. It's a mount for solar panels which allows each panel to be tilted at about 45* or otherwise lay flat on the roof slope. It was made by the last owner from a Homebase (or similar) trolley I believe. It does a great job but I need bigger panels. If anyone wants it and can collect it'll be going in the spring (probably along with the panels).
  11. I have a solar contraption on the boat roof which needs to be removed. I expect the bolt holes go right through the steel. What is the best way to fill the holes left? Thanks.
  12. I thought you...err...he had Rusty on ignore, so I doubt he was upset by the post.
  13. I guess you're not going to respond to the question so I'm going to answer assuming you meant me (your post was directly after mine so I think it's a safe bet). You seem to have missed my point completely, perhaps you didn't read the whole thread or just forgot what my original point was. I was replying to someone who (in a thread about an older person acting poorly) went on a self righteous rant about the older generation being brought up to have self-restraint which is no longer "fashionable". My point was that you cannot make these generalisations, which this thread shows clearly (I'm sorry if you missed this). So, in response to your post, I was not tarring anyone with the same brush, but pointing out that you shouldn't. I hope that helps Alan.
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