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  1. While fiddling around yesterday, trying to see where all the wires went, I noticed inside the regulator a fuse. It is used to select between a pos/neg field alternator. This fuse was blown. The new one blew too. In the installation instructions it states that the wires coming from the internal regulator brushes should measure: 1) 14v and 2) between 2 and ten volts. You should connect the Sterling wire to the non 14v one. On testing these wires, one was ~14v and the other 10.6v. So i tried connecting the Sterling wire to the lower of these but it went into high voltage warning mode. The fuse did not blow though! Today this wire is outputting 12v. Does anyone have any idea why this should be? Thanks.
  2. Can anyone identify this alternator; I'd like to get a manual or some instructions: ---------------------------------- ETA: Luckily there is a sticker on the alternator regulator so I was able to identify it by that. Apparently it is from a Renault Clio 🤓
  3. Thanks, I will. I realised last night that I have never before seen this regulator go into float mode. Or rather, the float light comes on but it stays at 14.5v. This makes a lot of sense. I did check the voltage when I turned the engine off and it matched (13.3v). I assume the brushes are replaceable? I'm not sure it has a temperature guage. I'll check later. Thanks all. I'd gladly do so if I can safely remove it.
  4. It is this one: It does seem to be dropping into float, but it is way before the batteries are fully charged, which has only started happening recently. When it decides to go back into absorb does not seem to be connected to any surge in usage either: this is all happening while I sit watching it with only a few watts being used. Could it be related to old batteries? Mine are on their last legs I think.
  5. This seems more suited to my skill-set. I gave them all a good wiggle. To no effect. Thanks. Thank you, I'll look into that. I think I have the manual here somewhere.
  6. I'm not familiar with the regulator wiring, but I'll have a good look and do some research. Is it just a case of removing the wires from the regulator to the alternator, or more complicated than that? Thank you both for your advice.
  7. I have a 90amp alternator connected to my leisure batteries, which has a Sterling alternator regulator fitted to it. Usually, whilst charging, the voltage at the batteries is ~14.3v, going up to ~14.5v as they get full. Recently however, the voltage keeps dropping, sometimes fluctuating, other times dropping down to 13.3v and staying there. The current also goes down (to nothing at 13.3v). If left for a while it will kick in again. I have tested the batteries by removing them and trying one by one. This has no effect. I don't think the belt is slipping as the wheel is definitely turning as this happens. I'm also quite sure it is not overheating as I am only charging about 4amps. Also, it isn't hot. I have tested the voltage between the alternator + and the chassis. The reading is the same as above. I have tried increasing the revs to no effect. However, when I lower the revs to idle, the alternator kicks in again. How long it stays on seems to be random however. Anyone have a suggestion as to what may be causing this?
  8. eid

    Boxing Day Meet.

    Certainly no one should have to put up with that. I don't personally put people on ignore, no matter how hard I find dealing with them. I think of it as an opportunity to grow. I do not however have people following me around.
  9. eid

    Boxing Day Meet.

    So you quote the UK's freedom to demonstrate whilst criticising anyone who dares to actually do it. <boggle> p.s. could you please show evidence of frangar's disregard of the law, from posts 1-29 (since you have him on ignore since 29, I won't bother looking past that). I think we ought to report him after all!
  10. eid

    Boxing Day Meet.

    I've no doubt that the motivations you listed are valid. However, at the very least this would show a level of disregard for the suffering of others as to be hardly more psychologically healthy than taking actual pleasure in the act (IMO, IANAP). But this being the case, why did/do people do it? The activities listed above are not illegal, do not require the suffering of animals (except in some accidental cases), and can be enjoyed for their own sake. Do these people really need to tear an animal apart to give context to their jollies? Is it weird? Using which metric? People enjoy watching humans punch and kick each other into bloody unconsciousness, watching dogs rip each other apart, and far darker things than these. Yes that is a good example of what I was talking about. Honesty.
  11. eid

    Boxing Day Meet.

    I think if someone on the pro side had stood up and said "actually, yes I do enjoy the suffering and death of foxes", the thread wouldn't have got past page 1. I even considered doing it myself, for the entertainment value.
  12. eid

    Boxing Day Meet.

    I very much doubt that Athy. The question stands regardless.
  13. eid

    Boxing Day Meet.

    Isn't "why do you continue to post?" a fair question to someone who continually avoids debate, by claiming to not be interested in the points raised in response to her prior postings? Or to accuse others of intimidation and refuse further discourse, rather than either admit they were wrong, or show otherwise? Anyway, the point of her posts, which I've long suspected, are obvious after this humble-brag:
  14. eid

    Boxing Day Meet.

  15. eid

    Boxing Day Meet.

    I have read your posts, which is why I was questioning you. I did not ask for a definition of "hunter", you chose to answer my question in that manner. I clarified my intention in the last post. If you find offence in my pointing out your dishonest behaviour in misquoting/editing from a dictionary, then I suggest you look to yourself, instead of your rather strange outburst above.

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