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  1. You should be asking if using a lock constitutes a risk of striking.
  2. eid

    Thanks CRT!

    I saw a couple of CRT workers working yesterday. Not only that, one of them, seeing me alone, offered to close the lock gate for me, which I thought was nice.
  3. I went through Fradley at about 10am on Saturday. Vlockies were present on each lock.
  4. Not necessarily so. As has been shown here, "spreading the misinformation" has allowed others to shine light on it. It's what discussion forums are for isn't it?
  5. Osmand has a driving bit too, with directions on screen and voice prompts (like google maps). It's completely free and open source on android, though I believe they charge for the maps in iphone.
  6. I use this more than Google maps (it works offline) https://osmand.net/ You can configure it to show shops, pubs, restaurants, transpost, nautical plugin shows locks. When I went to Iceland it was the only map I could find of the trail I was doing. Shows hill contours, cycle tracks, all sorts of stuff. Don't forget to download the UK maps 😊
  7. What about the top 2 though? If the fender gets stuck going up in a lock, the cut link at the side won't do a thing. I am leaning towards cutting links though.
  8. Your guess would be wrong. To be fair the article also didn't mention the mining of coal, transporting coal etc. But your points stand: there may be important information missing.
  9. Is there a specific reason not to? (I genuinely don't know)
  10. Electric vehicles emit more CO2 than diesel ones, German study shows 🤔
  11. Yes I suppose a bit of garden string would do the job. Thanks. The carabina would be much the same as cutting through one side of the chain link (except that the link would actually break 😊), which I may still do. It seems to work ok with just one side chain intact. It falls off to the side and hangs there. Thanks all.
  12. I'd like to make my bow fender safe by inserting some weak links. I haven't decided yet between cutting through one side of the chains, or using cable ties. I have loosened the side chains enough that the fender can easily rise right out of the way. Can anyone see any possibility of this failing? I still need to allow the fender to release downwards anyway. I was thinking of putting weak links in all but one side chain, so that the fender will drop off to one side in a "situation". Any thoughts would be welcome.
  13. <not sure if joking> I was going to make a post regarding this but it didn't seem that interesting on second thoughts, so I'll put it here: I'm really enjoying the broad accents as I slowly get further north and the different local greetings. I mean I have heard them before, mostly on the TV though to be honest. Can't understand a bloody word but they sound great! A couple of Geordies went past yesterday and said something. I'm not sure but it could have been "cheer up you miserable bastard" (no doubt a common joke used as a greeting in their local area).
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