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  1. The weather was warm and dry every day when this was done. I remember because I couldn't stop buying choc-ices. I got a quote from Debdale. They have heated facilities but I think I'll wait till the spring anyway. Thanks for the help.
  2. Sorry I didn't intend to go into all this at the start so I just repeated what they told me. I knew I hadn't damaged it by travelling through ice so assumed it must have been the boat rocking on an icy morning. The boatyard told me (without looking at it) that: My opinion at the time was that it wasn't applied properly. Exactly! The bubbling made me think the problem was below the paint. Unfortunately due to lack of experience I grudgingly accepted their explanation. By the way, is two pack more resistant to diesel too?
  3. To clarify, the ice damage (if this was in fact the cause) wasn't done by moving the boat. It was me moving inside the boat, causing it to rock. I did move the boat once through ice, but it was very thin and mostly already broken up, I'm confident that little if any ice actually touched the sides (I was watching very intently as you can imagine), though there was some damage to the bows. These were taken one year after the blacking was done (8 months after the freeze): The marina wasn't interested in looking at it.. Thanks for the advice on the two-pac procedure. I'll keep that in mind when getting quotes. I believe the one I'm interested in has underfloor heating (pictured above).
  4. Interesting. And thanks, I'll keep that in mind.
  5. Thanks. I thought perhaps leaving it to dry for weeks was beneficial. I guess they just have staff shortages, or something.
  6. I received a quote from one boatyard who said they needed the boat for 3-4 weeks. Does it normally take this long? Thanks for the suggestions.
  7. That was very specific. Did this actually happen to you?
  8. I was just reading about it on their site. I'm quite impressed by their facilities. This is their blasting-house: Willy Wonka would feel at home! I'll get a quote for the zinc and two-pack.
  9. Yes, they do, thanks. Thanks, I'll look into these too. And zinc coating as I'm not sure what it is exactly.
  10. Where did you get it done? And do they do grit-blasting?
  11. Thanks Cuthound; that's good to know. I guess I'll get it done and then go south for the winter and hope for the best. Do you (or anyone) have any recommendation about where to get it done?
  12. I had my boat blacked a couple of years ago in September. The following January the canal froze for a couple of days and when I moved about the boat the ice must have rubbed at the paint, because by the summer it was showing signs of rust. What a waste of money that was. My question: Is Two-pack paint more resistant to this? Any other tips (apart from "don't move") would be much appreciated.
  13. I went down the Atherstone flight on Saturday morning. I'm not sure of the time exactly but it was around 8am. There was no one there when I arrived (including volunteers). I used the services and whilst waiting for my water to fill, the volunteers turned up, closely followed by three boats. My tank filled just as the third boat was going into the lock. When I was in the second lock another boat could be seen in the first. At lock nine there were 3 boats queuing to go up. I think through the whole flight I only had to wait at one lock for a couple of minutes while those in front went down. I only did 2 locks alone as there were a lot of boats coming up and they all offered assistance (which was nice). I'd say about 10 boats have passed this morning and now it's very quiet (seems like this every day).
  14. eid

    Bullying by locals

    I was merely stating how I read your post, and agreeing with the other posters conclusion. I'm not sure why you think I'm trying to pick a fight but that is also your decision I suppose. 🤔
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