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  1. Towpath being sold off so that CCers can ignore the law during the winter really irks me. In winter you really want to be in a spot that's closer to a bridge / car parking / other convenience, to try and minimise the length of muddy rain strewn walk you have to contend with. So to have several of the best bits sold off is rather frustrating.
  2. A friend recently lost one of my two windlass'. Obviously they lost me favorite one rather than back-up one. Research on here made me conclude that the Neal ones were best...there isnn't any on the Bay...so I bought a fishing magnet for £22 instead!
  3. Totally wrong, the hours required to upbring and train a useful adult human is significantly greater than pretty much all manufactured items
  4. this is right interesting! also if hey aint putting at least a significant portion of the water back it's baffling!
  5. While their may be bigger issues on the subject, this is a canal forum, so the question is relevant. From previous threads on the subject I think HMRC actually want to permit the continued use of red diesel for boating bu it's the EU that are pressing it to be limited - I forget in what way. So I guess it depends completely on how much independance we have after this debacle is finished.
  6. It definitely seemed like you did say that the motor would use the rated power: But I guess that's not what you meant then. Yes an electric motor has a very very high acceleration from standstill, when compared to an IC engine. However the "huge belt" of energy usage at initial startup, of the electric motor, is not as high as running a heating element. So as stated, the element will use the 1500 W, if used on cold cycle the power required will be much less.
  7. I have one of these, it's fair noisy at full 12V chat. It was also drawing about as much power as the 240V Grunfos it replaced when at 12V. However I fitted a £3 PWM speed controller thingy, and with it turned down to barely spinning its quiet and pumping enough to keep the squirrel's back boiler...not boiling
  8. I wouldn't have thought the motor uses that power, it will be the heating element surely - which obviously won't really care about the waveform it sees.
  9. I have a 400 litre tank and six 25 litre plastic drums. Giving me 550 litres. I fill the drums up at the same time as I'm doing the tank. When the tank runs out I then empty the drums in. There's mostly just me (and the mutt) on board, I live aboard and am a CCer. I can squeeeeeze 3 weeks out of that capacity. Thats with showers where the water is shut off once I'm wet and switched on again just to rinse the soap. I've a washer onboard but rarely use it as it seems to use around 60 to 100 litres a cycle, so basically I use it when I'm on a water point. Being frugal 400 litres is enough for 2 weeks I think. I'd love 1000 litres though!!
  10. I work reasonable hours so through the week it's a ball ache to move, head torches in the dark on double width locks. Faff. Then a lot of weekends I'm away mountain biking, rock climbing or something else. So In two weeks I don't get much time on the boat in each place. Water wise I can manage about 5 weeks on 500 litres. If I'm far from a water point and run out mid week, I will work out if it's time effective to move the boat or carry in water (I have 6 x 25 litre cuboid containers, carrying them in is a murderous affair if I'm honest, but is good exercise for the biking!) Each time I move on from a spot after the two weeks, I'm always a bit sad to leave, but then arrive at a lovely new spot that has its own charms!
  11. Interesting one this. Sometimes I navigate to a new location simply because I've hit the 15th day, other times I navigate to enable a water fill up sometimes simply to get somewhere new and finally (very rarely; usually if there's someone round as an activity to do) to just go boating. I don't see how you can draw a distinction really, I am still genuinely navigating, just the reason for navigation changes from week to week
  12. "spirit of the licence" was the phrase that was used earlier. In my opinion there's no such thing. I base my general cruising pattern on the guidelines presented by CRT. I make sure they're happy as a minimum. This year I may end up doing not much more than the required 30 odd miles range, but they are happy, so I'm within the rules (that they have made up). No spirit, just the rules. Some years I've done a big trip out so massively exceeded the required range. Just depends what life's up to really.
  13. Interesting, from your original posts I genuinely wouldn't have thought I'd meet your "spirit of the licence" interpretation. I don't go very far y'know and I tend to lurk around one area for a bit before changing it up. In the summer I was at the same spot for about 5 weeks out of 7, love that spot
  14. @Dr Bob Nowhere in your original replies did you mention anything about "constant moorers". But anyhow, the tongue in cheek doesn't work very well over blank text does it, it genuinely looked like you were against CCers who move around a single fixed location - as I do No problem! It does, especially about topics like this, gets the extremists riled right up!!!
  15. I've had the same job and a no home mooring (so been CCing) for 3.5 years now. So I'm an example of how I haven't messed it up for the "rest" of you, how permanent fixed location employment and CCing are not exclusive and how you won't fall foul of regulation. The "spirit of the licence" is a load of nonsense and is, in general, people's way of imposing their opinion, of how the canals should be used, onto others. I don't have a massive annual range, I also don't just hop around one village (as in Matty's example). I explore, visit favorite places (more than once or twice), move to new locations based on festivals / christmas parties / events etc. If CRT are happy, then that's what matters. Simple. I personally have no interest, other than the conveniences, in living in a marina i.e. floating caravan park. While I had zero interest in the canals when I bought my boat 4 years ago I now love them and cherish the ability to live in a new place every month or two. While CCing is a bit tougher than regular living at times it's well worth it, all you folks permanently moored are missing out in my opinion. Some of the shite that folk sprout on here would make you / a newbie think that canals are a different place to what they are. Credit to @doratheexplorer's contribution to this thread, standing up to the extremists, sticking up for common sense.
  16. For what it's worth I think Nick is correct here. He is also free to come on here and moan prior to complaining. Unless there's forum rules prohibiting it? There are defo rules against offensive remarks though. I don't think anyone should put the responsibility onto him to confront / discuss vollockie behaviour / actions. It's up to CRT to do that following a formal complaint.
  17. My immediate plan is to get into a marina (eeerrrghhhh) for a few weeks and slam the T-105s with many equalise cycles. But when that doesn't revive them (like MPs current situation I used to be able to go 2 days before doing a recharge) I'll be popping my plans up on here. Thanks again for a great thread
  18. well lads, that was quite a read. Impressive work from the sounds of it. Having mortally wounded my 6 T-105s within 3.5 years and the cost of like for like replacement looking like ~ £900, lithium is a definite consideration. Especially as I'm a CC so never-ever have shoreline. Cheers to all the contributors for an excellent on topic thread. Now I need to try and make sense of it all and draft up a circuit diagram & shopping list
  19. I need some of this in my life.
  20. Aye? I don't know what the most powerful wall adapter is on the market, but you'd take the power this (most powerful adapter) can generate and see if that meets the energy required
  21. So effectively you need to work out how many Watts of power you need, and try to find the biggest (with regards power) wall adapter USB supply thingi you can. The capacity of a iphone X is about 10 W I think
  22. After me old one died I just bought this: https://www.amazon.com/AUKEY-20000mAh-Lightning-Portable-Compatible/dp/B0176HQ1O8 Basically since changing the central heating pump to 12 V I no longer need the inverter on overnight. As such I now use one of these power banks again. Take it to work with me, charge it up at me desk through the day. Your question was specific about recharge time, for big batteries I use the AC adapter supplied with iPads as it's something like 12 W, it is this that limits your recharge time. The pack I have has a capacity of ~ 74 W
  23. what makes sense is a switch that lights up when switched on. Then if it failed / burnt out, when switched into either on or off it would not illuminate!
  24. I'd say it's wired up wrong, the neons switches are supposed to light when switched on. It would be madness to design a switch that only ever lights up when it's faulty.
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