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  1. Tilting made quite a big difference to my total power through the day when I did it last March / April. I have some absolute figures I think. I used a website that told me the angle of the earth for the time of year and aimed for that amount of tilt, I aimed for 40deg I think. I'll dig out the figures for you (my two had been flat for years, which was fine until I was working from home running monitor, laptop and stereo etc
  2. I've reported a couple on the Ayles to CRT, in 2019, one worse than this which had caused a huge sink hole in the towpath and one slightly less than this one. In both cases they came and got a temporary repair in pretty quickly
  3. Apparently there were 30mph gusts of wind that day, which is why it got blown off course...
  4. Very good ta, this want's pinning
  5. This is the bit I was mooching on? Denver to Ely, I found that less dull than the middle levels because at least it was wide so you could see out and it's deep so I could get up to 7mph or so.
  6. So to add for the OP. Yes the Nene is absolutely worth doing. The Ouse was cool too, for sights and the massive sluice complex, but I've yet to see anything as nice as the Nene. Loads of wildlife and a lot is secluded. One thing that stands out is how tranquil it can be (if you ignore a 71' 2.5l diesel engine) due to the lack of footpaths following the banks, you get to go places that most people cannot
  7. Maybe chore isn't the write word...I remember it being impossible to do more than something like 2mph and a lot of it being in-between high banks so you couldn't see out. At this point I'd only lived on the boat mooching about near Denver while I waited for Salters Lode to have it's new gates put into service, that was my only point of reference at that time, then followed by the Nene. Then finally onto the relatively disappointing GU canal! Learning how to steer a boat in Feb / March rivers certainly was a contrast to the still canals!!
  8. Bought my boat in Ely, at the time I loved the trip to the GU on the Nene but didn't fully appreciate it as I hadn't ever been on a canal. Rivers are so so much more interesting! Middle levels are a bit of a chore after a while tbh
  9. OK grand, ta. So the theory is then, that by the laws we should be moving to the right to pass, then you add on the colregs and realise, should there be some reason boats cannot pass without one giving way, then the deeper draft boat has right of way (due to it's restricted movement), then next in the pecking order is the larger vessel. All common sense really, the smaller you are the easier you can yield. This is why if I see a breasted pair (e.g. Juels) coming though I yield to them, deep draft and max dimensions. The same should really be applied to a 14' 70' beastie too. So this is then correct(?): if you're a narrowboat then you should be giving way to a laden working boat / breasted pair / widebeam where there isn't space for both vessels.
  10. OK cheers for the info. In that case then, does one not read both the local law and the colregs at the same time. Given that there's no rule about what vessel has right in the laws you copy pasta, wouldn't one then need to refer to colregs for the right of way..? Hard to tell from the text in 7. Apologies for taking this off topic
  11. Yeah, sorry, I reference 18 from the col regs. I'm pretty naive with it all but I thought they were applicable too
  12. OK, it's in 18, but you only copy pasta 17 & 19; 18a(ii) I believe. Though the depth of draft take priority I believe. As I've said before if you're in a 14 x 70 ft widebeam, you have right of way over most narrow boats. If you're in a breasted working pair I'd think you'd be hard pushed to find out you don't have right of way over edit: *in most of the systems canals
  13. There's another bit...I'm gonna have to dig it up aren't I
  14. If you check the regs I believe that the larger craft has right of way, so 'we' should all be giving way to them in theory. I say 'we' as a breasted pair may actually be the larger craft, but for the rest of us narrow beams it's for us to give way
  15. Good points. I was coming at this from the perspective of my van and it's leisure battery - which is seldom used compared to the starter. But you're right it should be wired to feed the big current direct to the domestic bank. Yes I've a Smartgauge (which seems to be getting less accurate with time, but still sufficient as a rough guess) on the domestics and the needle gauge on the start. TBH I'm having to jump the starter off the domestics as it's never been great to crank (starter motor at fault I believe - even after a couple of rebuilds) and in the cold weather the single starter battery wont get the old lump firing. SO I may as well flip the connections and have the domestic Bank 2 wired to the working Bank 1 terminal. I can just put the start battery on charge from time to time. I rarely run the engine these days. Probably start it once a month just for fun, the alt puts out such a measly charge it's makes no sense to run a 2.5 litre dirty as out diesel when I've a wee modern genny attached to a 100A charger (which has 240v bypass so when it's running it feeds the ring-main and I can charge up the laptops, hoover, run the breadmaker etc
  16. Damn, more faff! Bloody floating houses! i got this unit with the boat when I bought it. Though I would have fallen for the hype I’m sure. will get it ripped out at some point when it’s warmer! For now the genny does most of the charging and I can just jump the banks when I’m moving. cheers very much for the replies
  17. Yeah I’ve checked all of that sort of stuff. Measured volts (12.x) to bank 2 are all before the fuse / at the batt 2 terminal on the Split job picture was taken with the engine running. With engine off and genny running the charger, so bank 2 at 13/14V, it lights up the bottom 3 (as in picture) but the middle one (green) flashes. the bottom one (blue) is on despite ignition being switched off.
  18. Hi all, hoping for some guidance and help on this one. I recently noticed that my voltage across the domestic battery bank (bank 2) wasn’t being charged when the engine was running. Engine battery, bank 1, is being charged and thus the alternator is putting out power. It seems that the Sterling Split charge job isn’t putting power to bank 2 for some reason. Starter battery is at 14.3v so I suspect it’s fully charged I..e I would have expected the Split job to have switched and begun charging bank 2. I’ve jumped the negative directly from bank 1 to 2 to rule out any earth faults. I’ve jumped the positives too, effectively missing out the Split job, and the alternator does then chuck out its max 35ish amps and charges both banks. ive tried switching the Mastervolt Combi unit (it is wired directly to bank 2) off and it has not effect on symptoms. I’m lost!! Is the Split unit just buggered? if needed I will sketch out the wiring diagram. cheers for any help / advice
  19. Off topic sorry: Yeah my post broke a rule about swearing I didn't realise exisited. Anyhow, I used the words deliberately to emphasise my thoughts on the matter. I don't swear often on a public forum, when I do I mean it as a means of expression. I didn't feel the "charming" post warranted a reply tbh, but as it's be brought up, I found Nomad's reply about lecturing to Matty's extremely heartfelt post was very distasteful and feel you should be ashamed of it. But, you didn't use any naughty words. Every now and then I pop back in this forum and each time it's the same toxic people making the whole place feel hostile and unwelcoming.
  20. Yeah it is a bit off a faff having no space, particularly during the winter. I have a couple of kettle bells, but motivation to use them out in winter is low! I also have a Beastmaker set-up so I can still keep climbing finger training up. In the summer I try to moor somewhere quiet, with a decent width of towpath, so I can have space to exercise. Use my bike to do interval / sprint training where the towpath allows. I loath gyms, but there are some national ones (AnyTime Fitness) that means you can use them in various locations, still not really viable in my opinion though. Obviously running would be no issue for you, but strength exercise is indeed a hassle! I tend to haul the boat quite a bit, I work locks pretty hard and i have 25l drums that I physically carry in pairs back to the boat from the van (farm carries), which is usually a 5 minute or so carry.
  21. thanks Athy. I'm considering sticking where I am over Christmas, if I do I will notify CRT. Seems bloody daft to be shuffling about to some arbitrary rule at the moment. Just as daft as seeing shiny boats out for jollies over the last few weekends; though of course I'm judging them to not be CCers moving for water or whatever
  22. So this is the first thing you've put in here that actually has validity. But you presented it as fact, which it is not. From the article "A spokesman for the European Commission declined to comment specifically on Middleton's remarks, but said advance purchase deals "provide for member states to indemnify the manufacturer for certain liabilities incurred under specific and strict conditions" but "liability still remains with the companies" So we can't confirm they "have and indemnity", but I'd agree they will be pushing for one and may get one. Either way, doesn't really matter does it, making loads of people really ill when you were trying to save the world isn't gonna be good for business. I never stated it was proof of having the vaccine, I chose my words deliberately
  23. People often say 'what would have Labour done better'. That's utterly irrelevant and frustrating whataboutry. Being critical of the complete mess we are in, the constant impression that it's all being made up on the spot is shared by many. The gov should be held to account for this. I don't care in the slightest what Starmer would have done, I care what has been done and how they will be held accountable, how we will reflect and improve and how we will put in plans and processes to prevent such a mess in the future; when the next pandemic roles through. Personally I think the critical nature of Starmer probably would have been better than Johnson's insert nature here. But we'll never know and I don't really care what he might have done. I care about getting it right now, learning from mistakes made, which seemingly the gov haven't done at anypoint since Feb / Jan. The mistakes at the beginning were perhaps excusable, unprecedented times and all that. We've more than 6 months of precedent now.
  24. Saw an article yesterday (Sky I think) about places potentially requiring you to provide proof you're immune before granting entry. Something I'd support, it's your choice not to prove you're immune yep yep, but then as a society we should reject inclusion those who refuse. While you may not go out much, I'd still not be chuffed to be in a supermarket / shop / restaurant / pictures / theater / pub 'with' you; just as I don't like being in those places with e.g. someone smoking.
  25. One of my close friends and colleague messaged the other day to ask "what do I think about all this Covid stuff". Turns out she's a conspiracy theorist about it all. Quite the shock as she's well educated, successful professionally (aerospace firm) and doesn't hang out in weird circles (well I am weird but I'm not a circle). I've quite enjoyed constructive discussion and reasoning things out. But yeah, not related to IQ at all. This lass has been influenced by other friends forwarding utter shite on whatsapp; like a video by that complete cunt Mike Yeadon, he's made a 30 minute video that's extremely time consuming to fact check and disprove. Anyway. Yeah 14 day rule, mid winter, mid pandemic, seems a bit daft to me. But then I'm a CCer so it benefits me, normally I'm moving in the dark and cold this time of year.
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