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  1. stegra

    Keeping a non-shiny look

    Paints4Trade do marine enamel in matt and satin finishes. I did my boat about 18 months ago using their satin and gloss paints. Very happy with the results. https://www.paints4trade.com/boat--barge-enamel-paint-785-p.asp
  2. stegra

    Three unlimited data, minutes & texts £20

    It's possible to keep your landline number without having a landline. I have a 0117 number and two 0800 numbers permanently directed to my mobile. I don't have a landline. I pay less than £10/month which includes some incoming calls. (I'm not sure how many but I think it might be 500 mins.) The service is provided by eReceptioinst (Numberstore).
  3. stegra

    Stubbornly oily bilge

    Aerosol cans of carburetor cleaner dissolve tough grease in an instant. Not sure if it's wise to use it in an enclosed area though. It's also hellishly flammable. Maybe working a small area at a time would work, soaking up the liquid as you go.
  4. Not as easy as I thought to say who supplies the service. I'm invoiced from J2 Global as "your Numberstore invoice". A quick Google brings up eReceptionist.co.uk. It's quite a few years since I took the service but as I recall, I paid £10 each to buy the numbers. I pay 30p/day for the service for all three numbers. I think you can have up to 1000 numbers for that price! When I started you got 500 minutes per month incoming calls included in that price; I don't know if that's still the case but I've never had to pay for incoming calls. I have no complaints but I haven't had to do anything that might cause issues.
  5. Just having a landline number is no guarantee of a business's standing. I have a local (Bristol) landline number and two 0800 numbers. However I don't have a landline, or indeed, an address to have one. They're all directed to my mobile. I've no doubt that having these numbers gives added confidence to prospective customers.
  6. stegra


    Link not working. Was it this? https://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-hubs/staffordshire/cannock/2019/01/12/troublesome-boat-moved-to-secret-location/
  7. stegra

    Unusual Issue

    You can join the Electric Boat Association for £25pa. There are lots of folk there who have converted to electric drive. Many are trying to rely on solar but if you're happy to have a generator things will be a lot easier.
  8. stegra

    Electric Oven

    I have a Baumatic gas oven on my boat. I very rarely use it as I have a combi-microwave and mains hook-up. I've just used it tonight for the first time in more than a year and all seems well. It's standard 600mm domestic oven with lpg jets and flame failure devices. Is the OP using propane? Butane would likely cause poor performance in cold temperatures.
  9. I was told cash was unacceptable for a £6.5k car purchase about 10 years ago from a main dealer. They found it quite laughable that I should suggest it. I was surprised that debit card was their preferred method.
  10. stegra

    Electrical part identification

    Could it be that it's a relay that only allows the inverter to run when the engine is running?
  11. stegra

    Electrical part identification

    My guess is that it's a large relay triggered by a small voltage-sensing split-charge relay. Trace the smaller cables back and one of them might go to the smaller relay.
  12. stegra

    32amp Commando Socket Problem.

    Yes. Needs some sleeving on those cables at the very least. Looks like black is being used for both live and neutral either side of the switch.
  13. stegra

    Handheld vacuum

    G-Tech are now advertising bagged vacuums as the next step forward, as though they've just invented them.
  14. stegra

    What's the best ever Christmas record?

    The song that set my musical taste in a new direction, in my early teens.
  15. stegra

    Charging a 6v motorbike battery

    I think I'd favour a small inverter and a 6v mains battery charger.

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