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  1. stegra

    boat related humour - share your boating jokes

    Doesn't really work in writing but, what's long and hard and full of seamen? A submarine.
  2. stegra

    Fire power

    And that excludes the cost of the stove.
  3. stegra

    Running small freezer off solar ?

    Adding more insulation might make it less efficient if it cools from the sides. Also, many fridges and freezers won't work at all if they're in cold areas. Solar a non starter in the winter, as has already been said.
  4. stegra

    Living on a boat

    Why do you want the landline? Internet speed? Geographical telephone number?
  5. Standard flexible tap connector. Looks like it might be cross threaded at the filter end. If so the plastic may be damaged.
  6. Ok. Not oil, natural gas. It's currently the cheapest and most common method of producing hydrogen. https://www.afdc.energy.gov/fuels/hydrogen_production.html
  7. The more I learn about electric vehicles the more convinced I am that the future lies in hydrogen fuel cells. Refueling time and range are similar to conventional vehicles and the existing infrastructure of fuel stations seems an obvious platform for fuel supply. I don't know much about hydrogen production but understand most comes from oil so the oil producers can be kept happy, depending on the carbon emissions involved. Clearly, the Holy grail of hydrogen production is HHO separation from water using less energy than produced. Even without that, using renewable electricity to split hydrogen from water is a method of storing the energy.
  8. I Painted my aluminum window and door frames with aerosol cans from Halfords. Frames need to be spotlessly clean, then use etch primer followed by regular primer then topcoat. I used metallic so needed clear lacquer as well. Trick is to build up in light coats to avoid runs. Been on a year now and all fine.
  9. stegra


    My three words are, shaky.spun.cube. I guess I need to pronounce that carefully. 🤔
  10. stegra

    How hot is a Webasto Thermo Top C?

    Says Thermo Top C in the title.
  11. stegra

    CRT on line auction

    Why have the bidding end at the same time for every item? Makes no sense at all. If you miss out on one thing you can't bid on another.
  12. stegra

    Engine oil

    Wilko are known for fair price motor oil. Not sure if they'll have your grade.
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WINDOW-INSULATION-KIT-SHRINK-FIT-GLAZING-FILM-DRAUGHT-EXCLUDER-/272925761688
  14. Paints4trade do marine enamal in gloss, satin and matt. I did my boat in satin and I'm very happy with the finish. Good price for a 20 litre tin as well. https://www.paints4trade.com/boat--barge-enamel-paint-785-p.asp
  15. stegra

    Stepping up from 12v to 19v

    My HP laptop has the small central pin.

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