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  1. stegra


    My three words are, shaky.spun.cube. I guess I need to pronounce that carefully. 🤔
  2. stegra

    How hot is a Webasto Thermo Top C?

    Says Thermo Top C in the title.
  3. stegra

    CRT on line auction

    Why have the bidding end at the same time for every item? Makes no sense at all. If you miss out on one thing you can't bid on another.
  4. stegra

    Engine oil

    Wilko are known for fair price motor oil. Not sure if they'll have your grade.
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WINDOW-INSULATION-KIT-SHRINK-FIT-GLAZING-FILM-DRAUGHT-EXCLUDER-/272925761688
  6. Paints4trade do marine enamal in gloss, satin and matt. I did my boat in satin and I'm very happy with the finish. Good price for a 20 litre tin as well. https://www.paints4trade.com/boat--barge-enamel-paint-785-p.asp
  7. stegra

    Stepping up from 12v to 19v

    My HP laptop has the small central pin.
  8. Also factor in the cost of being on a hardstanding/mooring whilst the work is undertaken.
  9. If the shell is 'engineless' then I'd say your fit-out would be extremely simple and basic on that budget.
  10. stegra

    Extra Diesel Tank Plastic

    I can't help with the regs but I found that FloatYourBoat had a good range of plastic fuel tanks at reasonable prices.
  11. stegra

    Gas pipe sizing

    Are you ever going to have four hob burners plus oven and grill on full at any one time? Maybe redo the calculation to see what your current pipework will supply and decide whether that is sufficient for your realistic needs, rather than complicate things.
  12. The hull maybe?
  13. stegra

    Three Way Fridge - maintenance?

    I thought 3 way fridges were absorbtion.
  14. stegra

    Coach Builder/Cabinet Maker

    Might be worth getting on good terms with marinas and boatyards. Many will have restrictions on who they allow to work on their premises and strict rules regarding public liability insurance. I think a lot of marinas won't allow major works to be done on site. If you can be on friendly terms it will make things easier and possibly get you recommendations. Personally, having worked on a few folks' boats at a local marina, I'm not sure why you want to do it. Lugging materials along pontoons and threading them through tiny doorways, then contorting yourself whilst trying to do the work soon loses its novelty value. Also, in my experience, most boat owners want the only the essentials done at the keenest possible price. Probably not much of a market for full refits but maybe for kitchen and bathroom refurbs etc.
  15. stegra

    Painting Silicone Sealant

    Cut the silicone out, clean the residue with silicone remover and replace with Stixall. That's overpaintable. Bit of a faff though.

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