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  1. Will let you know when I get the crank out what size I need👍
  2. Richard just quick one...when ordering bearing shells how do you know ya getting something decent and not something that's going to melt 3 months down the cut
  3. Richard thanks for your reply.....mate I've tried everything been at it since Thursday....bloody things driving me nuts
  4. Yes that's the extension shaft on the crankshaft pinion....I've removed the 4 bolts on the oil thrower...now on the flange which is part of the shaft theres about 3/4" depth that I can tap a 12mm thread in....then I could get 4×12×130 bolts in with a plate on top so could attach a slide hammer to......any thoughts on this or am I missing something?
  5. Do any of you know how to remove the extension shaft on the crank end on a lister ha2
  6. Evening all......can anybody tell me what the "bump gap" should on a lister ha2
  7. Just a update on this post....I know it's been a while but I am the new owner of this boat.....reasons for diesel in the oil....piston rings knackered,barrel bores at .061,lift pump diaphragm split, injectors assembled incorrectly, fuel lines bodged,steel washers where there should be copper washers, infact so many cowboy bodges too many to list but theres just a few to get on with .....barrels have been replaced back to standard new pistons and rings a complete overall of the diesel fuel system+lift pump....oh not to mention that many cat hairs around the cooling fan and fins I could have bui
  8. Right here we go.....its got a splitter relay(Durite 0-727-18-180amp) two feeds from one alternator......one straight to the starter battery and one into the Durite relay and from there that goes to the first of me leisure batterys
  9. I've a single alternator through a splinter....ive always had twin alternators this is why I've come unstuck.....reading some of your replys I'm thinking to myself that some of you would be better off working on the space station as scientists lol
  10. I am connecting me solar panels....now I've only the one alternator so the starter battery is tied in with the leisure batterys... So do I include the starter battery when connecting or do I just drop wiring on to the leisure...ie negative leisure and positive starter or positive leisure and negative leisure.....
  11. Even blacking doesn't help there especially if some frigger has bilged out a load of diesel in the cut....Oops there goes the water line
  12. I can understand back in the day blacking a wooden hull but why apply the same method to steel??....after all you don't see a cruise liner or a battleship blacked and they're in the sea.....just one of those little thoughts running around in my head
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