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  1. No black might be a problem. Don't think "squall blue" on black Gunwhales will quite cut it.... Lol. I was trying to avoid spending more cash. I had the paint and granules already.
  2. Hi Anybody tried mixing non slip granules with Hammerite Smooth? My Gunwhales are painted in smooth but require some non slip. I have the granules just not sure if it will be successful and don't really want to bugger it up. Wondering if anybody else had done it? Thanks Tony
  3. I thought it should be that simple. Just got to try it now. I think I will start with a top Opener before I do a big one!
  4. Hi Anybody tried replacing double glazed units in their boat. Mine are the typical, aluminium frame ones with double glazed units. I have two where the top openers have gone misty and one with the large unit failed. Looks like the whole thing is held together with pop rivets that can be removed. The units are 8mm total thickness (2x2mm with a 4mm gap). I was wondering if anybody knew what type of sealing tape was used to put them back together. Thanks Tony
  5. Why comment if you haven't watched it? What's you point exactly?
  6. Link to an interesting youtube video about Stoves and Fuel . May be useful to beginners. Worth a watch!
  7. I have the A series. Easy to set up. Been fine with my two 185watt panels in series. Got the remote meter which gives a few more functions. And if you are really techie you can connect to your laptop and "interogate" it till your heart is content.
  8. That's an expensive mooring!
  9. Now reduced to £18.99 in my local Aldi.
  10. Try Lemonroyd on on the A&C. Good access to all the areas you mention. Have a look at the link below. Shows you a bit about it. The second video which was later in our trip has some footage of Lemonroyd on the return journey (with drone).
  11. Hi Has anybody had any blacking done recently in the Aire and Calder / West Yorkshire area? Who did it for you and how did you rate the works. Thanks Tony
  12. I'll ask at the yard and see if they have one for hire.
  13. Hi. Going to be doing the blacking soon. I am obviously going to hire a commercial machine but how powerful does the pressure washer need to be to remove it? Thanks Tony
  14. Thanks Deckhand. Looking forward to some boating in a different area.
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