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  1. croftie

    Time to go

    Naburn marina is now closed so all facilities there, inc diesel etc are no longer available
  2. Bet half way through you thought "Why the hell did I start this"
  3. Check the tracking on Ebay, it may tell you which courier is being used, I found it better than P2G, If its Herm you can use the tracking number on their site.
  4. Mine arrived today, certainly worth the price
  5. Calculator for cable size/volt drop at https://www.12voltplanet.co.uk/cable-sizing-selection.html
  6. Yehh but having made Admiral straight from Captain he needed 2 boats to get to the top job as Admiral of the Fleet
  7. Glad to see you have found your new project, and its even got a houdini hatch which I know was your No1 requirement ?? Good luck.
  8. Thinking about it they are being a bit stupid. At the moment River "licence" is based on the full rate less 40% + VAT They AND us river users would be better off if it was a river "registration" and was based on the full rate but for example less 35% with Zero VAT. Keeping it simple if the full rate was £500. At the moment river users pay £500 - 40% = £300 + VAT = £360. They get £300. HMRC get £60 If it was a "registration" £500 - 35% = £325 We save £35 but they get an extra £25 If the EA already charge zero VAT for river registration the precedence has been set for boat registration on rivers being zero
  9. Does the Environment Agency charge VAT for boat registration on say the Thames? I cannot find any mention of VAT at all on their list of charges.
  10. Wayne, is that regulator damaged? It looks like a dent where the paint is missing, something dropped on it?
  11. ave you tried turning on the tap (one of the 3 isolater ones in your pic) to the hob and lighting all the rings for a couple of minutes to get rid of any "air" in the system. then doing a bubble test on that circuit?
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