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  1. Wayne, is that regulator damaged? It looks like a dent where the paint is missing, something dropped on it?
  2. ave you tried turning on the tap (one of the 3 isolater ones in your pic) to the hob and lighting all the rings for a couple of minutes to get rid of any "air" in the system. then doing a bubble test on that circuit?
  3. croftie

    Hull Marina

    Just posted on the York marina Facebook page NAVIGATION WARNING: We have just had a call from Hull Marina, their Lock Gates are currently out of order, so if any of you were thinking of heading down you will not be able to get in!
  4. Nope, bakelite is a thermosetting plastic does not melt with heat
  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh dear........................
  6. May be worth a PM to Bod He did end up saying " Any one interested in one for spare/repair, I can't fathom out how it works. " Or, but a bit expensive with postage https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Windsor-Model-77A-multimeter/222482104216?hash=item33ccf77f98:g:ahkAAOSwke9aQiE6:rk:1:pf:1&frcectupt=true
  7. Thanks guys for the feedback and info Will check the curve spec next time I am at the boat. Suspect they will be "B". May well fit a new Box with the charger circuit using a type "C" MCB
  8. Thanks On the boat typical "garage" consumer unit 1 x RCD 2 x MCB Age not known
  9. I bought a Victron IP22 30 amp charger last summer and sometimes when I switch on (say after return to marina) it momentarily charges at 30amp and trips a 10 amp MCB This is when the MCB has virtually no other load and the batteries are well up toward being fully charged anyway Reset MCB and may be OK, charge starts at 30 amp and drops down as expected over a short period of time. Sometimes takes a couple of goes. I would have thought a 10 amp MCB could cope with a 30 amp charger! If I just connect a 2000w electric fire to that MCB circuit it does not trip so I do not think the problem is the MCB. When the boat was lifted onto the hard in November I purposely applied a load to the batteries (bank of 4 x 110a) to drop SOC a little, prior to turning on the charger. The same thing happened but this time it tripped the marina 10 amp MCB supply instead. Ok so is it a faulty charger or is it just some form of “spike” that chargers can do on start up that is doing the tripping. I have contacted another member on here who has the same 30a charger but has not experienced tripping out on start up.
  10. croftie

    Idle v Dremmel

    Are they from battery hens?
  11. Couple of questions. Is that a switch on the light. If so does it work as expected without tripping fuse etc. Does the fuse trip if you disconnect just one wire (either) or only when both
  12. Looks to me as if there is an on/off switch at the bottom of the light unit. If so there is NO difference between switching off the light and disconnecting the wires.
  13. Yes you are correct, Many years ago I had a 16 footer with 40hp on the Humber and it was OK, 10hp OK for canal but no way where there is a tide running
  14. Wayne, what size motor are you planning on fitting? This could determine canal and/or sea use.
  15. Just a followup on licensing that may be of interest. I licensed mine (rivers only) on 30th April for 1st May for 12 months Cancelled license 30th October and got a refund. This then actually worked out cheaper by £10 than if I had taken out a 6 month license to cover the same period.
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