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  1. It was never a matter of converting brexiters into remainers, people like that seldom change their minds the problem was getting the remainers to vote. Difficult to be sure but i am guessing that 90% of brexiters voted whilst only 60% of remainers voted a great day, a day when democracy was defeated by apathy.
  2. By sensible I guess you mean views that agree with you. Great of all the rubbish views i have expressed which one is the most rubbish and why. I am here to learn not to preach.
  3. again you wont answer questions on one occasion you asked me to read a past post, this i did and when i then asked for the significance you refused to comment instead you threw a virtual tizzy then when i asked you why you disagreed with the advice i gave to someone who was considering buying a liveaboard you slated this but gave no reason for doing so if you had a valid reason for disagreeing with my views you should voice them so that I and others can learn. you might actually learn something as i don't think you are quite the font of knowledge that you think you are.
  4. I asked you 2 straight forward questions and instead of answering them you get all defensive and rude. Other people claim I don't know what I am talking about yet have never actually heard my views that sounds very undemocratic i call it jumping to conclusions. I asked you 2 straight forward questions and instead of answering them you get all defensive and rude. Other people claim I don't know what I am talking about yet have never actually heard my views that sounds very undemocratic i call it jumping to conclusions.
  5. i don't like to mention names I think though that if someone criticizes me then the very least that person should do is substantiate and support their views and not just say them and then run away and hide behind old posts. But defo it ain't you. I joined this forum because i am currently alone on my boat and am looking for stimulating and interesting conversation and a useful exchange of knowledge unfortunately there seems to be a few people who consider it their own voice piece and don't like newcomers. Again I wont mention names but I am figuring at least one or twp people know exactly who I am talking about.
  6. To disagree with someone on a particular issue is one thing to then follow that person onto a different topic just to put them down and be rude is called trolling and is babyish, I have only been on this forum for a few days and already some long time users are deliberately following my other posts and putting them down because they don't agree on my views on brexit.
  7. You are right to be cautious however as suggested papertrail and canal and river trust records etc. I personally have never bought a boat via a broker and have never been scammed, of course that doesn't mean it can't happen but if you keep your wits about you you should be ok. If you have records of the transaction and you know who the people are it is again unlikely to be a scam, I am assuming you don't literally mean cash you mean bank transfer this at least gives you proof of purchase and some proof of ownership. Consider asking them to prove ownership eg insurance details length of time at marina etc. If the people are genuine they will have a track record that goes back to the day they bought it themselves. Good luck and happy boating.
  8. and? What conclusions should i draw from it?
  9. You accused me of giving extremely bad advice I am a little unsure why and what the bad advice was I notice you fail to substantiate what you say is it a case of the empty vessel making the most noise? I for one read the original post and commented on that not on the thread itself. The views i gave come from years of experience in small boats I would never knowingly give bad advise and on this particular issue i am right. Can only guess you bough a boat from a broker and paid way too much and now want everyone to do the same.
  10. In all fairness it isn't rocket science here is a rough guide to hulls. Wooden don't get involved unless you are an expert with unlimited cash. Steel unless you are an expert elicit the help of a trusted welder or steel worker generally speaking these people have the equipment to measure thickness and condition of hull then follow their advice Fibreglass without a doubt the best material for novice boaters and experts alike. A fibreglass boat is virtually indestructible and lasts forever generally speaking the welder steel worker will be able to help choose a fiberglass boat. If you are told doom and gloom stories about osmosis then no longer heed the advice of that particular person.
  11. OK that sounds more like it. So legally speaking I am supposed to buy road diesel and the marinas that charge 65 pence a liter are breaking the law if they knowingly sell it for propulsion?
  12. Thanks. That's what I thought. Funny what you said about taking a boat to EU. I took the boat on my picture to Gib to buy cheap diesel, at the time around 35 cents a liter in spain there is no generally available concession so diesel for boats costs the same as diesel for cars around 120 cents, I bought 8000 liters so the saving on Spanish prices was considerable. Imagine my pleasure when on arriving at Benalmadena a few days later my boat was impounded and I was forced to pay 4000 euros to get my boat back. Because my diesel was in 1000 liter plastic containers in the cargo hold and not plumbed into the ships systems directly the aduana said i was illegally importing diesel. Got to say on that particular day I wanted to shove EU where the sun didn't shine.
  13. Serious answer. I'm in need of some education, please can you explain more? Can we legally use red diesel and heating oil on canal boats?
  14. Unfortunately I have, every marina has its field where dreams go to die. My father learnt the hard way in that respect when he bought an old wooden boat. A mistake I went on to make myself many years ago I made the mistake because I fell in love with the idea and ignored the realities, it can be a hard learning curve. That is why i would advise anyone who is considering buying a boat to do their homework.
  15. It's not for the faint hearted my friend who has converted the dutch barge had no practical skills either, having spent years in IT however with the help of google, a huge amount of optimism and the sometimes ignored advice of friends and colleagues he now has a fantastic boat worth a minimum 0f 120k. I would never advise someone to do anything beyond their abilities however I always advocate that people should push themselves especially in new directions. The guy asked for opinions that is my opinion, you don't need practical skills to spot a bargain like my friend did with the springer and i have done many times in the past. It always annoys me when I meet new boaters who have been fleeced by marinas and yacht brokers if you can keep them out of the boat buying process the boat usually costs loads less.
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